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Don't Lose Your Way (Ahri X Leona)

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Chapter 11 is out! And we got a big plot twist in this one! Enjoy!


For so long Ahri has wandered the isle of Ionia and consumed the life essence of men. Until one day, when she started to feel remorse for her actions. Her way leads her to the League of Legends, where the summoners offered her help when she served them. Now, as a new champion Ahri still struggles with her new human life...until she met a specific avatar of the sun...

Everybody knew that something like this would come. Everybody knew it, after watching the ‟A New Dawn" cinematic from Riot. This pairing is now officially my OTP.
On a side note: Ahri has some features from the cinematic. Changing eye colors when using her magic and the most time only one to three tails. (Stop hating on me alright! There will be an explanation for this)And yes. The title is a reference to 'Kill la Kill' (one of the best animes ever). Like usual you'll find the rest of the story (two chapters are out right now) on Fanfiction.net


Chapter 1
A Foxy Girl

‟Oh, would you please give me another one?", the girl said with her most innocent voice, her hands behind her back. Even though her clothing ruined the impression of an innocent girl.

‟Alright, alright. Take this one...but nothing more! You had enough of this stuff", the barkeeper replied, and gave the girl another small ceramic jug filled with a typical Ionian beverage called sake, a rice wine.

‟You're a gem", the girl replied with a playful voice. She winked at the innkeeper and grabbed the small jug. She slowly turned around and walked through the inn. She felt how some sailors and other men looked at her curiously, but she was used to it.

The girl sat down on a pillow, a bit farther away from the other humans. Every single table was separated from each other through rather thin visual cover. On the ceiling some paper lanterns hung, illuminating the whole place together with a big fire in the center of the room. The tables were small, and the guests didn't sit on chairs like it was usual, instead there were pillows for each one. Luckily for the girl, she was alone here.

She drank out of the jug, and sighed quietly. The girl was a strange one. From the first outer look somebody would assume, she was some kind of young noble woman from Ionia as her clothing looked pretty expensive, but 'cheap' at the same time. Most parts of her long legs were exposed, showing her fair skin. And if that wasn't enough her upper body was partly exposed around her neck and chest, too. Her breasts were partly to see, leaving not much room for speculation.

But, if someone wasn't lost in her cleavage, they could see more very strange things on this girl. The first thing somebody would notice were the strange black furry ears of the girl, together with yellowish eyes. Some strange black lines were on her cheeks, which somehow looked like the remains of whiskers. All of these features somehow resembled a fox in a distant way.

But, the by far most prominent feature of this girl was the fluffy tail on her back. Nearly as long as she was with a pure white color. A feature which clearly showed, that she wasn't a normal human. Even though in a world filled with magical creatures, she wasn't that special. Abnormal, but enough human like that she didn't need to fear that somebody would hunt and kill her.

Her name was Ahri. A former fox from the southern parts of Ionia. A fox with a magical connection to the world around her. She still remembered it, even though not really clear, her time as one of them. But, what she remembered clearly was her 'awakening'. The change she made, after entering a battlefield where two armies had fought. Her wish which came true. She became a human.

'A human...but incomplete..', she thought with a sigh, and drank out of the little jug. 'I needed to do this...but why do I feel so bad then?' It took her years to learn as much as she needed to integrate herself into human society. To uphold her humanity, as the last thing she ever wanted was to turn back into a fox, she had stolen the life essences of man and woman alike.

But...after the last times she started to feel a new feeling. A feeling she had never experienced before. Ahri blurry remembered how she killed small rabbits and other animals as a fox, how she took the live essence of her very first victim without hesitation. But, now...

'So, I guess that is what humans are calling...guilt and remorse, right?', she thought with another sigh. There was one positive side on this though...she was becoming more human than ever before. But, on the other side, she couldn't kill anymore people. It felt...wrong to do something like this, only for herself. But, if she didn't continue with it...she would transform back to a fox.

'Damn it...', she thought and slammed one of her hands on the table.

