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[RP Event] 1.2 - The Truely Twisted Treeline ~ Piltover vs Zaun

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Associate Game Designer


The Twisted Treeline
Jan 28th, 21 CLE

A rather well-dressed man walked through a stone-walled hallway, the sound of his footsteps echoing through.

"Lets see... where is the VIP section?" he questioned, as this was his first time as a spectator. He rounded a corner as he collided with someone with a thud.

"Ach..." a pale girl replied and looked up.

"Pardon me," the man took a step back, helping her up, "I'm quite sorry about that... Elisen Tranqual is my name, Summoner of Zaun. Would you happen to know the way to the VIP seating for today's match?"

"It's just down the hall this way... I was headed there too. Nice to meet you, I'm Ceisa Kashuld."

"The Artificer, I see. I wish I could honestly say good luck in today's match, but unfortunately I care about victory...which is much more than I can say about fish," he laughed, "Well we better head over and stake a claim on seats, even the VIP section fills up I hear."

Ceisa nodded, and the two walked on. As they reached the entrance to the VIP seating area, they both held up identification coins for the guard to see. The guard nodded and cleared the way for them as they made their way to the seating area.

The seating area itself had a great center view of the Twisted Treeline and was at such an altitude that spectators could view both summoning platforms (it was definitely a much better view than the civilian seats). At the very front of the platform was a hextech visiopathic device, displaying 'Zaun vs Piltover' and the current score... which was 0-0 of course since the match hadn't started yet. In addition, the dispute to be resolved was detailed on the screen...

Piltover vs Zaun. Dispute: Piltover demands that Zaun enact bay pollution regulations due to concerns of marine health and water quality.

Elisen stretched himself out, "Just one more hour to go."


Event Summary:

With much anticipation the Piltover vs Zaun match has begun. The crowd has filled out with various people from all over Valoran, including the anti-void organization, "The Preservers" and rivals Lu Chaos and Kalis Drekval Bonez.

The Zaunite team, led by Uether Rasmussen has chosen to summon tough brawler champions- Warwick and Mundo with Mordekaiser summoned by Uether. The Zaunian team is determined and coordinated and has chosen to move together into the lair of Grez to ambush one of the unsuspecting Piltovian champions.

The Piltovian team of Ezreal, Heimerdinger and Soraka also began to scout out Grez' lair with Ezreal at point. With a bit of misfortune, Ezreal fired a few scouting shots into the tall grass the Zaunian team had set ambush in, but barely missed them. Ezreal, believing the coast is clear cautiously walked out into the clearing alone... their every move being seen by the female Zaunite Summoner's clairvoyance spell. The two zaunites look to their leader for guidance as they ready to spring their trap onto the unsuspecting archaeologist.

Meanwhile...Minion Summoners Hotaru Soujurn and Arclite began summoning modified minions as the Nexus erupts into an arcane storm, leaking energies. The minion summoners were ordered to evacuate, as Minion Summoner Hotaru attempted to create a guardian construct in the form of Baron Nashor as a safety measure.

The Zaunite team launched their attack against Ezreal, nearly killing him with a flurry of attacks and summoner aid. Barely escaping death, Soraka intercepted the cleaver for him. The battle at Grez' lair raged on, taking its toll on both sides who were heavily injured.

Hotaru's construct summoning failed due to the instability of the area around the Nexus, which caused it to send out a shockwave of arcane power- causing all sorts of abnormalities upon the field, one of which animated a tree. In its confusion, the tree slays all 6 champions in the match. Saplings and constructs begin to wreak havoc on the field, sending the civilian spectators into a panic.

Several mages and summoners leapt down from the VIP section, including the champion, Ryze and Ceisa Kashuld. The group fought their way through waves of berzerk constructs and explosive saplings, before reaching the tree. The tree appeared distraught that it had been animated, and believed that everyone around it was to blame for the magics that caused this.

A group led by Kios headed to the Piltovian nexus to evacuate the summoners. After fighting their way through saplings, they met up with Hotaru's group and evacuated the nexus. General K D Bonez temporarily sealed the arcane eruption of the Nexus, allowing everyone inside to escape safely.

