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Patch 4.13

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We have a new patch, including some changes to Dominion. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/node/19743

Notable changes:

Elise got her Cocoon width nerfed from 70 to 55. You should expect to see the spider lady missing her stuns more often. Her Rappel got a drop in range with about 100. All in all, these nerfs will hurt her. Her ganks will be harder to pull off, and she won't be able to escape in as many situations. I predict she might drop to tier 2.

Evelynn got hit with a baseball bat. Her Q base damage got nerfed pretty hard, and the increased late game scaling doesn't really make up for it. At max rank, she needs either 300 AP or 150 bonus AD to break even. Her early game will be weaker either way. Will she remain in tier 3, or will she drop to tier 4? I'm not sure.

Gragas got some interesting changes. His Q is going to be worse for clearing minions, which is a nerf but probably won't affect Dominion as much as SR, unless you're playing bot Gragas. The more interesting change is the change to his W. It now costs 30 mana each time you use it, which is a pretty big nerf for SR Gragas but not quite as big for Dominion Gragas. The damage reduction just lasts for 2.5 seconds, which may seem like a nerf... Until you realize that they lowered the max rank CD. Instead of 6 seconds, it's 4 seconds. With 40% CDR, it has a cooldown of 2.4 seconds, and a duration of 2.5 seconds. I suspect we may see more bruiser Gragas that max W. This could be interesting indeed.

Hecarim got a damage buff to his passive and slightly lower mana cost on his Q. Enough to make him tier 3 worthy? Perhaps.

Lee Sin got his W shield reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds, which isn't too big of a deal, all in all. What's worse is the loss of attack speed reduction on E, which will reduce a lot of his utility and dueling potential. He'll probably move to tier 3.

Olaf got some nice buffs that might end up making him a bit more viable. 1 second shorter cooldown on his Q, slightly more healing on his W, and 20/10/0 seconds CD shaved off his ultimate. I think he might move up to tier 3, especially since Blackfire Torch got nerfed and he's thus less likely to be bursted by APs.

Kayle got a small buff, but she's still been nerfed pretty hard. I might have to move her down to tier 3 unless people find a build that makes her strong. The meta not being as rewarding to bursty champions also means that her ultimate is less valuable than before.

Lissandra got her high rank CD on Q reduced by 1 (3 seconds instead of 4 seconds at max rank), her W ratio reduced by 0.2, and her R slow increased to 30/45/75 from 20/30/40. She'll burst less but she'll be able to spam Q more and her ultimate will slow a lot more at later ranks. Perhaps we'll see more tanky Lissandra builds emerge?

Lulu. For some reason, she still has her map specific nerfs, and she got nerfed really hard. Her Q slow no longer scales with AP, and her W move speed buff now scales with ranks... Starting at 3 seconds at rank 1 and ending at 5 seconds at rank 5. On the plus side, the mana cost now remains at a static 65, so she won't be as mana hungry as before. Now you have to make a choice: Do you max Q first and give up a lot of your map mobility, or do you max W first and give up damage and slows? In either case, building heavy AP is probably a thing in the past. It doesn't increase her slows anymore, and the move speed boost won't be as good until level 9, if she's maxing W first, or level 13, if she's maxing Q first.

Lulu will most likely drop to level 3. She'll be a usable support but rather mediocre and outshined by Janna in general, and potentially Sona, depending on how the rework works out. They should've removed her map specific nerfs, even without them she'd be weaker than before.

Lux got a small damage buff to her passive. Cool.

Vel'Koz got 20 more width to his W and 50 more range to his ultimate. Cool.

Yasuo got his passive shield duration reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second, his Q having an increased cast time, and his Wind Wall no longer gives him Flow from dashing. He's tuned down a bit, probably won't hurt him too much. Enough to bring him down to tier 2? I doubt it, but we'll see.

Ziggs got his ultimate cooldown increased to 120 at all ranks, from 120/105/90. 30 seconds at max rank, ouch. This is a significant nerf, and it'll drop him to tier 3.

Graves got a small Q buff and 50/100 more damage on his ultimate late game.

Kog'Maw is now a bit squishier early game, slightly bulkier late game. His Q got a pretty big early game nerf, which is especially notable since I've been told that he often maxes Q last. It'll hurt him, although it's still Kog'Maw, so I suspect he'll remain in tier 3.

