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Pool Party Nasus, Skimmer included

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Crazy Earl

Junior Member


I am hating myself even as I post. I'm so sorry for trying to tell riot how to do what they are doing successfully. But I can't stand it. I'm breaking my vow to not tell developers how to make their game better, so I'll have to give my 12 year chip back to "I know more than the developers anonymous" help group. I have to have more pool party. I bought a pool party Renekton skin for my brother, and I always laugh when he uses it. I'd love to have a pool party Nasus skin. Pool Boy Nasus, with pool skimmer as his weapon, and a Khaki Flap Hat (http://www.amazon.com/Flap-Hat-Khaki-size-W15S46D/dp/B000BRMGJU).