Diamond smurfs LF 3rd

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Trinzik MVP



Hi. Diamond 2/Diamond 5 smurfs LF 3rd for ranked 3s playing now.

Note: The reason we're doing this is because we both just hit 30 and we need IP for more champs before we start solo q...

I have some experience in plat + 3v3 but it doesn't really matter, we aren't playing to try to get to push higher rating. We just want to do something other than normals and will probably play somewhere in plat until we have the IP we need to start solo q. Playing now and I don't care if you have voice comm or not, it's all for good fun ^_^.

IGN = Trinzik MVP

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4 Weeks Ago

Don't know if you still wanna play. Was Plat S3 then I quit for awhile and I'm having a hard time climbing solo queue. I really like 3's though, I think I'm very good at them personally and play Lulu and Karma like a beast too. I'm on a Plat 4 3's team atm but I'd like to get higher. The players I'm wish aren't as good so I figure with better players it'd be fun, a good learning experience, and we could probably climb pretty high. Added you!