Lucian got some hefty nerfs. His E no longer removes slows, and the cooldown increased by 4. He still can reduce the cooldown by attacking, and his attack range is 50 lower than before. We'll see how this turns out.

Sivir got a longer duration on the movement speed for her ultimate. This will probably help her move up to tier 3.

Tristana got nerfed. Her W slow now scales with levels, which is an overall nerf unless you max it first, but a small late game buff. Her E got lower damage overall, 30 at rank 1, 10 at rank 5. AP Tristana got gutted by the Blackfire Torch nerf.

Varus got his ultimate reduced by 10/15/20 seconds. This is a really nice buff, and it's going to make him much safer overall. With max CDR and max rank, his ultimate has a 42 second cooldown.

Sona got a rework. It deserves a thread of its own.

Braum lost quite a bit of burst from his passive, 78 at level 18, his early mana cost on W (which he usually maxes last) got increased, and his early knockup cc got reduced to 1/1.25/1.5 from 1.5 on all levels. The slow amount reduced to 40/50/60% from 60% at all levels, and now it barely lasts once they leave the area (0.25 seconds, from 1.5 seconds). These are some significant nerfs to him, and while I suspect he might still remain tier 1, Leona will generally be better now.

Janna got her passive range increased to 1000 from 800, and her Q now immediately goes on cooldown once she uses it. If it's fully charged, it'll knock up for 1.25 seconds. Generally, she won't charge it, so it's not a big buff, but it's a buff.

Nami got her move speed reduced by 5 and her W CD increased by 1. This might not seem like much, but I suspect it might affect her flow quite a bit. It might be enough to drop her to tier 3, I'm not sure, although she'll probably be stronger than Lulu.

Thresh got even weaker. His shield can only shield one ally plus himself, and his ultimate only does damage on the first wall broken.

Fizz got some map specific nerfs. His Q CD is one second longer, and his E CD is 2 seconds longer at max rank. Combined with the Blackfire Torch nerf, Fizz will be weaker, although probably still tier 1. He'll have to play smarter now.

On to items. Frost Queen's Claim got its gold/10 reduced, so it's meh on Dominion. Talisman of Ascension is still bad, it's better for dedicated backcapping though. Rylai's Crystal Scepter now gives 100 AP and 400 hp instead of 80 AP and 500 hp, making champions that buy it slightly less bulky with slightly more AP. Chalice of Harmony lost 5 MR, making Athene's Unholy Grail even less appealing.

The Blackfire Torch nerf is perhaps one of the most notable changes in this patch. The cooldown on the item is increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. I suspect the item will now be a niche-item, and any champion that had it as a core item (such as LeBlanc and Fizz) will be weaker now. They'll either still buy it and suffer from the increased CD, or they'll skip it and get something that doesn't synergize as well with them.

With that being said, the item enabled gameplay that basically let champions 100-0 you without giving you time to react. Personally, I prefer encounters that last at least a few seconds rather than 1-2 seconds.

Summoner spells. Exhaust now reduces damage by 40% instead of 50%, but also reduces armor and MR by 10. It's not quite as good at countering burst, but it's better offensively.

Heal got nerfed pretty hard, now healing for 90-345 from 95-475. Considering how common Griveous Wounds is, I suspect Summoner Heal will be rarely used.

Lots of changes this patch, go ahead and discuss them!

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As one of the few actual Kog'Maw players around here, I typically skill Q second after W on ADCKog and TanKoggy 'n after E on AP Koggy. It'll be a hit to his early game, yeah. But I don't see it as being that huge of a deal.

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Well I won't even try to troll with Grag anymore that's for sure.

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Adori Vita Vis

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fivecap buffs across the board

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Redeemed In Fire

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Trying very hard right now not to snap at how little of that list is dominion focused =/ Went back to SR and remembered the times of 30 minutes straight of people hunting me because im weak and apparently don't deserve to have an ounce of fun.

Kinda been a crappy week for me in general. This makes me between games and that leaves me with no active entertainment *sigh


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All heil the league of wolfarim, God bless.

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I just started playing Gragas because of the aforementioned CDR reduction. It's proved to be very impactful mid-midlate game and baiting melee champs into a false sense of security. Lots of fun! Core for me is ring, kindle, FH (or Grail just for the MR/CDR equivalent, but I haven't had to do this yet), then whatever. Thanks for the idea, Sylian.