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[Champion Concept] Raisiel, The Lightning Kitsune

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Heads up! The Boards are taking over. Raisiel can now be found here. (http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/NmAzEuds-raisiel-the-lightning-kitsune)

We'll see just how well the Boards pan out for champion concepts, but I am far from thrilled at this forced change. However, we'll just have to adapt for now. Thank you to all reviewers and supporters that welcomed the idea of another fox champion with her own twists on things and made her successful so far. See you on the Boards!

Raisiel, The Lightning Kitsune

I had the idea of using the character creation section of a MMO (Blade and Soul) to help show what she might look like since I can't draw.
I hope that's okay.

Just add fox ears and 7 fox tails.

(Fun fact: 'Rai' means 'Lightning' (Japanese). 'Siel' means 'Soul' (Afrikaans).
Raisiel = "Lightning soul" )

Table of Contents

First post

-Playing Tips
-Item Build Suggestions
-Skin Ideas

Second Post


Third post

-Update Notes


Monster. Demigod. Fiend. Demon. Such words were used to describe the powerful being that terrorized Ionia for generations. Raisiel, the golden fox that commanded the power of lightning to wreak havoc across species she thought to be beneath her feet, especially humans. Towns would find a quiet day turning into devastation faster than the blink of an eye.

Many attempts were made to appease the fierce deity with treasures and statues in her honor, with careful detail to her tails that she prided over. Such propitiations were short-lived as lightning would soon strike again and again.

Desperate for hope of survival, remnants of previously destroyed villages collaborated their efforts with those who have yet to taste destruction. A powerful spell was discovered in a crumbling tome; magic just powerful enough to work on Raisiel's race, but only under the condition that the spell's mark have under six tails. Time was very short as the lightning kitsune was nearing the end of a 1,000-year cycle in which she would claim her 6th tail and gain a thousand times her own power.

On the eve of her sixth cycle‘s completion, Raisiel found herself bound by a spell almost as old as she. Before her stood an old man that had lost everything to her might--his family, his friends, and his home. Around them, the entire gathered legion of Ionians lay dead. Expecting her own demise at the hand of a creature she looked down upon, she angrily glared at the man, hearing his words like thunder.

"A thousand years--over one hundred mortal lifespans, is what time you have left to learn the verity that has eluded your ages of wisdom, O Great Fox."

The man placed a paper seal across her lips, and a few mystic words followed, completing the spell that had bound her. The sacrifice of all the mortals surrounding her was signified in a mythical display in which all the bodies lain around her transformed into pure magical energy, visibly gathering into her prison. Locked tightly in great discomfort, thick tree roots wrapped around her, permitting virtually no movement. Runes were etched along the bark, glowing brighter as the life force of those she had slain poured into it. As the last particles fell into place, an even brighter light flashed between the cracks of the roots imprisoning her. Her sixth tail had come, and her power multiplied, but alas, it was not enough to undo what had been done. She was now alone in the dark night as the cold rain pelted her.

Over 900 years went by as the kitsune remained isolated from all but the nature around her. A new sound reached her ears--a pattern of noise she had nearly forgotten. Bipedal footsteps crunched the grass as they approached closer. From the bushes came out a young boy, venturing the depths of the forest neighboring his village.

Stunned at the curious sight he stumbled upon, his hazel eyes met her ruby red eyes. At first, frightened, the kid hesitantly and cautiously approached Raisel. The golden fur of her tails and ears shone brightly in the sunlight that peered between the tree branches above them.

Years passed, and the boy visited every day. Through rain or snow, he always showed up at the same time to tell her about his life and to play a song; attempts to comfort the young woman trapped by a spell, unable to speak or move. She watched him grow into adulthood as his stories changed from his time with other kids to tales of his wife and children of his own.

Keen ears fell to disappointment and worry as the footsteps one day ceased to approach. Feeling lost and forgotten, the seasons continued to roll by as Raisiel remained tethered in seclusion. She had counted for each day since her imprisonment, and at last, the final day of 999th year was about to end at midnight. She tightly braced for her demise.

Under the moonlight and stars, the silence of night was broken by footsteps once more, much slower and uneven than the times before. An elderly man limped out of the shadows and sat in front of the trapped demigod. He apologized for his absence and told of his kids' passing from disease, his wife's murder, and his own declining health.

