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Detailed Feedback on the Shyvana, Vayne, and Akali Splash Updates

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While Akali's upper body is thin and agile, her lower half (particularly her left leg) is both thicker and longer than what human anatomical proportions would dictate in accordance with her upper body.

I think her left leg is simply too long. I think the current thickness is appropriate for the length of the leg, but the length of the leg itself is off. So shortening her leg by like ... 2 inches, and probably not even adjusting the thickness at all (or maybe a smidge) would fix it.

Edit: I'll throw my vote in for the "acrobatics require muscles" line of argument. I think that technically Akali's legs in the splash may actually be too thin, but I think it's a good balance between reality and artistic license.

Only complexity is they would have to adjust the entire background -- e.g. the tree positioning -- to maintain her position relative to the tree. Probably shift the scene to the right a bit and leave the tree where it is.


1. Overall I think the new Akali splash (and all the other recent updated splashes) is fantastic and a huge upgrade.

2. As far as Lux in particular, I think the Chinese splash art is still the best.

3. I think broken anatomy is fine as long as it doesn't detract from the overall splash, and isn't so obvious as to be distracting. Case in point Morgana. Overall I like the style and approach to the splash, but that broken anatomy is too much. I think Sivir's is ok. I'm not a super huge fan of that splash overall, but it is not because of the anatomy.