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[Guide] Rammus the Magic Pinball

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True Bandito

Senior Member


As this is the AP Rammus guide, Sunfire Cape has no place here. Tank Rammus appreciate Sunfire more due to the need for minion farming and extra damage.

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****! Flash is really THE SH*** on rammus

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Dr Gats

Junior Member


first of all, I have to say, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for this guide!

I have to say that it took some getting used to, but it has opened up a new world for Rammus and I, and we are happy buddies now.

My last game I finished 22/3/16.

The kill count went up sharply towards the end, due to something that seems underplayed in your guide and I think should deserve some more attention: Lichbane.

It complements every ability you need, more mana, more AP, more move speed, and it's ability makes a great one two hit when you first pinball right into their face, and then smack them in the face with an AP powered phys hit, then DBC followed by a taunt.


FYI, I lost that last match because we had a leaver that came back in the last like five mins, but we were |---| this close to a comeback, they were getting held solid forever because I kept lane changing and gankin the eff out of them, the rest of my team was hard pressed to keep pushing though. in the end they figured out to sick all 5 people on me including a silence, but I took 3 down with me each time.

THANK YOU for showing me AP Rammus.

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Nevermore VII

Senior Member


What a great guide, this is definitely what I needed to make me decide to play Rammus again ^^.

Also, I personally think you should work your guide into Leaguecraft.com, it would be nice to have something besides pure text to go with the guide and some skill charts/item builds would be nice too, to show more clearly how you build up.

Thanks again, very interesting and fun guide ^^.

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Senior Member


AP rammus can be absolutely amazing, but he is situational.

The full out tank Rammus is also absolutely amazing, but situational.

If you are playing with your friends I've found the full tank Rammus to be a better option, but if you are pugging then an AP/Tank hybrid is a good way to go.

Builds I like with Rammus:

AP Build:
1. Doran's Ring
2. Doran's Ring #2
3. 1 boots
4. Catalyst
5. Catalyst --> Rod of Ages or Banshee's veil (if they are caster heavy)
5. 1 boots --> Merc Treads
6. Rylai's Scepter
7. Other HP/AP or armor items as needed.

***I've tried this build in my last few games as Rammus because for some reason I kept getting stuck against teams of 3-4 heavy nukers, but I don't think I would ever use it under other circumstances.

Tank build:
1. Turtle Shell
2. 1 boots
3. Warden's Mail
4. 1 boots --> Mercury Treads
5. Turtle Shell + Warden's Mail --> Randuin's Omen
6. Frozen Heart

*** 40% CDR, plenty of mana, but again situational. This build is epic against physical dps, but only if your friends are on your team. Taunt + the slow from Randuin's allows your friends to catch and pick off enemies with ease.

Your team is full of scrubs but you want to build the classic tank:
1. Turtle Shell
2. Turtle Shell #2
3. Merc Treads
4. Aegis of the Legion
5. Turtle Shell --> Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart
6. Frozen Mallet

*** I know this sounds like a scrub build, but it actually works out pretty nicely. The frozen mallet will keep enemies in your ult which does a surprisingly large amount of damage.

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Junior Member


I'll give this a whirl but you should copy this information and put it in LeagueCraft or some other shared resource for easier reference.

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Senior Member


i just started playing rammus, have gone through a few different item builds from tabi first to after reading this guide catalyst first. i'll go through first by putting it down, I'm level 11 so far. ive only been playing a few weeks or so. i've always played rammus quite cautiously, but it seems even when using a build like this, i get stuck not that because i cant farm effectively, but because enemy ranged spells tend to hurt alot. im forced to retreat to heal and i cant stay in lane long enough to stay on par with them level wise. i tend to play twisted treeline as i hate how big the map is. plus i've figured out what i can and cant jungle at what levels with what skills in between laning.

early on. im not tanky enough, my teamates tend to expect me to tank, usually it ends up me dead, them fleeing from the remaining 2v3 or 1v3. esp ashe players... i dont know if its the ELO im playing at? or am i just not that great a tank? (i usually get off one powerball, then i hit em a few times and try to run back hoping my teammates have dealt enough damage to kill) regardless, typically the preminion fight, im dead or barely alive. rarely do we win any encounters. it might just be my teammates but im looking for ideas/suggestions as to what i can do better. I always start powerball first - i tried boots of speed for a while or cloth armor or mana crystal none of it seems to make much difference. i feel like i make very little difference at the start of the game. i usually dont get a second powerball off until the fight is long over so mana crystal is kinda useless. the first fight tends to be magical so the cloth armor only really gives me a little damage. i tend to pick up a health potion as well which helps and results in me retreating after the fight.

so a few questions: (remember this is twisted treeline, im 11 so i dont have any runes yet, only 11 poitns to spend in masteries. for this build i put it all in the offensive line for smite, ap/level, then maxed out the magic resist.)
a) if my teammates call all bot (and we try a 3vX first blood) should i go? ignore them and lane?
b) what should i buy in this case? i powerball by default, i tend to pick up ignite/smite since this AP build has plenty of mana and i dont need clarity.
c) should i retreat at all? or just let myself die? i tend to not get very far anyways if the opponents are mages and melee tends to kill me anyways if i dont get tabi first.

im asking all this cause mainly i feel my opening game could use alot more work. i tend to shine prolly half way through the game when i pick up tremors, powerball3 when i can jungle effectively and quickly. then after that i tend to dominate but early game it feels like im kinda useless, cant jungle, and i just spend my time dying if i try to help in ganks.

please help a newb out. i love rammus. i just hate sucking at the beginning.

EDIT: my record so far is 9 wins 6 losses
87 kills 65 deaths 56 assists.

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jusTthis exe

Senior Member


Twisted treeline loses its luster after a while. But if your teams asks to gank you should go there; if nothing else just to make sure they don't die. If u want to jungle I sugest a diff. Champ. Going later on for the buffs is great. But taking smite gimps your late game effectiveness. Even in an ap build u r still a tank. U should lane with some one most of the time, and dominate most lanes early game. Idk about you, but I like to lane with some1 aggressive. Rammus really lacks healing ability. Maybe try to grab a philosphers stone if its that big an issue. Rammus is great in TT. But he really shines in summoners rift. D try to sneak in the exhaust spell. But that's just me, at lvl 11 people play especially aggressive. U will own them if ur good at comboing ur abilities. And it keeps them from running to far from tremors. I'm not a pro or anything. Hopefully people can give you more advice ^ ^

Also, do not neglect the usefullness of dorans ring. Even if u can't build into anything it offers a great way to add surviviability early game, and offers a needed mana regeneration.

****Also are any of the new items useful with this build? They gave some nice new ap items to try out, and i'm just not sure what to do with them.***

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Freedom Fries



Oh my Lord, please hear your humble servant's plea.
Could you please make a section in your Almighty guide for a Twisted Treeline Magic Pinball ?

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Senior Member


Oh my Lord, please hear your humble servant's plea.
Could you please make a section in your Almighty guide for a Twisted Treeline Magic Pinball ?

Going to be poking this a bit in the near future, since I need to update a bit. Might consider discussing a TT section with the people who help me out with theorycraft, but I don't play TT myself, so I wouldn't be able to vouch for accuracy.