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Janna help

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I'd like some playing tips for Janna. I've read the builds, but I still feel like I don't contribute much to a team. I enjoy her speed and her powers as they are all very flexible and supportive.

Generally speaking I enjoy Support characters, so I was wondering with Marks as Resiliance (life), seals of vitality (armor) and glyphs of focus (cooldowns) what other champions are good with these runes so I can expand beyond janna when a team absolutely hates her.

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Basically the key to Janna is to not play her until she gets buffed a bit.

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revamping my Janna guide soon.

Janna is quite flexible with her rune choices. Currently the runes I use for her I just use for Malphite, even the masteries, because it's so easy to do without issues.

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Techniquely runes are not necessary for games. Runes only provide a strong bonus on early games. It really only depends on Mastery and item builds to determine how strong the character or how well they contribute later on.

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Pink Princess Party

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Janna Quick and Dirty I win 6-8 out of every 10 games using her:

She's really viable as a combat support not as pure support. Your contribution comes in the form of initiation, run downs, snares and sometimes getaways. Building her as a pure support is almost useless.

*Janna has one of the hardest hitting auto-attacks
*Janna can rock a whole team and pivot a group fight
*Janna can run down enemies
*Janna is awesome at high end.

Sad Fact:
*Janna gets rocked almost always before 6 by invis units, best to just buy a oracles right off the bat if theres an eve or shacco. She is at her weakest before level 6.

Summoner Skills:
A lot of people like to use clarity or imp rally. I myself prefer exhaust/ignite. It helps her get first blood which is crucial to a good item setup.

She's really hard to play low levels, having high survivability depends on who your laning against. If you see a blitzcrank tell your team to trade lanes immediately. She almost always will die if she gets grabbed. She has LOW survivability.

From level 1-6 just get a meki's pendant a health and mana pot. Now when you go to your lane DO NOT EVER check the bushes, your not gonna get first blood by initiation, let your team mate do it. Assess the team your fighting. Your strongest against shacco, poppy, alistar. Your Weakest against mundo, another janna.

From 1-6: Every row of creeps fling 1 tornado at it. Don't worry about aiming it, just let it build and damage the creeps and get way back almost to where you get no XP. Get far away from the bushes. Get to 6 and get your ult, and then immediately move to your tank.

NEVER LEAVE YOUR TANK after this. If you have a Udyr, it's best to stay back behind him and wait for him to initiate, go in snare his target, then fling a tornado. By the time initiations over you'll know whether to re-snare or let that target go.

*********Don't stick around a fight for too long. Get far back and contribute by casting tornadoes and shields***********

1. Tornado
2. Eye
3. Zephyr
4. Tornado
5. Tornado
6. Ult
7. Eye
8. Zephyr
9. Tornado
10. Eye
11. Ult
12. Zephyr
13. Eye
14. Zephyr
15. Eye
16. Ult
17. Zephyr
18. Zephyr

A lot of people say to use the zephyr harrassment build, this isn't really viable since theres so many burst heroes that can catch you at zephyr range.

Nashor's Tooth
Phantom Dancer
(always keep like 9 pots on you)
*If theres a Mundo/Alistar/Soraka/Janna/Nassus in the other group, I tend to get the exe calling and just tag each of them with it 1 at a time to keep their regen down.

Seriously with the way Riot has her currently she is NOT a viable pure support. You gotta have something to contribute to combat.

The best way to do this is to utilize your shield and buff your hit power, and hit turrets. While hitting turrets cast your tornado on the group fights. When in group fights, use her to chase down those people running away. Since having an outrageously high AP will not over all turn you into a AP damage power house, just use straight up melee, it will equate to more damage in the long run.

can work in two different ways, one way is disruption. Remember you got 2 disruptors at your disposal for Katarinas and other channelers. I use my ult to heal my group after a group fight to push into their towers, I also use it when a Katarina tries to crash the group fight. I'll also use it if I see us losing a group fight to get the other team out of the area of game play, and allow us to escape.

A lot of times you'll use your ult to escape. You just have to play her to figure out when it's appropriate.

Final Note:

Also, laning with alistar is win.

Alternate Builds:
#1(for the softies)
Zerker Boots
Nashor's Tooth
Madred's Blood Razor

#2(for some higher AP)
Zerker Boots
Nashor's Tooth
Sword of the Divine
Guinsoo's Rage Blade

#3(Against Regens and Heals I use this one quite Often)
Zerker Boots
Executioner's Calling
Sword of the Divine

Zeal's are what gives you the good speed advantage.

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Pink Princess Party:

*Janna is awesome at high end.
She is at her weakest before level 6.


so untrue

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I personally play her full aura, i cannot give you an item build because it's really changing depending on wich ennemy we are match up and wich ally i got.
but there one thing I alway's get is but of switness. that make her the fastest charactere in the game and with it you are in every lane at the same time.

I find kinda weird to play her as a dps, because there SO much better charactere for that, her shield is so much more usefull on a real carry. And i don't think we have to talk about her being a nuker.

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Different people have different playstyles. For me, my motto for playing Janna is


By not dying and being able to help your friends to escape or get kills, you've contributed A LOT to your team in early game. Don't rely the statement of contribution as # of kills you've made only.

I play her as support build, even though some people may argue that she does better as DPS or AP. She still shines early game with her strong disable spells, allowing your friends to escape and track down enemies.

