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Champion Concept: Maverick, the Dimensional Drifter (Mage/Support)

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Arcane Flux




These are not my images, but it offers an idea of what Maverick would look like (just less ominous and more mysterious) and the bladestaff.


Maverick is an innovative melee mage/support that alters time and space to shift the flow of battle between assisting allies and hindering enemies. Looking for critical analysis on ways he can be improved. Does anyone else think his W is an interesting ability?


Resource: Focus (*See Quantum Flux for details)

Passive: Residual Energy

Maverick gains a stack of residual energy (max: 2/3/4/5) each time a rift absorbs a projectile or transports a champion. Maverick gains +10 armor and +10 magic resist for each stack of residual energy he has. Allies in a 500-unit radius receive half of this bonus.

Q: Vortex Slash – 14/12/10/8/6 sec 60/95/130/165/200 (+0.6 AP) magic damage Range: 750

Enemy Focus:

Maverick rends space in the target location, dealing damage to all enemies struck. Maverick can cast Vortex Slash again without waiting for cool-down at the cost of one stack of Residual Energy. Enemies struck with Vortex Slash are marked with Dimensional Instability for 8 seconds. If an enemy marked with Dimensional Instability is hit with another Vortex Slash, they are rooted for 2 seconds and granted immunity from Dimensional Instability for 4 seconds after the root expires.

Empowered: Vortex Slash creates a small vacuum that draws nearby enemy champions (within 250 units) inward towards its center.

Ally Focus:

The dimensional tear persists for 3 sec and allies that travel through it gain 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% movement speed for 2 sec.

Empowered: Movement speed is doubled

This image clarifies the idea of the cast. At the tip of the cursor (within the range limit). Maverick creates a crescent-shaped slice in the terrain (similar to Vel'koz fissure).


W: Rift – 20/18/16/14/12 sec Range: 400

*Does not work against auto-attacks or targeted abilities (click champion and use) or projectiles without travel time (i.e. Lux beam)
*Would work with things like Lee Sin Q or Blitz Pull

Enemy focus:

Maverick instantly creates a miniature black hole (similar to Syndra orb without delay) at the target location for 3 seconds or until absorbing the first enemy projectile landing within range. After absorption, for the next 5 seconds, Maverick can summon a second dimensional rift that releases the projectile with 12%/14%/16%/18%/20% increased damage. This projectile maintains the original properties of projectile as the enemy cast it (*cc, damage, pathing through/into minions…), but its path is reversed 180º, and it now affects enemy units.

Ally focus:

Maverick instantly creates a miniature black hole (similar to Syndra orb without delay) at the target location for 3 seconds or until absorbing the first ally projectile landing within range. After absorption, for the next 5 seconds, Maverick can summon a second dimensional rift that releases the projectile with 12%/14%/16%/18%/20% increased damage. This projectile maintains the original properties of projectile as the enemy cast it (*cc, damage, pathing through/into minions…) including the angle of the projectile upon entering the rift.


Maverick’s rifts now spawn after a brief delay and transport allied or enemy champions instead of projectiles depending on the state of Quantum Flux. Allies must click to use the portal, but enemies within the spawn range of the rift will be forced to enter it (limit one champion). The Champion that enters the rift is removed from the game (allies are still affected by active DoTs; enemies are not affected by DoTs) until Maverick relocates them with the second cast of Rift. If Maverick has not reactivated Rift after 2 seconds, the champion will re-enter the game at the origin of the first Rift

E: Supernova – 16/15/14/13/12 sec

Min: 25/50/75/100/125 (+0.4 AP) magic damage
Max: 30/60/90/120/150 (+0.8 AP) magic damage

Inner Circle Range: 250
Min Range: 250
Max Range: 650

Enemy Focus:

Maverick roots himself in place for up to 2 seconds as he prepares to plunge his staff into the ground and release a blast of radiant energy. The radius and damage of the blast increase the longer he is rooted (*Think Varus Q meets Nunu R). Maverick can cast Supernova again at any time while charging.


Enemy champions caught in the blast have their movement speed reduced by 80%, decaying over 2 seconds. Enemies caught within the inner circle of the blast will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Ally Focus:

Maverick alters the resonance of his blast to energize friendly champions, increasing AD or AP (whichever is higher) of each champion within range by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% for 3 seconds.

Empowered: Doubles the bonus AD/AP given to allied champions

R: Quantum Flux – 3 sec at all ranks (this is unaffected by cool-down reduction and is available at Level 1)

Maverick bends time and space to alter focus of his abilities, changing between ally and enemy targets. While abilities affect enemies, Maverick gains 1 Focus for each ability cast. While abilities affect allies, Maverick expends 1 Focus for each ability cast. After reaching 5 focus, Maverick’s next ability is empowered.

Leveling Quantum Flux increases the maximum stacks of residual energy that can be earned by 1.