The doors of the inn were suddenly opened and one impressive figure walked inside the building. Ahri changed her sitting position slightly, and looked to the bar. Luckily, from her place she had an excellent view on most parts of the inn.

The girl had long white hair and wore a reddish-silver piece of traditional Ionian armor. Her stance, her gestures. Everything showed that she was a warrior. The most prominent feature were, of course, the hovering blades around her together with the 'Mantle of Decorum', Ionia's highest decoration. Ahri knew that only two people wore this mantle. One of them was Karma, one of Ionia's leaders the other one...

‟Lady Irelia? It's an honor. What brings you here?", the innkeeper quickly said and bowed before the Ionian war heroine. She was still well known for her deeds back then, even though the war was over for years now and the southern provinces freed from Noxus influence.

‟Just a short stop, before I ride on to Placidium", Irelia answered calmly, and walked to the bar. ‟Give me something light. I need a clear head later on." Her blades twirled around midair, before they calmly hovered beside her.

‟Just a moment, Will of the Blades", the innkeeper quickly replied and disappeared behind a curtain into the kitchen.

Ahri watched the girl carefully. Irelia looked calm, yes nearly relaxed. She leaned onto the bar, and looked around in the inn. She smiled shortly and waved at some people, Ahri couldn't see.

Ahri's interest then was drawn towards the swords of her. Four in number, which surrounded something like a small red orb. Ahri had heard stories, when she had visited Placidium not long ago. Stories that these swords weren't only weapons, but instead a part of Irelia's soul. Ahri felt a shiver running down her spine. It was a creepy idea.

After a moment the innkeeper appeared again, carrying a tray with him. He placed it before Irelia, and gave her a small earthen jug. Irelia nodded at him thankfully, and drank out of it.

‟Hm..tastes good", she said with a short smile. ‟What is it?"

‟A special juice made from different fruits", the innkeeper answered her question. He shortly wiped over the counter, before raising his voice again. ‟Well, I know you have much to do..but how is the League? News from there are rare."

'League?' Ahri pricked up her ears and focused on the conversation at the bar. She was somehow happy that she still had the good sense of hearing.

‟Oh, it's a rather busy place you know. Always fighting within the matches, everyday training for the next battles..but it helped us all. It's a small price to pay, when we can uphold peace", Irelia answered amused. ‟Even though getting kicked out of the bed midnight because you're summoned is annoying."

The innkeeper laughed shortly. ‟Oh, I know about this one! My daughters did the same to me when they were small babies", he replied amused, before turning a bit more serious again. ‟So...are they really that powerful, like people say?" Irelia simply nodded.

‟They are. Even more powerful than I would have imagined it. Their magic is beyond my understanding", Irelia answered with a chuckle, before she drank out of her jug again.

'Magic beyond understanding...' That was pretty much everything Ahri wanted to hear. She stood up from her place, and slowly walked over to the bar. The innkeeper had asked another question, and Irelia was answering it. Ahri waited until they were finished, before she stepped closer.

‟Excuse me?", Ahri asked. She spoke with a more normal conversational tone.

‟Yes?", Irelia asked and shortly looked to her side. Her eyes wandered over Ahri's body, the ears and tail. She frowned slightly, but stayed quiet. Even though Ahri saw in her eyes, that she wanted to ask things.

‟I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I've heard something about a..powerful organization called 'League'?", Ahri asked carefully.

‟Have you been living under a rock?", the innkeeper asked amused and Ahri shortly glared at him. It wasn't the first time she heard something like this, but she was annoyed every time again.

‟It's alright", Irelia said, and turned around completely. ‟It's true. The organization is called 'The League of Legends'. Summoners and magicians from all other Runeterra are living inside the walls of the Institute of War. Their goal is to maintain peace on Valoran to stop wars...like the one a few years ago."

‟Are they really that powerful?", Ahri asked curiously. Irelia nodded.

‟They are. Otherwise, the other city states wouldn't subordinate under such an organization...more or less freely on their own accord", Irelia answered her with a short smile. ‟Well, why do you want to know that?"