For runes, I use:
Mark: fixed Armor or Magic Resist
Seal: fixed Armor
Glyph: fixed Magic Resist
Quint: either fixed HP or Movement Speed

The reason why I use fixed runes is because Janna doesn't really get kills and have some problems for farming, so she levels up slowly. Getting fixed effect from runes can be more beneficial to your early game.



***Janna shines best early game.*** Cherish first 10 minutes early game and push the lane!

Janna is quite a bad farmer unless you level Howling Gale as her first priority. Another alternative to farm better is to use low level Eye of the Storm to give you extra damage to last hit.

Use Howling Gale once in a while (don't spam) to keep your enemies away from last hitting, and save it when you're trying to focus someone for kills in early game.

By leveling up Zephyr early in game, you're most likely to contribute assists/kills for your friends early. As support build, I suggest you to max this first (after 1 level of HG). Plus, it boosts your movement speed as well.

You don't have to hesitate to check the brush before minions have spawned. You can quickly drop a tornado, running along the brush and quickly turn away to dodge their attacks/snare if they do. Usually, enemies will get out of brush to avoid your HG damage or turn back for a while. If they want to remain in the brush, fine....They gotta take some damage for that.

Janna's role is to bring that turret in your lane down asap. Whenever you've got 1 level of eye, some creeps, and there's no stun/taunt/snare enemy nearby, you can always shield yourself and attack turret. If there's 1 enemy guarding the turret, you can always attack 1-2 hit the turret and quickly escape from turret. Soon, they won't realize that turrets have only 500 HP left. In case your lane partner is ranged and has better attack power/attack speed, you can shield him or her instead.

When chasing slowed enemies: use HG to knock them up first, then Zephyr to continue the slow.

When chasing running enemies: use Zephyr to slow them down first (due to Zephyr passive, you're likely to catch them), then walk up close to do uncharged HG to knock them up.

When surrounding 1-2 enemy units: use zephyr to slow one of them down, do an uncharged HG to knock them up, and quickly walk IN FRONT of them to Monsoon back to your friends. You will get at least 1 enemy flying back to your friend. *This is a difficult, risky and buggy move, so don't rely on it too much*

Emphasize your survivability first. Buying early Guardian Angel or Warmog's can make you certainly invulnerable. But don't be too greedy in group fight just because you're tougher than your opponents.

Always save 1 Howling Gale (HG) and 1 Zephyr for focus fire. Seems simple, but very important. Monsoon is just good if you see that your team has a chance to lose the fight. Most of the time, it'd be outnumbered group fights like 2vs3 or 2vs4.

Monsoon has a delay before you launch (about 0.25-0.5 sec). This is very important to note for using it to save your friends or knocking enemies back.

Don't solo enemies when you're playing support. Always go with someone....then HG, Zephyr, peck, peck, peck....

Don't hesitate to heal your injured friends with your ultimate, even only 1 of them is hurt. With 0 AP and lv2 monsoon, you can heal up to 600 HP.

Shield your friends almost always if you see harassing enemies like Mundo, Zilean, or Katarina....And make sure you stay away from their range. Use creeps to block Mundo's cleaver.

Stay away from the brush especially when you're left alone, unless you like to get focus-fired. You can shield yourself and check the brush quickly though, but it's safest to stay away from the brush if you KNOW someone's in there.

Harass enemies with Zephyr if your friends aren't planning to focus-fire/gank someone yet. High lvl of Zephyr doesn't cost that much mana, and is very strong.


That's pretty much I could think of right now. Remember, your role as a support is to survive and help your friends kill/escape. If you can do these 3 things, you've contributed a lot more than you could think of.

If you've got questions, you can whisper me. It's the same name as here.

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you guys are awesome. thank you.

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I still don't get why people try to make her a physical Hero. Her spells have short cooldowns and do benefit heavily from MP.

3 * walkspeed (I use them for all heros)
for the rest I try to get 50/50 magic power and magic penetration (still proces in work). I know, that MP/level is considered better but I prefare early game power. Lategame you get enough MP from items.

21/6/3 with 6 magic resitence, 6 armor in defens and 4% life/mana reg in util

I used Haunting Guise (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) for a long time, but I heared, it should be "ignore 20%" and not flat "penetrate 20" magic resitences like the tooltip says, which isn't that great except against high resit tanks. But still, you can buyFaerie Charm (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) and Rejuvenation Bead (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) + one health pot at the start which is nice.

Another good start is Doran's Ring (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) when you expect agressive oponents (120 life is a lot early game).

Even Meki Pendant (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) to build Chalice of Harmony (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) is a good option, as you spam your spells mid/late game and therefor need a lot of mana.

As Janna get walkspeed out of Zephier, her passive and another 4,5% from my runes I wait with boots until I finished Haunting or Chalice. If my oponents aren't speed junkys (Udyr with +3 boots) I'll get Sorcerer's Shoes (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) for another 20 penetration.

From this point I start to work on:
- Rylai's Scepter (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;), 500 HP is allways nice, 80 MP and the small slow effect works with Hurrican!
- Lich Bane (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;), all around great item for Janna
- Rod of Ages (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;)
- Zhonya's Ring (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;)

Sure, you can get more MP but with 48,55 penetration, you cast against very low resitences most times.

PS: And don't play her as pur suport. Throw a shield or ulti from time to time but rather fight with her. Even her Ulti is great to push a full group of oponents into friendly towers .