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Twisted Fate's Rework

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Tetrall Mors:
I am looking forward to not having to think, "Ok - so it exactly 15 seconds I gotta start playing like a weiner because TFs ult will be up and I don't wanna feed his annoying OP ways"

It's not that you have to play like a weiner because his ult is up, you can still push. But when you get low health, retreat to your tower and b back. If you don't feel safe tell your teammate to stay with you while you port back. This prevents TF from getting you as you + turret + Ally should be plenty to not only prevent TF from killing you, but possibly net yourself a kill.

Doctor Awesome:
a bad Twisted Fate using Destiny isn't much worse than a good Twisted Fate using it--he gets the same effect either way, only differing in the timing; and, the enemy team has absolutely no way of avoiding the skill or anticipating its use, regardless of how good of players they are.

Then what about Karthus's ult. He gets the same effect either way. The only difference: A good Karthus gets a kill, a bad Karthus just hurts them a bit. A good TF gets a kill, a bad TF gets into a bad situation.

TF gets double kills on heroes with full HP.
Not just idiots.

Double kills with heroes with full HP? How? PaC + Wild Cards without any AP only does 510 damage. I'm pretty sure between you and the other person you can produce more burst than 510.