"I have lived a full life, as happy and sorrowful as it has been. My only regret is that I could not help you live yours."

He pulled out the simple, crudely carved wooden flute he had on him the day he had found her and began playing . The only friend Raisiel had in the world spent part of many days playing the same song to her on various instruments he was able to bring with him, but this one was her favorite by far. The boy she had watched grow up used the last of his breath to finish the song before joining in the silence of the air around them.

Tears clashed with the dim light of her binds as Raisiel was overcome with flooding emotions of helplessness, longing, sorrow, and regret. Feelings a powerful being like her never thought would encounter.

To her surprise, she felt hands wiping her tears. Opening her eyes, she realized they were her own. The constriction around her had dissolved.

Was this the end of the spell? No...the timing was off. Something was missing.

Tears continued to stream until they were interrupted by a surge of light and power. She looked over her shoulder to see her seventh tail glistening. After a thousand years, she finally realized what her captor had meant. A new emotion was born inside of her. Love...for humanity.

As the sun rose, the dawn's light shed on the grave in front of her; the very spot she spent her captivity, now a memorial to her friend. She made a vow to use her power to protect the species she had placed beneath her for so long. No longer the same person she once was, she set off to find a way to atone for her past lifetime. It didn't take long for word of the League of Legends to reach her. There, she now fights to protect the most precious gift of all: life.

"Life is much like lightning. It can end faster than the blink of an eye...but can echo long past its duration."
- Raisiel


Middle Lane
Role: Mage

Health: 370 (+ 85) ---------- Attack Damage: 51 (+ 3)
HP Regen: 6 (+ 0.55) ---------- Attack Speed: .625 (+ 1.9%)
Mana: 250 (+ 55) ---------- Armor: 15 (+ 3.8)
Mana Regen: 7 (+ 0.7) ---------- Magic Resist: 30 (+ 0)
Range: 550 (ranged) ---------- Movement Speed: 340


Passive: Ancient Electrocutioner
Raisiel's abilities apply a stack of Electrocution (1 per hit) onto enemy champions that lasts 5 seconds before disappearing altogether unless refreshed by another ability. Raisiel gains 1.5% movement speed for every active stack of Electrocution within 1000 range of her.

Q: Tri-lightning (Skillshot/AOE) --
Raisiel calls lightning from the sky to crash down on a targeted area. This ability can be cast up to three times within 5 seconds of being activated. On the third strike, lightning silmultaneously strikes her foe(s) and herself, briefly encasing both in a field of electricity for 1 second, damaging enemies that come into contact. The delay between each cast is decreased based on movement speed.

1st and 2nd strike: 20/30/40/50/60 (+30% AP) magic damage
3rd strike: 30/40/50/60/70 (+40% AP) magic damage
AoE strike range: (125)
Cast Range: (770)
Electric field magic damage: 10/20/30/40/50 (+20% AP) [1 hit per enemy. Fields do not damage their own carriers]
Electric field range: (175)
Mana cost: (70/75/80/85/90) [first cast only]
Cooldown (starts on first cast): 12 seconds
Delay between casts: 1.25 seconds ( - .25 seconds per +25 bonus movement speed) [Max reduction to .25 seconds delay]
Delay before strike on target area: (.25 seconds)

***This ability does not interrupt Raisiel's movement
***Tri-Lightning will not reset if another ability is used after casting this skill.
***Tri-Lightning's 3rd cast strikes her to give her the electric field, but does not damage her

W: Supercharge (Self-cast/counter) --
When activated, the electricity coursing through Raisiel's tails flares up as she prepares to counter. If Raisiel is hit with an eligible CC ability within the next 4 seconds, she negates the ability and becomes immune to all eligible CC effects for .75 seconds. Within 1 second of countering, this ability can be activated again, teleporting Raisiel up to 300 units behind the caster, striking them with a bolt of lightning and dealing magic damage.

Eligible CC abilities (for activation and immunity): Snares, stuns, knockups, knock-backs.
Magic damage: 50/75/100/125/150 (+75% AP)
Mana cost: (50/60/70/80/90)
Range: (1100)
Cooldown: (20)

***If the enemy champion that cast the ability that triggered Supercharged dies, becomes untargetable, or is out of range before the spell actually hits her, Raisiel will teleport behind the nearest enemy champion within range. If no target is available, Raisiel will negate the spell, but simply not teleport.

