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Building when behind?

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Is there a specific way to build when you fall behind as an adc? As much as I try to win lane consistently there's always time when it's not going to happen so if I do fall behind what do I do?

Should I keep my usual build path or alter it? In my last game the enemy top lane zac was 12-1 by the end of lane phase and because of that j4 was camping mid and bot hard forcing me out of a lot of cs and making it impossible hard to commit for kills. Because of this I chose to build LW before I finished my PD. Was I right in doing so?

P.S My usual ADC's aare Jinx, Vayne, Lucian, Ezreal

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hh the thinker

Senior Member


yes, you change your build depending on the situation of the game. if other team gets armor, you need LW. if other team never gets armor, then you actually don't even need LW (this is very, very rare).