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Help me

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Wow cc nub

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Well I'll give you the tips that helped me with Tristana.

First of all, item build:
Double Doran's Blades > Infinity's Edge > Bezerker Greaves > Statikk Shiv > BOtrK > Last Whisper > Guardian Angel

Second of all, skill order: R>E>Q>W
The E gives you great wave clear.

Third of all, a small tip:
Unless you're playing AP Tristana, don't use your W to go into the fight! Save it to escape or to chase a low HP opponent (you will get a W reset upon his death)

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Suggest you not use q when ever its up and dont take e until lvl 7 unless they have like sona or soraka then just take one point in it lvl q the most and save it for engages or when they engage you. You dont want to be ina fight with your q down plus it opens you up to build IE and BT first instead of getting pd but you can always get PD second counts how fed you are. I love and main tristana