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Shaco Help Please!

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Hey guys, I've been playing LoL in the jungle for quite some time now but I mostly use tanky junglers. I have owned Shaco for a while and think he is incredibly fun to play, but whenever I play him it ends in a train wreck. If there are any tips on playing Shaco in general they would be greatly appreciated! I mostly struggle with Shaco when I am ganking or because I have no idea what to do during late game.

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most people will tell you shaco is super strong early but falls off late game.

in a sense this is true, depending on what you do with him late game.

focus on ganking early, farm hard once you have tiamat(or shiv if that's your tea), then transition into split push/backdoor.

level 1 shaco can basically 1v1 anyone if they step on one or more of his boxes.

with deceive and two-shiv his ganks are very sneaky, just remember to place your box in a spot you think your victim may run to before your stealth breaks naturally.

the tooltip does not show this but the deceive crit bonus is still active for up to 3 seconds after leaving stealth, so you can drop a box before engaging and retain the bonus damage from his q.

as far as clone goes, try being tricky like when you pop it, you stand still for a brief moment and make clone attack first, this sometimes fools people into thinking your clone is the real you.

low health shaco is excellent bait for your boxes, and popping your clone at low health increases chances of it exploding for ton's of aoe damage when it dies.

late game yes shaco is extremely squish and almost no burst damage, but that's why you should try to avoid teamfights and just split push hard.

drop boxes int he paths and bushes as you push, deceive is perfect for escaping if anyone tries to stop you, and you can easily tank a turret with your clone+it does a lot of extra damage to turrets.


teamfights with shaco=feeding
split push/backdoor with shaco=carry