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Skin Idea: Soul-Stealer Singed

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singed is one of my favorite champions, and no skins seem to really call to me as something interesting and out there. this one would cahnge his theme of poison into the soulsteaaler theme that the vladimir skin has.


Singed himself would be clearly undead and spectral. his skin would be a sickly green and eyes glowing yellow, and with no skin on his bottom jaw showing bare bone for the more accent. his bare head would be stiched and mangeled, and his hands large missing fingers. his armor would be replaced by stiched "leather" thick armor embedded with bones and charms of all sorts notably sporting skull on either shoulder. his sheild would be the stone door ripped off a crypt, stone and decorated with deathly desighns. off hand bottle would be replaced by a large glowing tome similar in look to the one Ryze carries. on his back would be a decorated casket to replace his giant bottle he wears on his back. The casket would have small holes inn palces and be loosely nailed shut.


Poison trail (Q)-
from the casket on his back, and eerie green soul essence would seep from it. it would be hazy with vague shapes fizzling in and out quickly. as it seeps whispers and screams would echo quietly. the casket would grow faintly out of its holesas essence seeps.

Mega Adhesive (W)-
Singed would open his tome and cast something similar in look to morganas tormented soil with a grayish purple color on the ground where spectral hands would claw out of it to grab those who walk on it slowing them as oppose to the idea being that singed throws super glue to slow them.

Fling (E)-
When Singed reaches his multiple spectral hands gather round the enemy, grab them and hurl them backwards.

Insanity Potion (R)-
SInged would glow a hazy green and the yellow glow of his eyes would greatly intensify while the skulls on his armor`s eyes would now glow to show that he has the effect activated. Dark deep maniacal laughing would trigger as well softly.

Other Animations and Effects:

im not going to make up any quotes now, but his voice would be deeper and have that creepy echo to it.

Spectral hands would emerge from the ground around him in a cirle and do the wave while singed himslef does a conga line dance with himself

Recall (B)-
spectral hands would emerge from the ground and slowly pull singed underground as he takes on a spectral form.

Dominion Capture-
A green ray would emerge out of the tome in Singed`s off hand

Overall with all that i have added this would probobly have to be a legendary skin. I really like the extremely creepy vibe this would have while taking a whole new look at what other theme singed could have. This skin would
1. Scare players
2. look cool
3. attract attention to this under-the-radar champion
4.give singed a better look
This idea is rather out there and i like it that way. I would love to hear and thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc... that other players might have about this skin idea.

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I might come out with art for this as well soon, as i would love to give more visual people an better idea of this.