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(Semi-Open RP) The Infinite Storm

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Jake followed her gaze to the camp and smirked. "I can carry quite a bit." He nodded to the crystals in his arms. "But I need to dispose of these first and replace them." He turned towards the camp and would begin walking when Lillian did.

As they walked, his mind went to his nightmare within the Underworld. Of the crimes committed against his people...of the thousands that burned. And he was working for their murders. At least thats how some of his people viewed it. Himself, he didn't know what to think. Through all of this time, he was mostly silent as he walked beside Lillian.

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Lillian nodded and started walking towards the camp.

"Good... Because we need supplies."

Once within the still rather sleepy camp due to how early in the morning it was, she suggested for a place for them to meet up once he was done with whatever he was doing. When that was confirmed, she would go over to where she could find the supplies for their travel. After finding something to put them in, she would gather up items, mostly food, in bags for them to carry back. She would wait for Jake to return in the chosen meet up location with several bags for him to carry, then jerk her head towards the forest.

"Okay... Lets go."

He would note that she had gained only one other small bag which she had in hand... The rest she seemed to expect him to carry.

((Sorry, I don't really want to drag this out))