E: Jolt - (Omnidirectional leap/Autocast AoE) --
Raisiel somersaults in the air as she nimbly leaps to a target area and shoots a bolt of lightning with her tails through all enemy champions in range upon landing. The lightning continues trailing through all enemy champions within proximity of a struck champion. This ability cannot strike the same target more than once per cast. Raisiel gains 15% movement speed for each champion struck that decays over 3 seconds.

Magic damage: 70/85/90/105/120 (+60% AP)
Leap range: (350)
AoE range from Raisiel: (400)
AoE range from effected enemies: (300)
Mana cost: 55/65/75/85/95
Cooldown: (12/11/10/9/8)

***Much like the Statikk Shiv, but a mage version!
***The speed buff gained with this ability is visibly shown by electricity flaring around Raisiel's feet with each step.

R: Indignation - (Target Cast/Circular AoE) --
Raisiel targets an enemy and channels currents of lightning through her seven tails around herself for .5 seconds. She then teleports to her targeted position with an enormous lightning bolt crashing down with her, creating a powerful explosive wave of electricity over an area, dealing magic damage to all enemies caught inside. The effective range of the AoE increases based on how many different enemy champions have at least one stack of Electrocution. Enemies take additional magic damage according to how many stacks of Electrocution they have on themselves. All stacks of Electrocution are consumed.

Magic damage: 200/300/400 (+50% AP) + (20% AP per stack of Electrocution on individual targets)
Cast Range: (675)
Channel Time: .5 seconds
AoE radius: (500) units (+ 100 per Electrocuted enemy champion aside from target) [900 max radius]
Mana cost: 110
Cooldown: 105/90/75 seconds
Wave speed: 2500 (full 360 circular wave, but NOT a projectile)

What? A mage with no CC? That's right! Raisiel is a tanky-ish CC-less caster designed for lightning-fast action, making use of movement speed and HP items. Got what it takes to keep up with her?


Here I will try to answer questions you may have about Raisiel's before you even ask! Clarity OP. Of course, if you still have questions, feel free to post them.

Q: First thing's first. TWO foxes in the game?

A: To be fair, we have multiple yordles and humans in the game! I don't think it will do harm to have two foxes in the game while having some interactions with Ahri, a popular champion that could use a little attention/expansion in this way. They're still quite different enough from each other in many ways for this to be a major concern, in my opinion. Their races, although very similar, are also different as Raisiel is a Kitsune and Ahri is a Gumiho. The more you read, the more you can see the differences between them.

Q: Does Tri-Lightning proc one stack of Electrocution total or one stack for each hit?

A: Each hit! Tri-Lightning can proc up to 3 stacks on a single target. Even more depending on how Electric Fields land.

Q: Could you clarify Tri-Lightning's Electric Field effect?

A: Of course! On a single target, Tri-Lightning does 3 attacks total, but makes an enemy hazardous to his own team for 1 second with the Electric Field from the third strike. Other enemy champions that come into contact with said Field take damage and a stack of Electrocution. Because Tri-Lightning is an AOE, it can hit multiple targets at once, thus being able to proc Electric Fields onto several enemies! Enemies with a Field around them can take damage from others, but not their own. Enemy champions can take damage from multiple fields, but never twice from the same one.

Q: Supercharge. How do we counter this counter?

A: As it states, there are eligible CC's that Supercharge can proc off of, but five types of CCs are not labeled, and thus, are ineligible. Silences, taunts, fears, suppressions, and slows. Abilities with those effects will bypass and not trigger Supercharge. The first activation functions as the spellshield concept this ability is inspired from. Upon being hit by an eligible CC effect while activated, the entire ability becomes null and Raisiel is granted temporary CC immunity to all eligible types. Raisiel can then activate Supercharge again within 1 second of nullifying an eligible attack to teleport and deal damage to an enemy within range.

Q: Indignation seems pretty straightforward. Any details not written in the tooltip?

A: Indignation is a target AOE that does not follow its target. Why doesn't it follow, you ask? It gives a very small window of escape, but moreso, it's to keep this ability in check when it comes to teamfights. It can already become wide enough to hit an entire team if used to max potential, so it should simply be enough for Indignation to hit the ground it was targeted on. It's a bit different from other abilities in that aspect because it's the halfway point of a free-aim skillshot that can hit the ground and be missed, and a never-miss target skill. This keeps her from having inescapable/un-catchable mobility--being forced to use this ability on a target instead of free-aiming it for escapes and such. Make use of her AOEs to maximize Electrocution output and set Raisiel off in a deadly lightshow!

