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Sona Rework Rework

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After Sona's rework, lots of people were talking about how much of a nerf it was, and, based of what PBE players have said, almost none of them had liked it either. What seems to be sona's problem is that she is:

Short range,
Poke oriented,
And requires her teammates to be directly around her to gain any bonuses, meaning she cannot help but be in the middle (or really close to) of a teamfight.

I haven't really found a good alternative, and turning the Q into a skillshot seems to clash with her character (not really too much, but more than a lock-on).
Perhaps giving her Auras and Q more range with each R level up?

What do y'all think?

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Gualt Leader



All I have to say is that I the old Sona was actually unique. They basically shoved Sona into the same role as Soraka in my opinion with burst heals, and like the way she worked before much better, with the small boosts since it fit her theme much better.

Players where I am really like it since it is probably easier to play her, but she was actually unique before they messed with her. Now she isn't other then her ult.

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Dante Solidad

Senior Member


immobile? if you lvl her w all the way she becomes extremely mobile especially if you build talisman.

she may not have a good dash and early lvl mana problems+ the need to lvl her other skills may make her slow in the early games but late game she isnt immobile.

as for her problems...i wish she wasnt so darn squishy but its a drawback for being a healer/poker. the very reason riot is reworking soraka is in part because of those tanky thornmail rylai soraka that still heal a bunch of damage.

its a important weakness that a healer should have and if they dont the problem of cant kill soraka cause too tanky and cant kill enemy team cause of healer arises.

as for sona aura ranges i feel like that same reason is y they made her so small. cant do anything to their team cause sona is healing and cant get to sona cause she is waaaaay in the back doing nothing except spamming heal and poke while giving her team invisible unappreciated passive defense and offense.