As the standoff at Grez' lair continued, Cryypter and Varroq tried to reason with the tree... who only responded by lashing out in anger. Ceisa and Ryze began their assault on the saplings, drawing them away, giving the summoners and mages the opportunity to confront the tree itself.

The tree still continued to rampage, as Lu Caos and Varroq attempted to restrain the tree... Lu Caos' binding seemed to destroy the tree unintentionally. As the group at Grez' lair began to wonder exactly what happened, the skeptical Kios used an energy sensing ability to scan the area... luckily he was able to spot an energy source creeping out to Lu just in time to warn him.

Lu hardened his skin and avoided the possibility of major injuries as the tree suddenly regrew behind him, clasping him in its grasp. After escaping the roots, the confused tree once again began conjuring the same arcane storm that wiped out the 3 Piltovian champions and Mordekaiser.

The group began to cast magic spells and attack the tree in order to stop it, but the arcane storm seemed to only grow stronger, absorbing a portion of every magic attack and even absorbing some of the kinetic energy from physical attacks. The storm eventually reached a critical point and exploded, sending a shockwave more than 10 times as powerful as the first time.

Lu and Ceisa made a final stand to stop the attack, but the amount of energy overwhelmed their defenses...

As the group braced for death, a bright orange light consumed them... and all that remained was the sound of flapping wings as Adjudicator Kayle (summoned by Adjudicator/Councilor Roku) was barely able to shield the group with Divine Intervention. Lu's final stand bought the precious 2 seconds for the group at the cost of damaging his prized weapon.

After the dust cleared, Ryze and Cryypter took measures to restrain the tree with Lu and Ceisa following suit. Ceisa created an earthen dome to contain the tree and the tree seemed completely incapacitated.

While the tree was already downed, General K.D Bonez decided it wasn't enough and began to deliver a coup de grace to the tree, opening a necromantic book. The book expelled life-draining chains which pierced Ceisa's Earthen dome and began to kill the tree.

With fierce protest the rest of the group attacked Kalis, and in a joint effort... weakened the chains enough to force the General to disengage. Bickering began amongst the group and they began to fight amongst themselves.

In the confusion of the fighting, Cryypter and Hotaru infused the tree with life energy to counteract the necromantic force against him as Ceisa and Ryze dragged the tree away to safety.

1. You may only RP as an original character you have made. Examples: Your own summoner, a citizen of a city-state.
2. Do not force actions upon another RPer.
3. Use parenthesis when speaking out of character. ((Hi I am speaking out of character.))
4. Please keep it clean!
5. Disclaimer: When interacting with an interactable storyline character, it may take some time for them to respond! ((We are busy people.))
6. Please do not force actions upon a canon character Example: Kayle.
7. Prior to RP'ing, make an entrance and introduce yourself / link a profile for your character that other people can reference.

KD Bonez has a good guideline for RPing: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=344760 (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=344760)

Roarchat (http://www.roarchat.net/) RP channel is a great place to coordinate!

NOTE: Bolded Posts are plot movers.

Event Ended.

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( http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/95 )

As Megablasterman appeared at the entrance of the VIP seating area, he flashed his coin in front of the guard's eyes and proceeded to walk inside. He took a seat as close as he could to the arena. Megablasterman wasn't fond of Zaun polluting the water, as he himself, was a water magician.
He did not want to miss this match.

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Remember who your true masters are.

His eyes narrowed on no particular person, though his focus was still intense. Time was not on his side this day. Tehru popped his fingers within the leather confines of the gloves he'd chosen to wear for this event, carefully belted in to place. He could not help himself - having summoned Ezreal more than a few times, he admired the style. To a point.

He let out a careful breath, as he pressed his way through the seating section. It was a simple thing, really - not unusual, for the summoners to meet their backers. The constituency, after all, was oftentimes very interested in who would be representing them. Tugging gently at the hooded cowl of the Summoner's Robe, he declared himself as a participant in the day's contest.

Within the confines of the VIP section, he found only a small group of people. Certainly, he was early, but usually people preferred to take the seats they felt they were entitled to. If that meant a little extra time prior to a match, then so be it.