Q: Do these stacks of Electrocution have to be within a certain range of Raisiel to effect her ultimate?

A: Nope! Whether that may effect the AOE of her ultimate during the animation or not, I have left it so that it doesn't matter how far Electrocution stacks are because she doesn't have any CC abilities and needs to make the best use of all of her skills as is. It does not matter where her enemies are...all that matters is that they are electrocuted!

Q: Okay...Now tell me...why didn't the kid in Ionia get help for poor trapped Raisiel!

A: Because of reasons! Reasons that would be explained in her Judgement Tail. Yes, I may or may not write a Judgement for her and yes, I did just make that pun.

Q: Are Raisiel and Ahri related?

A: Nope. They are both foxy, but not of the same blood. Raisiel refers to Ahri as "cousin" as seen in her quotes, but that's because they are similar species.

I hope this conversation with myself answered some questions you readers may have.


Character selection:

"Immortality is a gift...but mortality is an even more beautiful gift."


- "A small step in the long path ahead."
- "Make every step you take count, Summoner."
- "The choices made in one lifetime can carry on through many."
- "Just like rain, it doesn't last forever..."
- "Death is a part of life...but so is living."
- "Make every day count, Summoner."
- "I have a promise to keep."
- "Time keeps moving forward. As must we.
- "I cannot fix yesterday...I can only try to give hope for tomorrow."
- "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.


- "A clash like thunder!"
- "I must protect life, even if it means death!"
- "Why make such a waste of a beautiful gift?"
- "Faster than you can blink!"
- "It'll be over before you hear the thunder!"
- (I don't know Ancient Ionian, so pretend there are a few lines of Ancient Ionian dialect here)

When casting Supercharge:

- "I will not submit!"
- "Imprisoned no longer!"
- "No more binds!"
- (Insert Ancient Ionian dialect here)

When casting Indignation:

- "Don't blink!"
- (Insert Ancient Ionian dialect here)

When casting Indignation on Master Yi:

- "Did you miss it?"

When casting Jolt on Jayce:

- "Shocking?"

Electric currents visibly run around Raisiel as she begins levitating off of the ground, boasting her power (and tails). With a clash of thunder, she releases the energy as a small wave around her like a sphere and drops back to the ground.

- "Don't do anything I'll make you regret!"
- "Think you can keep up?"

Taunting an enemy Ahri:

- "I, too, have learned the meaning of mercy, cousin."
- "You wish to live as a human...? I see..."

Taunting an enemy Syndra:

- "All that vast power with no meaning behind it."
- "Don't make the same mistake I did by casting away that which truly matters."

Taunting an enemy Xerath:

- "Your spark is worse than your bite."

Taunting an enemy Ephrial (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4094697):

- "You've lost so much, yet you still fight with clemency in your heart. You're just like he was..."
- "I'm guilty of the very prejudice you fight against..."
- "Your sister still lives on through you. Such sentiment is the everlasting value of life."


Raisiel begins channeling electricity into a sphere behind herself with her tails. It suddenly explodes, causing her to stiffen in surprise. She then pats the soot and frizz from her tails.

- "Wait for it...eek! Not the tails...!"
- "Having control of ions and being from Ionia? Just a coincidence. I'm positive.

With opposing Ahri:

- "Nice tails. They make good lightning rods!"

Upon feeding a poro:

- "Cute and fluffy...just like my tails!"
- "I suppose I could share..."
- "Hm...I wonder what poros taste like? Don't run away! I was kidding!"

Upon getting a Penta/Hexakill

- "You cannot outrun lightning!"
- "It was over before you hit the ground."



Being 7,000 years old, Raisiel is very wise and charismatic. She used to be very volatile and condescending, but 1,000 years of imprisonment and her experiences with the human that trapped her and the human that freed her has humbled her greatly. Old habits die hard as she still shows prideful tenancies regarding her tails and her power with her taunts, but only sometimes. She has truly changed as she willingly limited her own power within the Fields to abide by the League's standards (stated in future Judgement section).

Like her pictures display in her facial expression, she is now quite gentle (unless she has to fight, of course). Despite her electric nature, Raisiel has a calmness that comes from ages of experience and confidence.

