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New ideas on Omen the cancelled champ

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Hey I'm beany and I am doin this as a idea for omen and what I think he could be if ever revived.


now i saw a thread on omen a while ago who if you didn't know was a champ who was cancelled and was removed to make way for riven. two of the reasons i see that is soo compelling to why he was never revived to continue development 1.Is giving him personality and 2. his minion look (no not minions from lol, minion as in general). if u look at him he does look like a final fantasy minion you would fight in the wild. if u look at riven or garen or even cho gath their looks have character and just say something about them without knowing how they play. I cant really say what omen looks like which lane he would be, would he be tanky? a assassin? would he even do magic damage?

so I'm going to give my thoughts on how they can change him or add things to 1. add to his looks to give personality 2. lore since he may not have one 3. and finally his kit, 1 and 3 are the important ones i think and you will see parts of 3 in 1 for clarity.

1. well I'm one who likes his name and think that the word play can help in his visuals, now their are two types of omens, good and bad, the look we know him for will obviously will be his bad omen, to add to him i would say give him a bit more purple around the tips of his thorns add a chain onto his arm or leg and add some torn clothes similar to Bakasura from smite in a sense, if that makes more sense. now for his good omen form he looks more like a guardian lion statue from Japanese culture. his head become more ridged and square while his coloring becomes a bit more turquoise and perhaps a bit of a dull yellow on his back and bricky instead of his spikes, his clothes look more in shape and are not torn but look more elegant. having bad omen look more slick and ominous like a bad omen while like a good omen his good one is far more calming and looks like something that will protect you.


2. his lore. (warning it is long but not complete) now I don't know what they had idea wise on his story as I'm not the maker of the league universe so i can only do so much in ideas and stay accurate to their lore. anyways, some may think omen looks like a void creature and i agree it makes sense but to my idea and since his name is not very complicated like the other void creatures he is not from the void. he used to be a man (or women) from ionia, he was once a simple shop owner who had one very rare artifact in the shape of a pendant called the (insert clever name here). now i can either go with the war they had or something ancient i don't know so lets just say the village he had set his shop up in got attacked. he was mortally wounded and dying a unfit death but wished he could save the family that had tried to save him as his life was etching away the pendant whispered to him telling him it could save him and the family in exchange for his servitude to its commands. he hesitantly agreed and as he put it on his body changed his skin had become hairless his hands became claws and his slipping life became great fury as he went and attacked the bandits who had attacked him. before he could savor it he saw the other bandits attack the family that had helped him his body changed mid leap turning ridged and hard as he went to block the attack of the bandits guarding the family, the child opened his eyes and saw not only had his wounds healed but now their was a statue like creature guarding him from the bandits.... and that's what i have on his lore now for u to get the deal, he is good for allies bad for enemies lore wise. its a bit flawed i know but hey its what i got.

3. now omen sounds a bit like elise or jayce to some i bet but he is a bit different in my way, for one, he has an ult.

Type of champe: he is (as i made him for now) can be a good support or top/ mayyyybe mid who uses mana as a resource

his passive: Prophecy: the longer he is in the good omen stance the higher his armor and mr increases up to a cap and the longer he is in bad omen form the more ad and ap he gets again to a cap, if he changes form his previous buff degrades and then his new buff starts up, so if he was in good omen form for a while and he changes to bad omen, he still has the passive buff of good omen form for a few seconds then when its gone he starts getting his bad omen buff slowly

His first ability: q: Change in fates: you default start in good omen and have a decent armor and mr. using this ability changes you to bad omen and your armor and mr turn to ad and ap. this boost is slightly increased at each rank. unlike his passive buff he gets this buff instantly but he also losses the other forms buff instantly as well.

his second ability: w: faithful/ominous mist: his expels a mist around him that uses mana every second. if he is in god omen he heals minions and allies slightly. if in bad omen he poisons enemies and slows them by a low percent. this will be usefull for pushing lanes and make it harder for ur minions and team from dying but the heal is very low the mana cost, heal, and poison are increased each time u level it.

his third ability: e guarding/savage lung: good omen will lunge onto a allied champion or minion and stay on them for a few seconds or till you reactivate the ability to jump off behind them. increase their movement speed and omen will take the damage the allied would take for a reduce amount while on them. if he is in bad omen he will instead be able to jump on to an enemy champion minon or monster, he will then slow their movement by a small amount and attack them like if he was next to them but at a slight reduce amount if you reactivate it u will jump off behind them. this ability will help you stay with your allie or on ur enemy while running or chasing.

His ult: r : Rapture/Ragnarok: he will channel for a second or two and emit a giant explosion of mist around him, if he is in good omen he will remove all debuffs from all surrounding allies and heal the one closer to him them slightly, in bad omen form he will ignite all enemies around him
and blind the ones closer to him. this is to really be helpful in team fights keeping allies save or helping u secure kills.

now it is all subject to change or be nerfed since it is just ideas and cant account for all scenarios.

so what do u think? have better ideas? have ideas for me to change? speak up as i feel this is a nice idea for him, yes getting a support now would be unlikely since we got the amazing braum recently but hey it was just an idea.