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[Champion Concept] Nyl, Nature's Guide

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The Last Feather

Junior Member


Still trying to figure out a lore and ability names.

Nature's Guide

Passive: Whenever Nyl is inside brush he gains increased health and mana regen based on his level.

First Ability: Target a friendly or enemy champion to apply a heal over time or damage over time.

Second Ability: Shoot a branch in a direction attaching to any teammates or enemies. This branch reduces the healing of enemies and increases the healing of teammates.

Third Ability: Reveal a location a short distance away for a small duration. Any enemy revealed in the location takes extra damage.

Ultimate Ability: Transform into a spirit of nature increasing the effectiveness of his spells. Damage over time and healing over time will last longer and deal slightly more damage and heal slightly more.

EDIT: Also the second ability was just silly idea I came up with. I'm stumped on what it should be. I would like to hear any ideas anyone has.