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How to know if you're good enough as a champ?

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I am currently Bronze 3, and I do decent in my normals. I mainly jungle as Vi, Hecarim, Elise and Maokai. I know the basics of being good as a champ; csing, comboing, but how do I know if my plays/playstyle is good enough?

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Shiroi Kitsune



In my opinion, it's when you stop questioning yourself "Can I pull this off?". You should be able to do your job (initiating, assassinating, etc.) without a moment's hesitation, but also know when you can't. At that point, you know you've mastered a champion. Also, really learn all of the tricks of your champ. For instance, I play Yi alot and one of his vital tricks is dodging otherwise undodgeable abilities with his q. Finally, in regards to playstyle, it's just a question of are you fulfilling your role? Are you getting tanky fast enough? Are you getting damagey (it's a word now) fast enough? Are you bringing enough pressure into the lanes and across the map (Dragon, towers, counter-jungling)? From these kind of questions you can determine what changes need to be made to your playstyle.