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Climbing ranked, and elo hell symptoms. (Motivation booster)

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I3est Annie NA

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Note; the following is a long tale of my history and experience with ranked games with the intent on motivating you in your efforts to climb through low Elo. Personally I do not believe in Elo hell, but I do believe that the situations that people describe do exist.

My own experience with ranked games is proof of that. Let me explain. At the start of season 3, I placed into brone 4. It was a horrible nightmare of unskilled chaos. I would win some games, and then lose two more. Climbing had never been more difficult. I was simply incapable to putting my gained advantages into victory. One day I queued up and went mid on my best Champion. Our bot lane did the same. Me and this Adc player both slaughtered the enemy team pretty much by ourselves, and won the game. It was on a whim that I even asked if he wanted to duo, and I have no regrets for doing so. The next four days or so we carried from bronze 4 to silver. He decided to go do his own thing from there, and I slowly carried my way up silver. Silver 3 I cleared quickly with my Xin jungle. And silver 2 I had great sucess with Caitlyn. I played whatever was working for me at the time, and not just what I wanted to play. Once I was silver 1, I was surprised at the level of players I was playing with. These guys would win lane and focus objectives regardless of anything I did, and I won a large number of games just because my teammates were all fantastic players. When I finally broke the LP clamp and reached my series, I played my first and last 3 promo games of silver at my best ability. One game I was carried, which was fine. The next game I had a 17/7 Kass game where my team was aced at baron, and I literally did the xpeke backdoor to win the game. I could not have asked for a better way to get into gold. The third game was sort of sad, and a free win due to an enemy afk, but that Kass game was more than enough for me to be okay with it. I was really happy to be honest. I had reached my season 3 goal with time to spare. So I took my time with ranked games even more so, not expecting I could hit plat in the time I had left. I did try though, but I noticed something strange when I started to play my gold 5 games. The players were closer in skill to the silver 2 level players, and nothing like those silver 1's I played with. I won, lost, won, and lost over and over. I then managed to get to my promo's and lose them 4 times. It started to feel a little bit like when I was in bronze 4. The struggle to climb reminded me as such, only the players would lose not because a total lack of skill but because of senseless play and silly mistakes. In time I finally managed to beat my series and skipped gold 4. Never once had I been demoted in my climb, but I felt I was struggling a little more than before in this ELO. I personally believe that I had come closer to my actually level of mechanical skill at that time. I played games and barely won, and lost. I struggled around 30 lp and never got higher. What really convinced me that I was at my limit back then was the last ranked game I played in gold 3 season3. We were in a tight clutch game, and the next teamfight would decide who won. And I stepped out of line for just a split second, allowing Amumu a target. That was it, and I knew that I alone was the reason we lost that game. Overall, I made plenty of mistakes during my climb, and I learned a lot overall. There is no way I was straight up gold 3+ level when I was back in bronze 4. I def had it in me to climb though. But once I hit mid gold I realized that I still had a lot to learn if I wanted to press forward. Over season 4, I've bounced around gold5-3, and had come closer to gold 2, but fell into a familiar feeling. I felt we had lost games that were easily won, all because on person stepped out of line and got caught, or decided to chase with no vision, or call a dragon without wards. So many silly things that resulted in a lost game. I went on tilt, and slowly let my elo decay again and again. I learned from my mistakes, and am still learning. But other players do not always know what you know, or they might even be ahead of you in that area. Even if they make a bad call, and I ping them to back off, it's up to them to decide. Same goes for me making the bad call. Gold 5-3 is basically a learning ground. And I think if I truly put everything I knew into practice and literally watched over my team like a hawk, then maybe I could spare them getting 4v2'd chasing for a kill with a simple ping.

What is the conclusion? No player in this game is perfect, and no one has all of the answers. But if you do have the answers, it is not your job to shove it down other players throats, but to use that knowledge to guide your team to victory. Make sound calls, keep proper vision, and above all keep learning from mistakes. So if you "win lane, lose game" like I often do, work on the things that will improve your chances at winning. A diamond player once told me, "It does you no good to be 10/0/0 from lane, and having done nothing for your team. You will win more games supporting your team than being the only one doing anything." Also, play what you are comfortable with. Play what is working, and not just what you want to play.

Thanks for your time, and sorry it was so long. Best of luck to everyone.

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Ok that's great and all but you didn't climb out of ELO hell. You duo'ed with someone who could have been better than you and got out of bronze. Would you have made it out solo? There is something about bronze 3,4 throws that makes me think duo queue with some gold level or better player is the only way out.

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Ok that's great and all but you didn't climb out of ELO hell. You duo'ed with someone who could have been better than you and got out of bronze. Would you have made it out solo? There is something about bronze 3,4 throws that makes me think duo queue with some gold level or better player is the only way out.

I've carried myself out of Bronze into Silver for two seasons in a row. Once i hit Silver i personally get lazy, but i can tell you it isn't hard to carry your teams and get out of Bronze. The problem people run into is that they psych themselves into believing "I can't win because my team is bad, I can't carry this."

Here's a big thing to remember, you alone can change the whole outcome of a game. Is the enemy team sending all 5 players mid, and you know you wont make a difference in that fight? Go split push top, tell your team to defend and play very safely, and apply pressue so the enemy backs off.

Is your team behind? Make sure you let the people furthest behind get that big minion wave you're headed to clear. That 250 gold may make a huge difference in the next fight to that player, and not a big one to you.

Are you Yasuo and taking Blue buff at 35 minutes cause "you need the CDR"? Go uninstall and never play the game again. The only thing CDR benefits is your damn ult.

In other words, think carefully about what you're doing. Look at that minimap, right there is your chessboard. Move the pieces in your mind, take objectives that allow you to control the board, and distribute buffs and gold evenly throughout the team so that you all have the power necessary to win.