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My baddy ashe build.

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Saint Carne

Junior Member


So, I've been creating this build for a while now, and I've finally gotten a chance to showcase what it can do when executed correctly.
I don't have a video, because that's lame. I do have a match though that I would like to show you that way you can see it.
Keep in mind, I don't really care for the fact that it's 'bad' or 'noob' lol. It's not my main build, and I never use it in ranked, only normals where I feel like playing for fun and relaxation. So let's talk about the things that it does do, not the things that it obviously doesn't do.


Here is the match so that you can look over the numbers.

First and foremost I rush manamune and ionian boots of lucidity. Those are my core items.
I immediately rush IE. I'll usually throw FUROR on my boots before I finish IE depending on how many times I have to back.
I follow up with Zephyr (tenacity mostly) and reaver (for manamura's toggle) and finish with a situational item, usually last whisper or GA.

Thanks for checking it out and analyzing it. Remember, it's a fun/troll build. The idea is to Kite for days (ashe W every 2.4 seconds) and lead long chases without giving up an unholy amount of damage.
EDIT: Also good for ridiculous aoe cc and damage.