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Looking for experienced 3s players to form a team

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The Schmeckler

Junior Member


Hey guys,

I'm plat 3 in solo queue, and I have some experience with twisted treeline. I'm pretty mechanically skilled at the champions I normally play on treeline, and I want to form a team to try and hit challenger by the end of the season. My name on league is The Schmeckler, and I'm looking for people with good mechanics and some experience with 3s to play with. I play bot lane, so if you could play top/jungle that'd be great. Normally, I play late at night, from around 8 PM - 5 AM EST. Sometimes I play during the day from 3-6 PM EST, though. I'm plat 3 in solo queue, and it would be preferred if you were gold+, but I really don't care because i know that some people only play ranked 3s. Add me if interested!