‟Just interested. Where is it located?"

‟In the middle of the main continent, directly between the borders of Demacia and Noxus. But, allow me a question now", Irelia said and looked at her curiously. Ahri just nodded. ‟What are you exactly? I've never seen someone like you..and within the League you see all kinds of strange creatures."

Ahri bit her tongue, and shortly thought about telling the truth of her whole story. But, she decided against it, and instead she uses the same old made-up story she always told, when somebody asked her.

‟Oh, I'm just an ordinary human. Yes, the ears and tail..well..something gone wrong with a magical experiment. I'm trying to find a way to get back to normal...maybe the League can help me there", she answered. Ahri slightly used a bit of her charming magic, to let her words sound a bit more innocent than normally. Her magic made it easier to convince humans to believe this story without questioning too much.

‟Well, maybe they do. Normally they're not interested in such cases...but, well, I don't want to destroy your hope. What's your name by the way?", Irelia asked and drank out of her jug. Ahri slightly felt relieved, that her little magic trick worked out.

‟My name is Ahri. Nice to meet you", Ahri answered with a wink.

‟Nice to meet you too", Irelia replied, and emptied her jug. ‟Even though I would normally stay a little longer, I need to go now. Karma is awaiting me, and I can't waste more time. If you do want to visit the League, we will see each other again there."

‟Just one more question. How do I get there? I've never left Ionia before", Ahri asked a bit shyly.

‟One of the ships will bring you to Piltover. From there you can either take a zeppelin, the train or a carriage. The latter one isn't so expensive though. Oh, and don't wonder too much about Piltover..all kinds of crazy stuff is going on there", Irelia answered with a smirk.

‟Eh...alright", Ahri simply replied slightly confused. She wondered what could go on in Piltover, if Irelia warned her about it.

‟Good! But, now I need to go. See you around in the League! Good day to you", Irelia said with a smile, and left the tavern her swords by her side.

'Huh...' Ahri thoughtfully tapped against her lips. 'When they're so powerful...maybe they can help me to stay a human.' There wasn't any decision to make. The League was her only hope if she wanted to stay the way she was. Even though it was only a faint hope.

She walked back to her seat, and grabbed a shoulder bag. Within it was nearly everything she possessed, some new clothes together with some trinkets, which she gathered during the time. Ahri turned around and started to walk towards the exit.

‟Hey! You didn't pay!", the innkeeper exclaimed and frowned. Ahri slowly turned around again.

‟Do I really need to do that?", she asked with a playfully voice. Ahri blew him a kiss, and slightly bend forward, giving him a good view on her impressive chest.

‟Uh...fine. Not this time", the innkeeper said. He stared at her chest for a moment, and he wasn't the only one. Some other people looked at her. Ahri literally could see how some started to drool. She giggled quietly and turned around.

‟Thank you..." She swung her hips when she left the tavern. Even though she felt remorse about killing people...she still enjoyed it to wrap them around her fingers. It made things easier for her. Even though she had sometimes heard the word '*****' together with her name in one sentence. But, she didn't care.

She heard how one of the men loudly exclaimed: ‟By Piltover's clockworks! That's a woman , I tell you that! Innkeeper! Get me something to cool down again!" Ahri laughed quietly, before she left the tavern completely.

Ahri stepped out into the harbor city of Narbori, which was lying on the southern side of Ionia. Not long ago, this city was the main port for Noxian armies and war machines. From here they would march onward into the mainland, trying to conquer it. For Ahri it didn't matter though.

The city was completely built in the traditional Ionian style, and most of them were painted in red or white colors and had greenish roofs. Some monuments stood within the city. Some of them were built to honor the fallen Ionian soldiers, others honored the war heroes. All in all it was a typical Ionian city.

The tavern, which Ahri had visited, was lying directly in front of the docks and was a well known place for all sailors and passengers. In fact, one of the best in the entire city. Shortly she overlooked the docks. Multiple long landing stages, some cranes which unloaded the ships. Ahri spotted a few Demacian ships together with Piltovian ones.

