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[Champion Concept] Shalok, The Ancient Guardian

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Shalok, The Ancient Guardian

Melee Support/Mid
Ability Power based

Most of Shalok's kit revolves around him staying inside his Sacred Grounds. Almost all of his abilities are enhanced while on Sacred Grounds. Shalok gains a massive power spike after receiving his ultimate, where all of his basic abilities are strengthened. Shalok


Innate: Herbal Essence

After 8/7.5/7(levels 1,9,16) ability casts from Shalok and nearby allied champions, Shalok's next ability will also heal him and the most injured nearby allied champion for 10/25/40/60 plus 5/9/14/18% of their missing health over 4 seconds (both of these increase at levels 1/6/11/16, respectively). Herbal Essence does not stack, and cannot heal the same target other than Shalok for the next 12 seconds.

Q: Sacred Grounds

Shalok summons a large Area of Effect around him that lasts for 7 seconds(Diameter 700). All enemies inside the Sacred Grounds will take 12/21/29/37/45(+0.2/AP) magic damage per second while they are inside the area, lasting up to another 3 seconds outside the Sacred Grounds. Shalok gains 3/6/9/12/15% movement speed for each champion(can be allied or enemy) that dies inside the Sacred Grounds for 3 seconds. Stacks twice.


Shalok begins channeling for up to 2.5 seconds, then releases an explosion, that either slows or snares. The longer he channels, the longer the slow/snare. The maximum slow duration is 3 seconds, while the minimum is 1 second, by 25/29/34/42/48%. If enemies caught by the explosion caused by the explosion inside Sacred Grounds, they will be snared instead for up to 2.5 seconds, with a minimum of 1 second.(450 radius) Shalok cannot cast other abilities or basic attacks, but can still move with 40 reduced movement speed.

E: Soulbond

Shalok bonds with a nearby ally or enemy champion. The bond lasts 3 seconds. (Cast radius 500) (Bond radius 650)
Ally: Both Shalok and the targeted ally champion gain 15/18/22/26/30% movement speed bonus. If the bond lasts until the end, they both gain a shield for 65/110/145/190/240(+0.8/AP) for 3 seconds.
Enemy: Shalok gains 15//18/22/26/30% movement speed during the bond and the enemy champion targeted takes 15/34/50/68/81(+0.35/AP) magic damage per seconds during the bond. If the bond lasts until the end, the target takes an additional 30/65/100/140/180(0.6/AP)magic damage.

R: Tales of the Fallen
Passive: Sacred Grounds Area of Effect increased from 700 to 800/900/1000.
Spiritual Wrath deals 6/8/10% of all enemies hit of their current health (200/250/300 max against monsters)
Soulbond regenerates 2/3/4% of Shalok's maximum health back to Shalok every seconds during the bond. Doubled when bonded with an enemy champion.

Active: Shalok summons the power of the fallen inside the Sacred Grounds. Tales of the Fallen can only be casted when Shalok is standing inside Sacred Grounds, and can only be cast inside Sacred Grounds. After 2 seconds, all enemies in a area(400 diameter) take 250/400/550(+1.1/AP) magic damage and are stunned for 1 seconds.


Early game: Shalok works very well with an ally that uses a lot of abilities to abuse Herbal Essence. Use Sacred Ground as a zoning ability to keep enemies busy and you will have the ability to snare. Since Shalok's crowd control abilities cost time to cast, predicting enemy movement will ensure a successful crowd control lock.

Teamfights: Throw your Sacred Ground into the middle of the fight and cast Spiritual Wrath to snare all enemies around you. Follow up with your ultimate, Tales of the Fallen, to inflict massive damage and lock down your targets even further. Your Soulbond can be used to inflict damage or to speed up allies behind in the fight or to chase down an enemy.