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I need help with support role.

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Blazing Wings



Hey guys, I like playing support and I enjoy helping my team, however, after quite some time of not playing LoL, I've noticed my support main (Leona) is not good against Morgana support.
When I joined the game again, Morgana normally forces me to play passively most of the time. It's in Normal games I can't see if the enemy team picks Morgana or not so I can't really counter pick. I'm considering of switching Leona into someone else who can do good against Morgana support, any recommendation and guides?
Please help and thank you.

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Hey man Im currently gold and climbing. I have been coached by some of the best coaches in the world. I have a lot of knowledge I would like to share with you. Would love to help you get better and climb! Add me in game I look forward to helping you get better!
IGN: Mannyshow45

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Morgana support is strong right now because of that spell shield. The thing is, its cooldown is longer than your E/Q/W are. So you can bait it out, then as soon as cooldowns are out you can go back in. You might lose half of your life going in, but the second time she won't have anything to stop you from destroying her ADC.

Sometimes that just isn't possible, and you have to improvise. I advise waiting until she and her ADC are very closely positioned together, wait for her to activate the shield then stun the other champion and focus them down. Morgana is extremely squishy early which will make her just as good a target as the ADC.

Once 6 happens, things become really skill intensive. She gets the ultimate counter engage ultimate while you get the holy grail of engage ultimates. Probablem is, hers wins out. What do you do? Bait it out. I know that sounds simple, its not. But really, you just have to be a better Leona than she is a Morgana. Its perfectly fine to engage, then when she ultimates flash out, then re-engage while you have your ultimate and she doesn't.

I didn't mention much about her snare, mainly because if she's snaring you then the ADC has free reign on the other ADC. Also, you can engage if her snare is down. She cannot stop anyone while its down, nor do any DPS besides Autos. She may still have her shield, but you can effectively zone them as they don't have enough damage to bring you down and you can walk freely as their CC is gone.

A few tricks that might help you bait out a shield:

Walk towards an ADC With your W Popped, this almost always works as you're wasting resources and she feels like its guaranteed you're about to engage. Let her spell shield, walk away. Try and time when it will run out as most ADC's get this false sense of security when they have the spellshield on. (Its 5 seconds incase you didn't know)

Come in from the River a little bit behind them. This overly aggressive position often scares Morgana's and their first instinct is to shield the ADC. Just be ready to sidestep a binding - don't come at an angle you can't move either direction.

Though, my best piece of advice:

All in at Level 2, tell your ADC to get Level 2 first. Take a Relic Shield, pop it on the Melee Minions, auto a few minions that aren't being attacked by other minions. Just try and make sure that you don't push into their turret by the third wave. You want room to engage. Be ready to sidestep a binding, flash if you have to. If she misses the binding you will win the engage. I promise.