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Quinn build

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I am seeing a lot of builds for her that accomplish different things. I have seen an A PEN build, a AD build. I just don't know what to build as far as going top is concerned. Can anyone give me any good builds?

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Quinn's a weird monster. She's meant to be a duelest/split pusher top. Her job is to basically stay top unless a fight breaks out, then she ults in to save the day. If she gets chased, she ults and gets out.

So, this is a deciding factor in builds. Most people I see start BoRK on her because it gives some AD, pushing power, and great dueling power. After that, I personally advise going the ADC build because it allows for you to push, and surviving isn't an essential part of split pushing as damage is. Also, if you're coming to the teamfight late, you're going to want damage over survivability. Don't get me wrong, you should probably get a GA after Ie/Last Whisper.

The pen build is the same thing, but abusing your high base damages. The problem I have with it is that you cannot split push as well and you do less damage. Which, is fine if your team needs a bruiser, but Quinn is still better suited to be a ranged carry.

I've also seen people go BoRK->Blood Thurster with limited success, but I haven't tried it. Its a very dueslest type of build, though.

Just remember, that by third item you want some pen because she does have good base damages for an ADC.