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  • Reduce the time harrier can occur by .5 seconds per auto attack.

Q: Blinding Assult
  • Valor should swoop down from above Quinn and then fly forward, not coming out from Quinn's coat.
  • Perhaps make the skillshot skinnier to thread better and avoid clipping minions.
  • Let the Blind increase as you level it. 1 / 1.25 / 1.50 / 1.75 / 2

W: Heightened Senses
  • Reduce the Cooldown to 40 / 35 / 30 / 25 / 20
  • Not effected by Cooldown Reduction.

E: Vault
  • Give Quinn and Valor 15% physical and magic damage reduction for 2 seconds after using Vault.
  • Let the slow start to decay after Quinn has landed.

R: Tag Team
  • Let Valor gain 10/15/20 armor and magic resistance and stay in battle for 30 seconds instead of 20.
  • Let the cooldown timer start when the ability is activated.
  • Let Valor have no cost abilities with refreshed cooldowns upon activating Tag Team.
  • Let Skystrike activate upon dying as Valor.
  • Reduce the cooldown to 120/100/80

There is absolutely no reason to use an ult in a team fight because of how squishy she is and the fact she loses damage and active from her Harrier.
Reduce the cooldown because it's either only getting her there, getting her away from there, or chasing someone when its over.
This is more utility or an escape than anything else.
In League's modern world there are more champions able to shut down or stop Quinn from doing what you were afraid of before [/QUOTE]

All this sounds awesome except for the reduced damage after using Vault; it would make her kiting ability even more annoying since she can wait for the enemy bruiser to use their gap closers to get close to her, Vault away to slow and increase distance, and lets say they use someting like Flash to close the gap again, now she has more resistances to further neglect damage. It would also make her potentially overpowered in top lane as a ranged off-tank with tons of kiting potential, damage, and natural tankiness. Finally, it would be especially overpowered when compined with the bonus armor from tag team since you suggested that the bonus 15% reistance would be applied to Valor's Vault as well.