More Turret Defense!

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In my games of 2 people are pushing a turret it makes it takes seconds for it to fall.
If I'm not using a split pusher (tryndamere/shen) then I'm usually playing defensively.
So far there are these ways to protect turrets (and probably more)
Edit: Pets (including heimer turrets)
Knocks like Alistar which knocks an enemy champ away from the turret but he can only stop one at a time. He had the best one and he got nerfed
Walls like anivia but u can flash through it and many champs can pass it.
Revives survive turret dives: anivia/zac/aatrox etc. but theirs been controversy about them
Janna's Shield (Monsoon) shields turret. Ardent Censor+Shield is alright and very helpful defensively (saw the proof video) but their are better supports/mids than janna
Azir replaces turrets with sun discs and has his own wall but the disc only last a minute and once again many champs can pass the wall.
IMO/Opinion/In my view their needs to be a better way to protects turrets.
Thoughts? If there are my ways instead of a new way to protect them (new champion), instead of that, are there any other ways to protect them?