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People using OFFLINE BOTS... (ARAM)

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Has anyone else noticed being in ARAM, and your teammate(s) keep running back to get behind a line of minions?
They have a double digit # at the end of their random name?
They don't respond in chat or communicate at all?
They gab health when they need NONE and you are low and trying to grab it..?


(I'm not crazy)
I used to play Runescape, and there were people who could program bots to be online doing things for them while they were offline.... I believe this might be the same type of thing. I'm obviously not 100% sure, but I've recently been seeing a lot of them and it's annoying.. You have no communication with your team, and you cannot rely on them to jump into battle when you do.

PLEASE share this and keep an eye out for them. Report them. It's unfair play!


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That doesn't seem right. I mean Runescape gameplay isn't really revolving around you its more you select a path and it does it for you. In league bots don't really sound like that would work because the bots have to revolve around how the game is being played.

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Ive been seening these bots on twisted treeline and crystal scar. Ive notice certain things that distiguish if its a player or bot. Thankfully I've haven't seen bots on aram but I will now that I know this information.

Default Icons
Alot of players after 5 months will us icons that are not default. 98% players i meet have earned icons

Bots Really love Ghost and Heal (not sure on aram)

No Skins but that might be Obvious

No talking But thats also Obvious

Instalock when selecting champ but this dont help aram for random champ

Unbelievably low skill level to the point that new players are better

Throw their skills the wrong way like throwing a Ziggs Ult on the Spawn platform of his ALLIES

I hate that league implanted the bots into pvp and that if you go solo you have a high chance to get one or FOUR. However the case is, these bots are awful and either need advance rework to be like Intermediate skill bot but infact their worst than intro bots. I swear they are feeding on purpose and if league dont do anything i wont play twisted, dominion or aram just because of the presence of these abominations.