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"Draft Builder"

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League should try for Team builder for ranked matches too. I understand with the fact that summoners should enjoy and play every role and champion, but then it would be more like "jack of all trades but master of none". I personally think to play every role and champion there are normal queues where as ranked determines our best role and champion. And team builder would be a perfect platform for ranked queues in such condition.

At the same time I understand that there is no feature in team builder for banning champions unlike in ranked matches. In such scenario a new team builder for ranked match can be devised
where summoners can only select their role (i.e top,jg,mid,bot) along with other attributes such as mage, marksman, support, fighter, tank etc. Then summoners can queue themselves just like they do for normal ranked matches. (advantage: their roles and attributes would be pre-decided). And just like normal match making they'll get matched up and then the selection and banning of champions can take place.
If ever this new team builder which I would like to call Draft builder gets approved, league can try it as Draft builder for normal matches to experiment and get reviews on how it works and performs.
Other features such as captain which is present in normal team builder is not necessary in the "Draft builder".

Also its up-to league if they want to keep or remove the attribute feature (marksman, mage, support,fighter etc)

The "Draft builder" can only have feature for selecting the respective lane, that's all.

***The main aim for "Draft builder" is to avoid raging, cribbing, confusion etc among summoners while selecting lanes during champion selection. At the same time it makes the game more competitive because summoners would be playing lanes that they prefer and roles which they are good at thereby giving a fair chance to everyone.

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Riot has said they are working on a version of Team Builder for draft/ranked play.

If you just queue for roles/lanes and then go into a draft together there are serious issues. Been discussed many many times.

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I like your take and solution to banning being added to team builder for the ranked version
Only issue:

The queue times for top and mid are bad enough :/ can't imagine them in this version.
As a support main / secondary jungler I'd be fine...but the carry roles would have very long queues and people may still have to play roles they don't like to even get a halfway decent queue time
( even in team builder I tend to only queue up for support and jungle because I'm sometimes impatient)