Her quotes show her charismatic side mixed with a philosophical imparting of her many years of wisdom combined with a lesson she has newly learned. Sly like the fox she is, she is intelligent, clever, and a fast-learner, but a thousand years of captivity has left her a bit naive and curious to things new to her.

Lastly, as a foxy trait, she's playful! Her lightheartedness mixed with confidence combines for a playful taunt or wisecrack here and there, such as her "Think you can keep up" taunt or her quote when she ults Master Yi. Just because she can kick tail, it doesn't mean she has to do it with anger!


Her face and hairstyle are just like in the screenshots I've provided. Just add long, perky fox ears of the same color as her hair with white tufts inside them. Unlike Ahri, Raisiel has no whisker markings.

In comparison to Ahri, Raisiel's ears are slightly larger and are closer together. The white tufts of fur in them would also be larger and fluffier to fit.

Two small bells are tied onto the back-right part of her hair with a semi-long red ribbon. (Perhaps an additonal, slightly larger bell somewhere on her dress)

Her seven long, fluffy tails, are also the same shade of gold with white tips for that classic look. However, on each tail, part of the white stretches down into the gold fur in the shape of a distinct lightning bolt.

Her outfit resembles something like a China Dress, only a bit fancier with an Ancient Ionian feel to it. A black glove covers one of her arms up past the elbow, a partial nod toward how red foxes have black "gloves" on their paws. With a moderately generous amount of decoration to her outfit, it remains light and allows for free movement for her speedy antics. I don't have a set color scheme for her outfit, although I'm thinking of a lot of white in it. I'll try to draw it one day (whatever century it will be by then). As always, I'm interested in seeing what artists out there come up with if they like Raisiel enough to draw some fanart of her!

Speaking of fanart, here's one by Zeddicus4! While Raisiel's eyes are striped and her ears are a different style, Zeddicus did some awesome work and even designed her default dress. Thanks, Zeddicus4!


In general - Small, visible electric currents spark around her tails that become more profound and lively as she casts her spells.

-She very rarely folds her tails together to form one big one. She's proud of them and their fluffiness, so they are virtually always kept apart, even when running. An exception may be an idle animation.

Dance - The background dancers' choreography from Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jofNR_WkoCE) Admit it. It fits.

Tri-Lightning - Raisiel casts magic with her hands in a style that could be described as "magical martial arts", gesturing lightning to fall from the sky. In the third cast, she does a 360 spin and swings her arm downward as she crouches lower to the ground.
--While running, Raisiel's animations remain very similar in a fluid, seemless motion. When she spins on the third cast, she does so on a tilted axis toward the direction she is running.

Supercharge - The lightning that flickers around Raisiel's tails becomes more frequent and profound, as well as visibly spreads around the rest of her body. Upon being hit by a spell that triggers the effect, Raisiel instantly blinks behind the caster as a powerful lightning strike simultaneously hits the target.
--This lightning strike from the sky can be told apart from Tri-Lightning by its larger size. The bolt also lingers a bit longer as it fades away.

Jolt - Raisiel does a quick foward somersault in the air, her tails surging with lightning, creating a small trail of electricity in the air after her. She lands on her feet and a hand, her tails pointed skyward in an oval prism formation. A ball of lightning hovers at the tips of her tails, instantly striking all targets in the effective ranges when she lands.

Indignation - Raisiel charges herself with intense electric currents, causing her to lift off of the ground as she furiously sparks in an aura of electricity. When the channel finishes, she flashes to the target area where a very powerful lightning bolt strikes her and creates a dome of electricity from Raisiel's body that swiftly expands over the range of effect. As it expands, it creates a large, circular magical symbol glowing on the ground that fades away after a brief time.

Playing Tips

- The lack of CC Raisiel has is made up by her being quite the mobile fox. Make sure to use her movement speed boosts wisely to get into tactical positions for attacks and retreats.

- Most of Raisiel's abilities are AoEs. Take advantage of clustering enemies to land as many attacks as possible to apply as many stacks of Electrocution as she can dish out.

- Tri-Lightning's third strike applies an Electric Field around Raisiel. Combine this mechanic with Jolt to land a more powerful burst along with Lightning Fox Barrage for a lightning-fast surprise combo.