You are not to forget. We need this. It is not your concern why. You are to obey, and your name... your name will be spared.

More memories. Promises. It was a dangerous game he was playing today, which would be why he had to make every effort and appearance of normalcy. It would not bode well for him to give himself away.

"Good afternoon, my friends." He offered, bowing his head slightly, though the motion was only visible by the shifting of the hood. "I hope your respective journeys were all made smoothly?" He asked, clasping his hands before him.

( As the summoners for the match were not announced, I simply assumed it was fair game to interject as one of them. If not, please let me know, I'll edit my post accordingly. http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/273 )

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Ark Angel HFB

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((Yeah this is my OC, I have a fic going with him right now... thought I'd throw in some humor with his luck))

Makku walked through a stone walled hallway, looking around at the finely crafted architecture. He smiled as he walked closer to the VIP section. In front of him a rather well-dressed man and a pale girl had been let into the VIP section, and another hooded figure waved a coin as he walked by a guard. Makku strolled up to the large guard before smiling. “Hum... yeah, this is my first here...”

The Guard looked him over as if he was little more than a bug. “And?”

Makku rubbed the back of his head looking past him to where he could see the entrance to the VIP section. “Yeah is this the VIP section... that is where my seat is.”

The Guard smirked as he tiled his head a bit. “Really? Identification Coin?” The guard held out an open hand.

Makku froze. “Identification coin... I didn't get one of those. The Adjudicator just told me all summoners got in free.” Makku laughed before leaning to his side to look at the VIP section. “What if I don't have a ID Coin?”

“Then I must ask you to clear the area, as you are not a VIP.” The guard started bluntly.

--Sometime later--

Makku set in the civilian seats of the The Twisted Treeline. The crowd around him hummed with excitement, as well as a few intoxicated observers. The section of civilians around makku carried a pungent odor and Makku clinched his nose as he glared at his meager view of the field. “Did these people bathe in the bay before they came here?”

Makku was right in front of the purple team's bottom lane tower. “I can only barely see into the Lizard champ, but I have a great view of the double lane...” His thoughts cut short as a cold beverage made it's way into Makku's lap. “Really!?” Makku yelled as the holder of the drink had tripped as he pushed by Makku's seat. Makku hung his head and clinched his fist as the Zaunian citizen barely offered an apology before bumping past Makku's legs to go get another drink. “So help me, if this match doesn't start soon... I don't know what I'll summon, but it will be big, and it will be hungry!”

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((Ooh. Haven't done an official RP ever. Please bear with me and my different time zones, though; My posts won't be at the same time as the rest of you. Also, this be my smurf.))

It was rare for the red coated Summoner with pentagram gloves to spectate, but the past few weeks had been rather slow and with nothing else to do, 'Necromonger' attended this event. He walked down the stone hall, in no particular hurry. Behind him was a young blond woman in a maid outfit, but her footsteps jingled with the sound of plated boots.

"ID coins... and Summoners only." The guard sounded his usual line, seeing one of the summoners with a companion.

He walked past the guard without stopping, flipping two ID coins into the guard's fumbling hands; one for summoners and another for 'essential personnel'. He and his maid companion entered the VIP seating area.

"..." The Guard mumbled something under his breath, something about the spoiled rich types and their high priced female attachments.

He greets his fellow summoners, having been more or less a reclusive person in the League despite his notorious history. He seats just behind a few of the new arrivals, hoping to strike up some conversation before the Match. Only when his maid came over with two glasses of water did he draw some curious looks.

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((http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/68 , and on a side note glad to see you back at the section))

Eredale was rarely spectating matches where Ezreal took part, but this was a special occasion - having only just rested from the latest one, he decided he'd have a little leisure time for once. And just as he was heading towards the public entrances, he heared words coming from the adjacent corridor.

"...if I don't have an ID coin?"
"Then I must ask you to clear the area, as you are not a VIP."

