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The Ultimate AP Build

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So I was thinking, Burst Mages can decimate squishes in seconds. But they have a harder time again tankier enemies and they are squishy as well.
What if there was an ultimate build that could solve all of these problems while still putting out good damage?
I made a list of classic burst Mage flaws.
-Bad against tanks
-very squishy
-little or no escape power

This is a build that I use ALOT for mages.
Start Ruby crystal and one hp pot and one mana pot
Haunting guise
Sorc shoes
Liamdrys torment
Rylais crystal scepter
Void staff
Zhonyas/deathfire grasp
Try it in a game with a champion you feel fits this build. Please do not leave negative feedback unless you have tried!

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St Viers

Senior Member


A few things: remember that your #1 goal as a mage is to burst down their adc, and then hopefully live through the cds to do the same to the support/enemy mage. As such, guise/rylais really slow down the raw damage that you'd get from an early dfg/deathcap. The way you deal with tanks as a mage is to let your adc (who *didn't* die to their mage thanks to your front-line/support) whittle them down. Thats why void staff is usually a later item to buy.

Most builds seem to be: chalice->boots->deathcap->zhonyas->Defensive Item->Void Staff, and I'm sure there's a reason for it It's true though that for champions with high base damage that getting the shred early is good (in which case your build order looks pretty great )