- Be careful when choosing to use Supercharged. It's a very useful ability, but comes with the drawback of putting her in range of her enemies. Make sure you are well aware of the situation and where Raisiel will land before using it.

Item Build Suggestions

AP, HP, and Movement Speed boosts are all important to Raisiel's playstyle. Cooldown reductions are also important for just about every mage. A build I would suggest would be something like:

- Sorcerer's Boots
- Rod of Ages
- Athene's Unholy Grail
- Lich Bane
- Rabadon's Deathcap
- Deathfire Grasp

Other items to consider:

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter (This gives her some CC to make her even faster compared to her foes)
- Zhyona's Hourglass

Skin Ideas

-Full Metal Raisiel
--Steel and thunder collide as Raisiel dons a powersuit similar to that of Jayce's, complete with a visor and fully-armored tails.

- Aviator Raisiel
--Raisiel sports a bomber jacket with goggles on her head and a large scarf around her neck. Bands with little wings on them wrap around the lightning symbols of her tails.

- Transcendent Fox (Ultimate)
--Raisiel starts off with one tail and gains an additional tail every other level (starting at level 4) for a total of 9 tails at level 18. Instead of moving on her feet, she hovers above the ground using her power. Streaks of electricity can be seen occasionally flickering around her.
--At level 10, a golden aura of light outlines Raisiel's form.
--At level 16, the golden aura erupts into a fierce display of pure energy, rapidly pulsing around Raisiel and completely enveloping her.
--At level 18, the tips of her nine tails ignite on teal-colored fire. All of her attacks will now have a minor streak of teal fire added to the lightning.

If you like Raisiel, perhaps you might like my other champion concepts:

Ephrial, The Blazing Swordsman (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4094697)

Messora, The Reaper's Shadow (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4484122)


For those in favor of the original lore and existence of the Institute of War and Summoners, please take a look at my thread here. (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4897044)

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Update Notes

August 24, 2014
- Added taunt with Xerath

August 27, 2014
- Added 2 skin ideas (Full Metal/Aviator)
Yes. Aviator because she can fly. It's just not emphasized all too much.)

August 28, 2014
- Changed Supercharge's activation to normal self-cast (from conditional self-cast)
--Took suppression off the eligible CC triggers
--Supercharge now negates damage from eligible CC spells

September 5, 2014
-Lightning Fox Barrage changed to Indignation
--Now a channel-timed teleport AOE instead of a super-fast untargetable series of random dashes.
--Cast range increased to 675 (from 550)
--Now with 30% more lightning

-Added another quote with Syndra

September 8, 2014
-Added Animations section

September 15, 2014
- Movement speed corrected to 340 as intended

September 27, 2014
-Changed Tri-Lightning's 1st and 2nd strike damage scalings to 30% AP (from 50%)
--Changed Tri-Lightning's 3rd strike damage scaling to 40% AP
--Changed Tri-Lightning's Electric Field damage to 10/20/30/40/50 (+20% AP) [From 60/70/80/90/100 (+40% AP)]

September 30, 2014
-Changed Supercharge to a two-part cast
--Increased Supercharge's eligible CC-immunity to .75 seconds (from .5) to compensate for additional reaction time requirement.

October 1, 2014
-Raisiel's passive now stacks for 1.5% movement speed per stack, counting from the first proc.
-Increased Supercharge's cooldown to 20 seconds (from 18)
-Added dance suggestion in the Animations section

Updates currently in progress:


If Raisiel continues getting attention and upvotes, I may write that Judgement.

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Yet another good champ! I must admit she might be my favorite so far, I am a fan of kitsune lore. Speaking of her lit is wonderful, classic but not cheesy. I agree there nothing wrong with another good style champ your just gonna have to fight hard for her simply because she has been the only one for so long :/ her abilities are very unique seeming though so that's a great start.
When you get a little more for her looks I may be itching to sketch her.....lol I will probably start on something now anyway she seems fun!

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I suppose Raisiel will just have to earn that favor with the crowd to make room for her own set of tails. Hopefully her originality and lore will pave the way.

I'll definitely be writing out the appearance section of her post when I get back from work this morning. I may also post another screenshot or two to go along with the one already up there. I hope that using an MMO's character creation modeler isn't an issue of any sort with anyone. It's just an idea I had since I have a lot more control over it than a picture from the internet...or my own drawing skill Lol

Art already... I look forward to it!

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I went to dinner, and was going to draw her while I waited.