The second voice sounded familiar... Eredale turned, and came in the direction of the voice. In the end of the corridor, two guards stood, under a decorated tablet, reading "VIP area." The Twisted Treeline was an extremely rare place for Eredale to appear, so he didn't know the spectator place well. An ID coin, eh... let's see what this could be...

Eredale walked up to one of the guards. Not lifting the concealing cap of his robe, he examined both, and decided to talk to the taller one. "Greetings, guardians of the League... what is this place?"

"You don't need to know... unless you brought your ID coin with you", the guard replied.

No mistake... it's HIM!

"An ID coin... and what does it look like?" - Eredale lifted his cap, revealing his face.

"It looks like... we haven't met for a while." The guard removed his helmet in turn, and uncovered his scarred, smiling face.

"Well met, Ellios. As you can see, I wanted to inspect the VIP seats... you still owe me one from that time, remember?" Eredale shook the guard's heavy metal gauntlet.

"True... Rune War debts aren't one to be forgotten. Yet I'm on duty... sorry, but I can't let you in without a coin."

"Care to show me how those look?"

The guard reached for the pouch on his belt, and produced a shining coin with a bright L inscribed on its side. "You'd get one of those if you were invited here. Maybe some other time."

Last phrase went unnoticed by Eredale: he was silently chanting a fast spell. The guardsman smiled: "Just like old times, eh."

"Yeah, sort of." Eredale pointed the finger at the coin; a small scriptured sicrcle appeared between the coin and Eredale's fingertip. In a moment, an identical coin appeared on the tip of his finger. "Here you go, one coin coming up, haha."

"Hey, but that's..." The other guard tried to object, but Ellios gave him such a stare, that he decided it's better to let it go.

"Take care." Ellios put his helmet on.

"You too. We should meet sometime again." Eredale covered his face, and walked inside the lounge, taking a seat at the far side of the row, near to the few other spectators.

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K D Bonez

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While Summoners and guest of the VIP Section began to settle in for this match, a loud, arrogant, elitist voice could be heard near the entrance; the sound of a Noxian voice to be specific.

"How dare you question my rank! Get out of my sight you worthless pig before I have you fed to Grez!" the Noxian man bellowed, obviously infuriated by either the lack of respect, or the fact the guard asked for identification; still, the man sounded quite serious. Though just a construct, the formidable Lizard Lord Grez was something even Champions have a hard time facing early on; there's no possible way an average person (by Runeterra standards) could fight and hope to live. After a great length of time that would have been worth admission for any of the viewers, the Noxian at last shows his ID Coin to the guard since he was getting tired of berating this guard. As a last testament to his venomous ways, he whispers one chilling sentence that only the guard could hear-

"Oppose me again and you'll lose more than just your job, boy..."

Finally, as he entered the VIP Section, Summoners and the like finally got a good look at who this person was; and to some, it wasn't much of a surprise. There's only one person of such arrogance and cruelty that comes to mind instantly: General Kalis Drekval Bonez, Summoner of Noxus and member of the Noxus High Command. This man was such a foul soul that if the waiter at a restaurant didn't bring him his drink after two minutes he'd go, find them, and most likely torture them for being so disrespectful. Clad in his traditional red overcoat with various potions adorned, hair as dark as his heart slicked back, boot spurs clanking with each step, and wielding his famed blade Reaver at his side, Kalis was everything Noxus embodied, and possibly a little more.

After making such a flashy entrance, Kalis almost wasn't sure he wanted to be here; seeing so many of these commoners (by Summoner Standards) in the VIP Section. There were, however, three exceptions. First, was the formidable Necromonger, a man of many mysterious but one to obviously watch. The second, was Elisen Tranqual, a Summoner of Zaun; having met twice or so, Kalis found that this lad was quite the bright person; a tad to kind, but that's something that can always be remedied. The last, and most interesting to Kalis, was the girl Elisen was sitting with. He knew who it was, and was surprised that finding her was so simple-

"I just had to go to a League match! Keshesheshe!" he laughed to himself, but obviously not showing any emotions on the outside; that was one of the first rules of war, never let the enemy know what you're thinking. After calming himself down a bit, Kalis made his way over to both Elisen and the girl. When he got close enough, both knew that he was going to sit with them, so it wasn't much of a surprise that he took the seat that was empty between them.

