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Game Crash when opening in-game shop in Wine (Linux)

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here is one single bug in LoL that causes it to not work under Wine for Linux:

LoL writes past the end of the first mipmap (Usually 64x64 one), causing a memory corruption. By luck it only happens to do that with textures that have mipmap levels < 4x4.

It gets away with the broken memory write on Windows because the texture is a D3DPOOL_MANAGED texture and Windows allocates the memory for all mipmaps as one block. Thus when it writes past the memory of level 0, it just writes to the memory of level 1, 2, 3, etc. On Wine it writes into memory owned by the heap manager.

In other words, LoL has a memory corruption bug with how it writes the mipmapped textures for the shop. Although it doesn't have any misbehavior on Windows, it causes LoL to crash under wine when the shop is opened.

If this single bug was fixed, LoL would work under Wine, and users like myself could enjoy LoL in Linux.

Steps to reproduce:
Install Ubuntu 14.04
Install wine
Install LoL for Linux (using an old installer--the new ones don't work)
Lauch League and enter a game
The game will launch successfully, then open the in-game shop
Game crashes immediately

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Please Riot, this is like 30 lines of code.

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Rounding out the Linux squad with another request for this bugfix. It only occurs on Twisted Treeline for me, for what it's worth.