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Junior Member


I'm just picking up Diana. Needless to say, she rekts. My first game with Diana I scored a penta, but the next my green started to show as I couldn't get much steam in game laning against a Nasus top lane. Can anyone give me any tips or strategies as Diana. Jungle, Top, or Mid. I really like her as a champion and she seems like she'll be awesome to ride to Gold.

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St Viers

Senior Member


Against Nasus, just remember that your passive proc is great mixed damage, so feel free to harass him with that--don't spend mana trying to beat him as he'll just ls back up. Failing that, just farm. Who cares if you can't 1v1 nasus if you can use your cs gold to 1 shot their adc, zhonyas, and then smash down their mage after his spell rotation is down.

In general, as diana isn't *really* an assassin, remember that when building her and fighting with her (she has no escapes once she commits, just a shield). In general, remember that if you miss your q, it's probably not good to ult in unless it's a 1v1 fight, as that spell reset is really important for switching targets, juking, and maybe even escaping to a jungle camp.