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It keeps happening

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last 7 games i have played ppl always throw the matches i try to tell them to group place wards but nothing. to be more in detail i was 17/14 doing ok now the problem arisen when i took out 2 inhibitors everyone got the stand the fck back i got this mentality and they continued to feed and the enemy team caught up . i suggested hay fids go place a ward at their base and ill back door he says ok he goes there enemy closing in on our base and he says"o ya my wards on cool down...." so this in turn infuriated me because he recalls to the base and of course me ragging only made it worse but long story short we got destroyed but to think all he had to do was buy a ward for 75 gold and we would have won for the past 7 games now i have lost because of the stupidity of other players i am at wits end on how to stop my teams from throwing. nobody listens everyone does their own thing. any advise would be greatly appreciated

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St Viers

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Well, the only thing you really can guarantee is that you play well/keep improving. Maybe if you were 17/10, or gasp 17/2 the shape of the game would be different. Also, some things about your one example are pretty striking:

1)You seem to have the same 'go it alone and win' mindset in that game that they did.
2) Why didn't *you* be the person buying the ward in advance to set up a back-door?
3) Try and be a player *and* champ that forces/encourages teamwork: Malphite, Shen, etc basically create a team attitude of working together. Also, how you talk in-game greatly affects how people listen to you--if you're positive/good attitude all game, it will be easier late-game to say 'hey guys we need to slow down and group up' If you're always leaving base with wards, it's easier to ask other people to ward.
4)As to you raging at people, even this post shows a couple ways you can work on that. Taking the time to write also gives you time to look back and think, "Do I really need to say this?" or "Oh man, I'm about to say something in a very negative way"

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1) Stay Calm. Raging at other players causes u to play worse and it leads to losing cause other players won't listen to u even if you're right.
2) You Ward
3) Help out other lanes.
4) Ping but don't over-ping either.
5) Don't backdoor if u need to defend and make sure u have the right champ for backdooring. Sometimes its alright if 2 backdoor if you're team is behind.
6) Win Team fights. I've tried backdooring countless times but its true Team fights are more beneficial. 3 is right above but if u don't have a champ who's good at teamfighting try to stay in the lane.
7) The last thing people want to do is hug the turret. However it can help greatly if you're team is behind. - Where I got stuck. These players don't listen half the time like u said so get ahead in your lane and then help them out. It'll boost their confidence if the gank is successfully. Sometimes the jg should do one of these while your ganking 1 Guard your lane 2 Help gank 3 Continue to jg depending on the situation.