"Elisen, my boy how have you been?" Kalis questioned, putting on a masterfully faked smile, then turning to his friend-

"And you..." he said, turning to the girl that he had been searching for quite some time. It wasn't until but almost half a year ago that Kalis had attentended (or, as other believe, crashed) the Ionian Celebration Party for their new League Champion Irelia, and the hopes they would win the Noxus v. Ionia battle in the coming. To Kalis, it felt like a double-edged sword after he attended. True, Noxus lost the battle for Ionian soil, but he had learned something special there. He learned of the stray Kashuld, the rōnin of the clan, this girl, Ceisa Kashuld. Oh it's true, he know who she was and what her practice was, but he didn't know the ambition of this girl! The job of an Artificer is to create and recreate, more the latter for Ceisa. She was Kalis' key to gaining access to ancient Ionian artifacts. Once again, putting on his deceitful smile, Kalis began-

"I do not believe we've had the chance to meet Mrs. Ceisa Kashuld, my name is Kalis Drekval Bonez. I've had the pleasure of making friend with little Reira and Ms. Rakka. Not so much to the extent with dear Youmuu, but she's a tad prejudice since I am a Noxian; I hope such little things don't hinder our possible friendship."

((http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/3, let the fun begin (off to class actually (AND YES THAT'S HOW I LAUGH IN REAL LIFE!))))

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Mustardbootie jauntily swaggered through the great doors of the arena, taking care that each step clanged rhythmically against the hardened floor beneath his steel-clad traveler's boots. As he passed a table of rough-necked labormen, he spun slightly, greeting them with his scent. Mustardbootie chortled softly to himself as he regarded their faces, tightened by the powerful essence of mustard and a hard day's work. Those men don't know it yet, but they'll be back for my bouquet soon enough.

Mustardbootie was surprised at the quality of his seat, despite arriving so late to the event. Even more surprising, he was the only patron facing away from the event itself. Nevermind the fight, Mustardbootie preferred to survey the crowd. A dashing nobleborn youngling, no more than twenty years, wrapped his lips around his mead, and licked them clean after each sip. Mustardbootie responded, the time-worn ritual of seduction sweeping him into a dance like a minstrel's first song of the night. He arched his back slightly and traced his fingers across his lips, making sure to wet them first so they'd catch against his hand.

Whatever we can say of the battle that night was nothing amidst the torrent of lust within him.

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Caelestes d'Escarde arrived at the arena, walking steadily to the VIP entrance. He dismissively dropped the coin in the guard, chuckling.

"How do you like our ~beloved~ general?~" He whispered, walking past the man.

He walked into the VIP section, scanning it quickly. His gaze stopped on the General, the very man he'd seen fail against an Ionian in duel and now cause a scene. A polite smile appeared on his lips as he graciously walked to him.

For such an occasion, Caelestes had chosen an elegant pale violet robe, complete with a flowing cloak and several platinum jewels. Exquisite fur lined the long, silken mantle, decorated with faint floral patterns. His robe was a luxurious masterpiece of Noxian weaving, a sublime concert of fine silk and expensive, silvery fur.

His hair was left to cascade freely on his shoulders, the gold of his locks contrasting beautifully with the pale fur.

Approaching the General, he gave a respectful, elaborate bow, greeting him: "Oh my, what a pleasure to see our ~beloved~ General attend such an event. His ~Greatness~ hasn't been much of a socialite lately, was he?~" Caelestes smiled politely.

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Practicing his transmutation spells, Necromonger attempted to change the water into apple brandy... but when he drank, all he had was apple juice. His maid made no comment as to their new drinks, but she heartily downed the sweet beverage.

The summoner then scooted slightly closer, to attempt conversation with his fellows. He opens with a compliment, "Nice coat, General." he said to Bonez as the Noxian seated, then turned to Elisen, Ceisa and Caelestes.

"So... I apologize, but I am unfamiliar with many VIP's, even fellow summoners... I am the second Necromonger. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintances." He placed his right hand on his chest and nodded slightly, greeting them courteously.