*Abilities will display only information pertinent to state of Quantum Flux to alleviate text walls.

Appearance: Note attachments. Think Dune, nomadic warrior type (especially with cloak). Following a stance similar to second picture (just less ominous and more mysterious).


Long ago, Shurima experienced a calamity of unparalleled proportions. In an attempt to obtain infinite power, a magical prodigy, Xerath, devastated the land as he ascended beyond his human form into a being of pure arcane energy. However, in the midst of the ensuing chaos, another event was overshadowed. A young man and mere apprentice of the arcane arts at the time, Maverick’s curiosity brought him dangerously close to Xerath’s ritual. Caught in the blast of energy released at the conclusion of the event, Maverick was immediately rendered unconscious. When he finally awoke, he found himself suspended in air, surrounded by nothing but suffocating darkness and a faint glimmer of light in the distance.

Where most would seek the light, Maverick had learned his lesson well— curiosity often has consequences. Thankful to be alive, he wasn’t about to rush head-first a second time into the unknown. With mysteriously unshaken resolve, he remained still, letting all of his senses guide his next decision. It was then that he realized something else was drifting in the void behind him. Reaching out and grasping the object firm in his hand, Maverick recognized the weight and fluid motion as that belonging to his very own blade-staff. It was a magically imbued weapon passed down through untold generations in his family, most recently to him after the death of his father 8 years ago.

With no other relatives to call his own after the passing of his father, it had become the only constant in Maverick’s life, his only friend. Something was, however, very different— his weapon was surging with tremendous magical power, the likes of which he had never felt before. With a swift strike, a tear in space and time was formed before his very eyes. It revealed an image of a desert land. Unable to move away, Maverick was engulfed into the wormhole and reappeared near ancient ruins.

After years of wandering the desolate land and practicing his newfound power, Maverick made contact for the first time after the void. The tomb robber was heading home after an unsuccessful heist, and the unique glint of metal in the distance was enough to draw her near. Maverick shared his story, and in return he quickly learned the devastating truth about where he was sent. Though he had not aged in the void, time in Runeterra had passed beyond imagination. Along with this news, the woman shared information concerning those who fight on the Fields of Justice. After discovering Xerath was among those who battled, Maverick traveled to join the league in hopes that he may learn more about his past.

Quote: I do not know what is more mysterious… the man or the blade he wields… - Sivir, the Battle Mistress


Health- 400(90)
Health Regen- 5(0.85)
Attack Range- 175
Attack Damage- 48(2.8)
Attack Speed- 0.658(3.2%)
Armor- 20(3)
Magic Resist- 30(0.75)
Movement Speed- 345


Maverick is a unique champion in that his kit converts him between Mage and Support roles with a switch of his Ultimate. I don't intend him to ever become overwhelmingly strong bot lane (hence ally focused attacks lose focus, lowered ratios...) I do think supporting and even mid lane will focus deeply on managing when Maverick should be tanky (i.e. save Residual Energy stacks) vs. when he should add the extra root for cc/damage on his q or even go all-out for a massive burst with 6 Q's at 18 in a row with only global cooldown to stop his assault. This offers a rewarding experience for managing mage/support status while offering counter-play for players on the other team.


Sivir- What?! Is there something on my back?

- Infinite power... at what cost?
- Your human form was not what held you from greatness

Amumu- I understand loneliness, crying never helps.

Any Void Champ- That's one dimension I try to aVOID!


Now you see me (opens rift and dives in headfirst), now you do...oh..n't umph (foot gets caught in the portal as it closes).

Rule #1 of dimensional travel... look before you leap or you'll wind up in the middle of a river surrounded with toxic fungi and the echoes of a voice constantly uttering something about underestimation.

General Taunts:

What manner of dimension produced you? Geesh!

Pick a portal, any portal (summons a multitude of rifts and moves them around). They all lead to your demise.

Champion Select:

Let's shift things up a bit!


Must I really walk?

I will learn why...

This blade...unbelievable power

With this blade I will honor my father's memory

Alone no longer.


Don't resist the rift's pull.

You are bound to this world, I have freedom.

I am relentless in my pursuit for answers, I will not let you stand in the way.

Alternative Skin:

Dragoon Knight Maverick:


This is not my image (rights to Square Enix), but it gives an idea. Wings would be a nice added touch.

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Junior Member


I really like his w but how would it work for beam based projectiles like vel'koz syndra and lux ults?

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Arcane Flux



@ Darvenger: Thanks for the response!

I imagined his W as only working on non-beam projectiles. This would avoid such instances of unfair gameplay where a lux beam gets completely extended from mid field to enemy fountain etc... However, an alternative would be to extend the beam with the remaining distance of the beam as it passes through the rift.

