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Alternative to propsed Maokai nerfs

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I feel like I'm more likely to be heard or, at least, less likely to be flamed here than on GD. I love Maokai, and while I like the buffs that were given to him recently, they are not worth the catastrophic nerf to his ultimate that has been proposed on the PBE <http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/VPBE#Champions>. The number changes to twisted advance I couldn't care less about. It's the 10s limit on his ult I have serious misgivings about. I understand the Riot has trended towards balancing for the "pro" players, and I am well aware of how much can be done in ten seconds with Maokai's ult. But the point of Maokai was never to "make plays" (a phrase and mindset I freely admit to hating intensely).

Maokai has and, I feel, always should be a siege tank. By this I mean a few things. Without getting into a larger discussion on tank scaling and balance, I'll have to stick with discussing his ult. The change that was made in patch 4.11 <http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-411-notes#patch-maokai> was aimed at making him a "defensive peeling support tank," which is not his proper function. Maokai is meant to protect his teammates during Tower sieges; be they offensive ones wherein he mitigates incoming damage while his teammates kill the tower, or defensive ones wherein his ult staves off the pokes of the enemy team and discourages them from diving. The change that was made to his ultimate didn't really affect this much (allies had to group pretty close together beforehand anyway) and instead of dropping the ult on a tower and then diving with W, now its ult>>W. What the change did was massively increase his ganking power, which was already pretty solid, and increase his team-fight utility by making his ult less objective-focused. In my opinion, his old ult was fine if your team was fighting over an objective, as it wasn't very hard to place it such that the enemy team has the option of fighting inside it or not fighting at all.

Don't get me wrong, I love the change. The additional ganking power greatly helps with mitigating the actions of early/hard-aggro jungles (more on the blind guy later...maybe). That said, it isn't worth losing the siege power. So, in the vain hope that this plea might take some root (pun not intended), I offer some alternatives to the nerfs currently proposed on the PBE:

Twisted Advance: Change the scaling to a percentage of Maokai's maximum health (2/4/6/8/10+.01*AP, or thereabouts). Built properly (i.e. predominate focus on defensive stats, AP only as a secondary) this would give him about as much damage as he would have had prior to the buffs while rewarding him for building tanky, rather than rewarding him for stacking AP.

Vengeful Maelstrom: I have a few different ideas for this, which I will list separately (but in no particular order).
Idea 1 (simple): Reverse the change of patch 4.11.
Idea 2: If you're set on limiting the duration of the ult, either
A) Have the duration increase as the ability ranks up AND/OR
B) Decrease the CD at each rank (i.e. higher frequency).
Idea 3: Change the % damage reduction effect to scale with Maokai's Armor and MR, and/or change the ult so that the prevented damage (or some percentage thereof) is dealt to Maokai. Personally, I think the latter-most of these changes would make switching the ult on a death sentence absent the first part of idea 3, so I've listed them together.