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Desperate for better ways to practice and test builds.

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Everyday I find myself theory crafting ways to improve my seccess in league, but am forced to settle with assumptions and guesstimates.

A random example of how hard it is to predict variable scenarious, would be banner of command.

how can I get a good judgement of it's passive effectivness?

If i test my unit strength before i buy it, then re test after buying it, I still don't know how much of the bonus damage came from the ap stats compared tot he 15% unit damage bonus.

not to mention(assuming this is custom game) I'm trying to prolong the game without gaining base stats from level advances..

basically, it is technically possible to do all of these tests, but it would require multiple repetitive precision analysis or an expert at math toa chieve desired results and it's incredibly frustrating.

I have no idea how hard this would be to do but, if there was a practice mode with option to have unlimited gold or everything free in shop, with stagnant and hostile enemy units spread out in different amounts and with various stats. perhaps these stats could be manipulated by the player, e.g. giving a target dummy 0, 50, 100 or more armor or magic resist, health, ap etc..

I know it's not a small thing to ask(and has been asked before) but it would make a huge quality of life improvement.

please please please pretty please consider adding something like this to the game.


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Doing the math isn't actually that difficult for it, just write out a simple formula and then plug and chug for a bit to compare, I've done it a couple times. I'm also curious as to why you're building banner of command, unless it's on heimerdinger, because it only affects minions and pets.