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[Skin Concept] Infernal (Templar) Jayce

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This Lava/Fire based Jayce skin can have other names

  • Infernal (Templar)
  • Molten (Templar)
  • Magma (Templar)
  • Flamestorm

My inspiration for this was from fire based Crusaders from Diablo and Templars from Path of Exile making me want to add "Templar" at the end of the skin name (but it can be anything).

Jayce has a Knight's theme of steel armor with added enhancement of Fire and Lava on it. With occasional bursts of magma popping out in between the gaps of armor, His elemental body leaves charred footsteps fallowing his wake. Jayce's Mercury Hammer is encrypted with ancient runes and golden highlights along his helm, hammer, gaunlets, greaves, and his reinforced backpiece; he also rocks a tattered cape that burns with flames at the end.

Hammer Form:
Q - To The Skies: Streaks of flame leaves a trail for Jayce as he flies toward his opponent; when he Attacks the enemy with his righteous smash of flame, erupting magma as it crashes down upon the burning and distraught foe.

W - Ligntning Field: The popping bursts of Lava out of his armor becomes more intense around Jayce, burning his enemies the dare come close to the Temlpar. The aura of flames also catches on to his Hammer; Jayce's attacks will smother the magma out letting the energy inside the flame restoring his natural spirits.

E - Thundering Blows: Jayce swings his molten hammer he such a velocity, it becomes stronger with the surplus of oxygen it sears the bodies of his foes by splattering the magma over their entire body. With the force of the hammer, it knocks the blazed and ashed bodies.

Mercury Cannon Form:
Q - Shock Blast: The templar launches a meteor of magma and igneous rock to his enemies, from his blazing cannon, erupting a rain of lava over their bodies.
If the Crusader's orb of flame passes through his volcanic gate it will pick up more lava and speed, bombarding the enemy even further.

W - Hyper Charge: Jayce sends even smaller, but quicker barrage of lava bursts that splatter across a single target with less damaging but faster attacks.

E - Acceleration Gate: The Volcanic Crusader summons a gate of obsidian totems and flares; Jayce's allies can cross the gate and gain a surge of a blazing force.

R - Transform: Mercury Cannon/Hammer: The runes of Jayce's weapon activates causing the Hammer to erupt and be held together by molten fire, and allows the fire to be launched in bolts from the newly forged hammer. Then, Jayce can call the Igneous steel of the Hammer to reforge back together into the crushing mace of flaming rocks.

This holy knight of flame's personality is similar to Jayce's "Look to the future" motto. However, the knight whishes to blaze the past from Runeterra to abolish regret, hatred, and vengence and joining the warring city-states of Valoran together and ruling over the naive world.

"The knight of flames that has battled the very history of Valoran, now wishes to take control over the stupid and blissfully ignorant people that will begin to walk on this world. The man wishes only the best but is conflicted and on the verge of insanity." -Random Institute of War Archiver

He will have a new Voice Pack that is generally the same as the classic Jayce, but he has bonus lines of setting things ablaze (including enemies and the past) including: "Burn and melt the past away." "I will rule only the Innocent." "Cover the world in ash." "Melt in guilt!" "So many regrets... I WILL PURGE THEM ALL!!!" Along with taunts with his friends/rivials.

If any one has any comments on this idea feel free to leave an opinion about this Skin Concept.