I finished outlining the head before I realized that I had literally no idea what she looked like {edit: because my memory is bad}.

[Also that's not a china dress, not only is it split on both sides, but the split rejoins :@@:@:@:, but I'm probably the only person who cares enough.]


I can't edit my post because my browser is being stupid.

I just noticed

Taunting an enemy Ephrial:

Damn it, now I have to go and add taunts for all the wonderfully written champions.

I am not a big fan of the workshop.

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Well its not as nice as the model you made to give an idea lol but here is a quick sketch I did of her. I added a bit of light armor considering how you described her attitude, history, and fighting style other than that I tried to keep it as close to your description as possible, hope yah like it.
Oh and lastly her right shoulder was ment to be shrugging slightly, but it looks funny especially from a distance so ignore that please lol

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@ Elphrihaim

Well whatever kind of dress it's called! Actually, I don't think the sides rejoin in the picture posted. Where it looks like they do, those are stockings. But I digress, it's the closest thing they have in the preview section that was close to what I have in mind. Something like that where the cuts on the sides are kind of high to allow for her speedy athleticism. But yeah, think of like a long China Dress (or whatever a more accurate term is) with a pretty high cut.

I remember you saying that you could remember what people said months ago EXACTLY word for word. So either you are a liar in saying you have a bad memory or you just can't remember pictures! I'm on to you, Elf... Lol

Lol taunts.

I added that in because Ephrial and Raisiel probably could resonate very well with each other in a very similar way like Ephrial and Riven would. Somewhat similar morals between both gals, but the themes take it in different directions that keep all of them their own unique person.

For that reason and because it would be pretty neat to see them both in the game.

@ Zeddicus4

Ooh, fancy dress. You've pretty much got the idea of what I meant by it. It could be just me, but she looks quite aggressive there. I still have things to add here and there on her post, including her demeanor and a new idea of two small bells in her hair with a ribbon. I just couldn't stay on one section for too long last night and my concentration thinned out between my friends on Skype.

As not to keep you waiting about those things, I'll just briefly mention here that despite her electric nature, Raisiel has a very calm personality (through years of experience and having so much power). She's also quite gentle now (as expressed in her facial expression via pics), unless you're an irredeemable threat, of course. As for the bells, nothing too extravagant. Just two small bells on the back-right of her hair tied on with a little red ribbon. Perhaps another, slightly larger bell on her dress somewhere. Little details to make her more detailed and too add "cute" features to add to the effect that she's not the cruel person she once was.

Also, I can't picture her with armor on. Mainly because she would just destroy effortlessly instead of finding opposition Ancient Ionia. Her attire would reflect that she's dressed to look nice and fancy like the demigod she is rather than ready for battle. One doesn't need armor when they're near-invincible! Lol

You did a very nice job, though! The design on the tails is just about right, too. Maybe they could be a bit longer and fluffier, but the lightning bolts are exactly right. And maybe the armor on her dress could be replaced with more decorative design instead of padding of some sort.

As always, I appreciate your artwork, Zeddicus!


Edit: An ear-y scene.

Sorry for the bad pun.

Ears! I forgot to be a bit more descriptive with the ears, so I'll have to add that to the post, too.

Her ears are a bit larger and closer together than Ahri's are. All perky and gold with the white tufts.

Sorry if I sound picky. I can't help the way I imagine my characters looking like once they explode in my head. And Raisiel hit me like lightning (no pun intended for once lol).

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[... at least I'm going in a completely different direction... ;-;]

I remember you saying that you could remember what people said months ago EXACTLY word for word. So either you are a liar in saying you have a bad memory or you just can't remember pictures! I'm on to you, Elf... Lol

I have a bad memory when it comes to words that were noncommital, words that did not leave very strong impressions on my mind.
I actually remembered the picture, but the only words I remembered were "not this outfit, but this kind of outfit". So while I could have done the hair (and I did start with the hair back then) , I had to stop. :[

Her ears are a bit larger and closer together than Ahri's are. All perky and gold with the white tufts.

(oh good)

Sorry if I sound picky. I can't help the way I imagine my characters looking like once they explode in my head. And Raisiel hit me like lightning (no pun intended for once lol).

Ahahahaaha-- Are you a bad liar, everything you say is a pun. :}

I should look at the kit... but my friend should be back like negative five minutes ago...