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SKT T1 Duo Top Strategy?

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I don't know if they've done it this season but something I watched them do last season constantly, and usually effectively, was send their ADC and Supp top and let Impact solo bot for a good 10 minutes then they'd swap back. Why would they do that?
The only real point to this that I can see is that it would allow their supp to bully the top laner and allow their ADC an easier time with farming. But wouldn't the opposing team have the same easy time with their solo bot lane?

What are the advantages to this type of strategy?

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This is a very champion dependant strategy. For example, I had a recent game where I had first pick, and picked Shen top. Someone else went top anyway, can't remember who they picked, leaving our ADC alone. I convinced the ADC to go top with the troll, while I solo'd bottom 2v1. Shen is very good at 2v1 and csing under the turret, so I ended up out levelling and eventually winning bottom lane while my top lane also were able to get a kill and win 2v1 up top.

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The Sage

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Wow this will take a LONNNNNNNG time to explain but ill try.

So in a competitive sense, there are some things you want to think about. First off your duo lane, ADC, and Support, as opposed to the enemies duo lane. I won't give any specifics but I'm sure you can imagine. SKT has a very weak early game duo lane, while their opponent, say TPA, has a very strong early game duo lane. Now since these players are of course on very nearly equal skill levels, the duo lane with the advantage will win out in most situations. And in competitive, a HUGE focus is put on the ADC as the main damage dealer, so it's not very good to have your ADC behind as that will put you at a huge disadvantage. So then SKT has to decide something. Do they want to "Lane Swap" which is what most people call sending the duo lane top. Now to decide that there are some important things to consider.

First off how necessary is it? It's not all upside for the duo top team, it's a trade off. It might be a bad matchup, but can they handle it? Because if SKT has 2 top, the main drawback is losing early dragon control. SKT will only have 3 players close enough to dragon to matter, while SKT has essentially 5, as their top laner will most likely be running teleport. And since a 3 v 5 is never a good idea, SKT essentially gives TPA 1 or 2 early dragons in exchange for farm on the Piglet (SKT's ADC).

So SKT's ADC will get an easy time farming, and TPA's toplaner will get a hard time farming as you said. And yes, as you said, the same will be true for TPA, as they will have an easy lane for their ADC and a hard one for their top. But remember SKT went 2 top because they were going to have a hard time bot anyway, so realistically, TPA was having an easy lane not either way. Nothing changed for them, while SKT got a safe lane for their ADC. And since both top Laner's will be behind, they will both be on even footing for the most part, they will have similar strengths to each other, though will be outclassed by the other players in terms of strength as they will not have much gold.

So with this situation the only 2 major things that changed are
A: More farm on SKT's ADC and
B: More dragon control for TPA

So basicaly, is the good from A worth the bad from B? If it is they will lane swap!

Now you saw it a lot before in previous seasons, but it is not as common this season for a couple big reasons. The biggest one being that Riot changed the early dragon gold and increased it, meaning the the good from A is not worth the bad from B as often, so now teams will be forced to basically suck it up when they have a bad lane, or be forced to be behind in gold. The second factor is that with ADC item changes, hypercarries are veryyyyyy strong now, that is, champs that are very weak early and very strong late for the most part. So most ADC's now have similar power curves, at least the ones that are commonly played in the pro games. So there will be less matchups happening where one duo lane will be clearly stronger than another.

In SKT's cases before when they did send 2 top, it would be in a situation like: SKT has Vayne ADC and TPA has Caitlynn ADC. This is an awful matchup for Vayne, a Hypercarry, who will have a hard time getting to the strong late game against a lane bully like Caitlynn. So to make things better, they send Vayne top to essentialy get free farm and ignore Caitlynm for the part of the game when Vayne is very weak.

Hope this answered your questions and if anyone has a difference on opinions or facts I said I would love to hear it!