Quick point of clarification on W:

This spell would ideally work with projectiles like a blitz grab. In this case the second rift that casts the grab would act as a stationary blitzcrank and have a full length pull bringing the target towards the rift. Interestingly enough it might be cool to absorb a lee sin Q and allow lee to jump quite a distance if it hits the a target.

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w makes him the worst killstealer in the game, and reflecting someones ultimate back at them with a w is also redonkadonk

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Arcane Flux



@ Lavantant Thanks for feedback!

To address killstealing I implemented the "brief delay" to the rifts spawning such that it would be nigh impossible to actually absorb a friendly projectile without the ally intentionally sending it into the rift. Allies would also receive assists because it was their ability as well. An idea to play around with is actually giving the ally the kill if their shot lands the killing blow. This would prevent Maverick from playing like a kill stealer but still give him incentive to use the rift for ally projectiles.

As far as reflecting ultimates, again, the brief delay provides counterplay but yes, it does give a very good strength to his kit especially because he lacks his own ultimate for damage. Which ultimates do you have in mind that would make the rift redonkadonk? Remember as written, the spell will not affect as many spells as yasuo wall. Spells with no travel time or that are targeted (i.e. Brand/Syndra Ult) are unaffected. I'll clarify this in the quote now.

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Arcane Flux



Buffed Passive

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Senior Member


I like the idea of the champion bending attacks and causing ability misdirection. The only issues I have is that I feel if a champion is too complex the idea often get's weighed down by too many ideas. I am no champion making pro or anything but I guess I would think about the programming and the flow of game play.

He empowers and hinders but how fast can this happen if he losses stacks for helping and gains them by attacking. Can he go out on his own? is he a support or a tank? I feel the same with the lore. In some bits it seems to bounce around covering too many details instead of leaving some mystery and being concise. Especially towards the end, the last bit sounds really rushed and tacked on.

Maybe you should take out bits of his lore that aren't really necessary or are just "flavor text" or merely there for the "wow" factor. So much detail for his weapon didn't seem necessary. Many champs have iconic weapons that are every bit a part of their character, but they don't require any heavy descriptions. Unless his story is based around his weapon it doesn't need much of a description.

Anyway I hope I helped, thank you for your feedback as well.

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Arcane Flux



@VLCusp Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding the complexity, I do realize that on paper there is a lot of text. However, a degree of complexity was necessary to allow a player to focus support and not do too much damage, yet it forces Maverick to engage with enemies and not sit back and only engage with the adc/ally (i.e. not another Soraka in current state). This is why using ally abilities cost focus and enemy targeted abilities gain focus.

Does this mean Maverick cannot really be a mage? No! The fun aspect is sacrificing the residual energy armor/magic resist boost will allow Maverick to do quite a bit of burst from full stacks using his Q if he lands successive blows. If he times it right he can then use max focus to teleport the fleeing enemy behind him and immediately be charging his E for max damage.

Lore? Yeah this needs work, I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind! Lore is a tricky devil because it needs to be succinct yet provide clarity. I do, however, want there to be a larger emphasis on the weapon it's mysterious in and of itself and would maybe have teasers about it too.

Thanks Again!

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Arcane Flux



Slight Modification of Lore

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Along with this news, the woman shared information concerning a league of summoners and those who fought on their behalf on the rift.

Champions fight on behalf of the summoners of their faction, on the Fields of Justice, with one such field being "Summoner's Rift". You might want to fix that.

Anywho, what gifts is he sharing? I understand he gained power and stuff in the void, but... His power seems kinda centered on him and his weapon, I can't see what he can share if the powers and skills are so unique to him.

NEXT! Void does stuff to people, Malz went bat**** insane, and Kassadin had his body corrupted. Plz state for those that don't know this guy how he managed to get out of the void "without aging" and somehow unchanged? This don't make no sense! Unless his blade-a-mathingy protected him from the void, how did he pull it off?

Ok, that's it for being harsh, I like to be blunt about stuff and I'm not going to suggest how to fix it, (it's your lore I can't fiddle too much with it) but that's just so I can make sure people pay attention when I **** on teh ****ty parts.

Now, your character has a pretty cool and unique lore, I want to know how the blast from Xerath sent him into the void instead of vaporizing him, but you got all the parts of a lore that should be in it (who is this person? why are they a legend? why are they in the league?). The lore also caught my interest and didn't either drag on or make me nod off, two good points!

I like.

Now, I'm going to be a little bit of a nuisance here, but would you be interested in doing a small joint lore project with me? I've been flirting with the idea of trying to get concepts on forums to have linked lores to other concepts but haven't had the stones to suggest this to forums yet. If you wouldn't mind, or would like to do something like this with me, tell me on the lore page.

I only mention this because I have a concept floating around called Wyrn (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4540282), who is cursed to wander worlds forever and ever, and ever... the point being I think that the lore from both Wyrn and Maverick could interact in some way based on what they are, and mostly I wanna have some fun