It was noisy as dozens of sailors yelled orders at each other, the sound some ship engines made and of course the crowd which walked through this part of the city. Hundreds or even thousands of people walked here. Merchants had built up booths wherever a place was left and started to sell their goods reaching from gems and trinkets to fish and clothing. An image of a typical harbor city.

The loud noises were a little bit too much for her ears. Ahri felt a slight headache, but on the other side she felt good. She liked it to be under humans, to see what they were doing. So many different individuals, everyone with other dreams and wishes. It was fascinating.

As she didn't know which ship from the many ones, would take her to Piltover she approached one of the harbor guards. The woman wore a typical set of armor, together with a long spear and sword. A helmet hung at her belt. Her eyes wandered over the passengers, which just left one of the ferries.

‟I'm sorry to bother you", Ahri started the conversation. The guard shortly looked to her side, and eyed her from top to bottom. Ahri smiled at her, hands behind her back.

‟Yes? What do you want?", the guard asked friendly.

‟Which ship will bring me to Piltover?", Ahri asked.

‟You're lucky. It's the one over there", the guard pointed at one big ferry. Multiple flags of Piltover were to see, flying in the wind. The ship was modern and completely painted white. Ahri didn't spot any kind of sails or chimneys on it. ‟You can buy a ticket from one of the sailors, which are waiting before the gangway."

‟Thanks! When will it depart?"

‟In the next fifteen minutes. Like I said you're lucky. The next one would depart in two days", the guard answered with a chuckle. ‟Have a good and safe trip."

‟Thanks again. Have a nice day!" Ahri bowed slightly before the guard, and walked on towards the ferry. She felt somehow excited to see more of this world. Ionia was fascinating enough, even after all these years she hadn't visited every part of it, but now she would see the main continent. Valoran.

She heard stories about the continent. Magical and giant cities, thousands of humans, a land of snowy mountains and ice deserts. Wide and great steppes. She couldn't wait to see every single part of it. But, of course her main goal was to reach the League first. And no matter the cost, when the League could help her, she would willingly do everything they wanted. Okay. Nearly everything.

She looked up, as she walked towards the gangway. Dozens of other passengers were already on board, sailors were doing the last preparations for their departure. Ahri waited in the long line of passengers, which wanted to enter until it was her turn.

‟Next one", the sailor exclaimed loudly, and looked at her for a moment. ‟Alright, one trip to Piltover right? Which class?"

‟Not the most expensive one", Ahri answered friendly. For a moment she thought about using her charm, to get easy access, but she decided against it. Her magic had the slight disadvantage that it didn't last forever, and she hadn't a clue how long this journey would take.

‟Second class. Five gold is it then", the sailor said in a tone, like he said it hundreds of times already.

Ahri shortly grabbed at one of her small pockets and gave him the money. She pushed away the dark thought of how she got this gold, and instead focused on the brighter side of her journey now. The sailor gave her a small paper, on which her cabin number stood and waved.

‟Thank you", Ahri said and entered the monstrous ship. She found a seat at the bow, and dropped her bag beside her. She looked out of the window, onto the wide sea. She listened how some other people talked with each other, their plans and what they wanted to do. Ahri smiled. 'Well...set sail to the League of Legends.'

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Here we are! Chapter 3! (To have holidays is cool. You can write so much!)


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Chapter 4 is out! It's a very loooong chapter. :P


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Chapter 5 is out! And the romance finally starts (a bit)!


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This chapter right here...gave me a goddamn headache :P Everything was so complicated...but it turned out good in the end. Or at least I hope so


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really good job I like it a lot

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Senior Member



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This is a pretty good story so far, plus , one of my favorite champions!!

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Thanks for all the positive feedback so far! Next chapter may come out on Sunday...or Monday not sure yet. :P

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Do you have a google docs, pastebin, or something similar as to where I can download the whole thing as a txt doc? Its just that you can't select any text on fanfiction without setting it to mobile viewer. It doesn't matter if you do or do not in the end. I just wanted to have a saved copy of this.