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Xsavior, The Bionic Man

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Alone Wolf



Xsavior: The Bionic Man

Long in the future, frustration to control all of Runeterra weighted heavy on the leaders of Noxus in an effort to control all of Runeterra the leaders of Noxus consume the land in bloodlust, striking down all who challenge their power, and with utter control within arms length soon all of Runeterra began to bend to the will of Noxus. However in time of turmoil and suffering a man named Xsavior rose to become a great leader in order to stop the endless bloodshed. He and his wife Amelia gathered a militia or men to storm the walls of Noxus. Xsavior was first on the charge racing into battle striking all who stood in his way. There he saw a Man one not of his own destroying his fellow commrades with a single swings of a Giant Axe. Feeling obligated to stop this Ruthless Butcher for his fellow comrades Xsavior rushed into battle. However the odds where far from his favor as he exchanged blows with the monster of a man he found that soon he was outmatched. Before the final blow was struck he fell and turned in the heat of battle to see the face of his wife one last time. Only to hear a loud screech from his front, he soon realized. It was the man he had fought. Amelia on his back had shoved a small blade into his left eye. Enraged he slung her from his back and raised his Axe. Seeing no shield or sword, Xsavior used his own body as a shield pushing a way his wife from the devastating blow his right forearm in an instant was lying on the ground. Fuming with bloodlust the man’s Axe was soon raised once again, and this time struck his whole left arm. Dying of blood loss Xsavior turned one last time into the fray and as he gazed into the night he could faintly make out the others along with his wife ending the battle but the Man with the giant Axe headed toward the direction of this escaped wife. Soon afterward Xsavior awoke to find him self in the medical ward of a Demacian care room. That day the former leader came to the knowledge by helpful Demacian soldiers that his heroic acts had place Runeterra into a state of convention. However the knowledge of his wife or her where abouts was no where to be found. Facing obstacles Xsavior traveled all of Runeterra in hopes of finding his lost wife. Trekking through the Shurima desert Xsavior found himself at the foot of a lost land, and collapsing for water when a machine thought man startled him. After introducing himself to Viktor he asked him what happened to the land, Viktor informed Xsavior that it had been fifteen years since the raid on Noxus and that his technology fused with his human body was the only chance for survival at the time. Astounded at Xsavior endurance he asked as to why he was here in search of his wife. In truth Xsavior had no reason for being here he was only in search of the man with the Giant Axe for if he found that man there would be answers to the disappearance of his wife. Viktor shuddered in fear of his description of the man with the Giant Axe “Darius”. Soon Viktor told Xsavior of this encounters with the Menace, and that it had been over forty years since the League of Legends where he first met Darius. Pity arose from Viktor for Xsavior. He then told of his technology and of a time machine he had built in order to stop the Noxan war. However his parts where to worn and rusted from the sand and he could not go back himself. However potential in Xsavior was great and Viktor offered Xsavior an opportunity to reach into the past and stop Darius, before this world had become so. Hesitation was evident to Viktor as he looked into Xsavior’s eyes about the idea. He offered to reconstruct Xsavior’s arms and prepare him for the fight that lay ahead. Revitalized in strength and speed, Xsavior arrived at the door of The League of Legends, with one goal on his mind and one woman in his heart.

Gameplay Stats

Health: 436 (+ 96 per level)

Mana: 206 ( + 45 per level)

Attack Damage: 55 (+3 per level)

Attack Speed: .694 (+ 2.7% per level)

Movement Speed: 350

Health Regan: 8 (+ 0.87 per level)

Mana Regan: 7 (+ 0.5 per level)

Armor: 21 (+ 2.3 per level)

Magic Resist: 30 (+ 1.25 per level)


Passive – Technological singularity: After Falling 30% below health Xsavior’s A.I will Automatically grant him 15% Lifesteal

Cost: 20 Mana
Range: Self

Q = Rocket Punch:
With the help of rocket boosters Xsavior thrust his left arm to cause a devastating blow.

On-hit, activation with this ability damages an enemy for 70/ 100/ 150/ 200/ 230/ (+ 100% Attack Damage) dealing this ability to an enemy lowers the opponents armor by 5% (stacking up to 5 times for 8 seconds, on-hit activation refreshes the countdown and continues the stack increase)

Cost: 60 Mana
Range: Self
W = Bioengineering:
For 5 seconds Xsavior gains 3/6/9/12/15% Life steal and increased attack damage of 35/55/75/95/115 and gains .5 /.70/.85/.90/1 for every percent of health he has missing.

Cost: 30 Mana
Range: 950
E = Seeker Drone:
Xsavior launches his right forearm in a target location dealing damage and slowing all units that pass through it.

Xsavior’s forearm while traveling to a target location deals 70/90/150/200/230 (+ 100% bonus Attack Damage) while slowing all units by 25/30/35/40/45% for 2sec

Cost: 60 Mana
Range 600
R = Shockwave:
Xsavior Leaps into battle causing a massive Shockwave dealing damage and paralyzing all enemies in range

Xsavior damages and paralizies all units within a range of 600 by 150/250/300 (+115% Attack Damage) (+70% Ability Power) for 2 seconds

Quotes, (2 voice actors are required for this champion one for Xsavior an another for the activation of his abilities voice computer

Champ Select
“The future is in our hands Summoner” (get it his arms are replaced and he’s from the future hehe)

“Your bloodline ends here”
“Everything has a beginning, but I am your end”
“I am the Omega”

“I give Shocking results Summoner”
“I’m currently on my way” (get it because of electricity and this arms hehe)
“I thought we didn’t need roads”
“So people DID die on my property”
"What I lost in the future I shall gain in the past"

Xsavior aims arm “Once this baby reaches 88 miles per hou-“ *arms fizz with sparks* “Ahem* well that’s some hilarious sh- *fizz louder*

“*Ouch* even your kids are going to feel that trust me I’ll make sure they know

“This battle will end very shockingly for one of us”

Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation “I said I’d be back” then laughs normally “hehehe”

“I’ll grease my arms with your Blood”
“Run from me if you want to Live”

Passive activation:
*Female robotic voice computer* “System healing override function activated”

“HURRRRAAAHHH” *then electrical explosion noise*

Rocket punch:
*Female robotic voice computer* “Combat mode engaged”

Bio Engineering activation
*Female robotic voice computer* “Self regeneration activated”

Seeker Drone:
*Female robotic voice computer* “Preparing to launch”

Meeting Darius
“Darius your blood spilling days are over before they even begin”
“Your end shall lead to a new beginning for me Darius”