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Link - The Hero of Time

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He was in Soul Calibur 2, Super Mario RPG, and has been referenced in tons of games. Just look up Link cameos on google. And with him slicing up enemies in this upcoming Dynasty Warriors clone, I'm thinking that Nintendo isn't adverse to the idea of having Link do strange new things.

It's time for Riot to pick up the phone and give Reggie Fils-Aime a call. Make it happen dudes. Don't disappoint me.

As for Link's abilities, I was thinking the following. It sticks to the Zelda style of having limited inventory to work with.


Passive - Gardener

Link gains health, bombs, and arrows while standing in bushes.


Q - Flame Arrow

Fires a skill shot arrow that sets any target it hits ablaze. A max of 3 arrows can be carried by Link at any time and can only be regenerated by standing in bushes.


W - Bomb

Sets a bomb down at Link's feet that explodes in 2 seconds or when an enemy or minion touches it, dealing damage and knocking back any nearby targets. Can be rolled forward by attacking it from the opposite direction. A max of 2 bombs can be carried by Link at any time and can only be regenerated by standing in bushes.


E - Hook Shot

Fires a chain that latches on to an enemy or wall and pulls Link towards the target. If the target is an enemy, the enemy is stunned for a short time. (A good means of escape)


R - Triforce of Courage

Link empowers his blade and unleashes a massive spin attack that deals heavy damage and slows any targets within the vicinity for a short time.