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I start college tomorrow, very nervous please help!!

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HeavenIy Father

Senior Member


About missing the first day: People have not finished introducing themselves. At all. They probably won't even sit in the same seats for the most part, so whoever you sit next to will have no idea that you weren't there yesterday.

Just say hi, it'll be fine.

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Killua Zorudikku



Rito SurfingNami:
And I was out of High School for 2 years and was also paying out of pocket when I decided to go back.
Trust me you'll be bored with how stupid easy that **** will be, as long as:

A) You aren't a complete and total lazy jackass
B) You actually go to class

In classes like that your professors will be amazed if you can string two coherent sentences together. There is literally nothing to worry about.

I already know everything in those 3 courses im taking.. they got uploaded to my online portal for the college. I passed the assessment for math 120 out of 129 subjects already mastered. the cac is just keys to college success(they only do like 1 assignment every 2 weeks is what ive been told) and CIS 110, Ive been working with DELL and took that class back in high school.. so i guess its not the classes im worried about.. its really just dealing with so many people that think they are smarter than me in sad subject and ill admit some are.. but when I get first place in state for cyber security and computer programming 6 years in a row.. just makes me feel like im taking these classes for nothing.. but everyone knows you have to have a degree to get into any good job that pays anything(much like bronze vs diamond)