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Season 4 World Championship Predictions!

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LMQ is pretty much already a lock for taking 1 of the 3 slots. They have all but secured a bye to semi-finals of playoffs. Which means that for them to end up in 4th place looking in they would have to lose their semi-finals game then lose to the loser of the other semi-finals game... not going to happen.

so my prediction for NA Worlds is: TSM, C9, LMQ... Who DESERVES to go? TSM, C9, CLG.

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I only watch the NA scene a little bit and a lot of OGN so I'll only make guesses for the two regions... What I predict may surprise some people, but I think from NA C9 will not make it out this year. TSM ever since getting Locodoco as their coach has looked a lot stronger in my opinion because of their vision control. Thus I have TSM coming out as the winner of the NA regionals by beating LMQ. I really don't like LMQ, maybe I'm just a hater, but I have to admit this team is strong. C9 has looked vulnerable this season, and they could still prove me wrong but I'm leaning towards CLG because of their visit to Korea. There's really a lot to learn from scrimming with Korean teams, and Monty has top notch knowledge of how the League of Legends game works at the moment, and I feel like CLG would improve immensely through their special practices in Korea. So in short, TSM, LMQ, and CLG will make it out of NA for me.

For the Korean scene, it gets really interesting because of how circuit points work. Obviously Blue already locked their first seed, and they're my favorite to win the Worlds this year (that being said, Dade did struggle immensely last year against international competition). As of now, SKT T1 K is in the second place for points, but they could potentially tie with White if White goes 3rd place and K wins NLB. If S beats White (the game is tomorrow by the way), the K is locked to go to the world. If they tie for circuit points (which seems like the most likely scenario at this point) then they play a tie breaker game in which I believe K wins out (even though White beat them in OGN this year convincingly, I feel like the Mao pick up on Impact will be huge for that series now). For the third team, I don't think it will be Samsung White. Not a lot of fans know the team I'm about to pick, but they are showing very strong signs, similar to that of SKT T1K of last year; the KT Arrows. The Arrows are my pick to win the OGN Summers this year, and a darkhorse for the World's. Honestly, I feel like Arrows will make it to Worlds by winning out the regionals regardless of who they're matched up against (T1K or White). So there's my prediction for the Korean circuit: Samsung Blue, SKT T1 K, and the KT Arrows.

On a side note, at this point it seems like all 3 Korean teams will make the final four if they allow it. Whoever makes the worlds (the two Samsung teams, SKT T1K, and KT Arrows) all look soooooo strong at the moment compared to the NA LCS games I've watched and a few Chinese games I've watched.

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I know I'm going to get downvoted for this, but I'm going to say C9, CLG or Curse, and DIG. I still believe in Dignitas. I think that after their games this week, they'll know what to work on for playoffs. DIG FOR LIFE!

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fatal otaku

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Personally, (bias included) I think C9, TSM, and CRS are going to make it to worlds, with CLG being my Dark Horse for me. C9 is a great team and I can't see them throwing 2 series in a row. They could lose the semi-final match but to lose that and the 3rd place match I can't see happening. As for my tournament prediction, TSM will beat DIG in the quarter-final, and beat LMQ in the Semi-final. CRS will beat CLG in the quarter-final and lose to C9 in semi-final before beating LMQ in the 3rd place match. For the finals I see C9 beating TSM. That is just my opinion however so take it for what it is.

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Seraph of Apollo



I'm getting the feeling that everyone really believes in what CLG is doing over in Korea right now.. but we wont know till they show up. I honestly am a TSM guy and I think that it'll be LMQ C9 and TSM in that order at the end. Only thing i Differ on is KEYD from Brasil. I think they make it in the wild card spot.

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I honestly don't think going to Korea is going to make CLG better but CLG is already better than the other NA teams. They just lack consistency; most of their losses come from them beating themselves. Basically it will be CLG, LMQ, C9, or C9, LMQ, TSM, if Curse beats CLG somehow (Curse always win EXCEPT in any kind of playoffs despite being much weaker). I also could see DIG somehow getting in if they upset TSM.

EU: Alliance, Fnatic, SK

OGN: Samsung Blue, White, SKT T1 K

LPL: OMG, Royal Club, Edward Gaming

The other 4 teams... I don't know but I really don't see any of them pulling a win besides amongst themselves unfortunately.

I think this will be the most competitive worlds yet!

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Sorry I was laughing at the guy who said Curse is going to make worlds. I am fairly certain LMQ and C9 will make it from NA. The third spot is a toss up for me. I used to be a big TSM fan, but now that none of them are any of the original or old long time members, I don't like them anymore. However, they do have a pretty good team when they're on point. I feel that CLG -can- be a better team though. If going to Korea made CLG stronger, I feel like they will beat out TSM for that 3rd spot. In the end, my predictions for NA are: C9, LMQ, CLG

P.S. I don't like the idea that LMQ is going to worlds as an NA team though. I mean they are all 100% Chinese, and barely speak English. It'd almost be like China gets a 4th spot in the worlds. Of course I would root for them if the other NA teams get eliminated, but I still feel like it's China's victory.

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Well it seems it's between TSM, Curse, C9 and LMQ. Ironically the two guys who were downvoted are the only ones here who still have a chance of being right.

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BC Wind

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NA: TSM, C9, CLG Dark Horse: CRS
TSM has looked amazing the past 2 weeks as has C9 and CLG is boot camping in Korea and scrimming Korean Teams in preparation for the NA Regionals... If they can't get at least 3rd in NA after that they may aswell be relegated. CRS has just been... surprising this Split... they always seem to show up when their backs are against the wall and it would be awesome to see Xpecial at another World Championship.

EU: ALL, FNC, SK Dark Horse: SHC
ALL and FNC have both looked great heading into their Regionals. SK is a veteran team and looked good this week in their Super week going 3-1 so I give them the inside track on SHC making it to Worlds. SHC is just a really young team and I wanna see how their talent loaded roster does on the World stage.

CN: OMG, EDG, WE Dark Horse: SHRC
OMG and EDG are the clear cut favorites to represent China at Worlds this year, as they should be, they've both dominated the Chinese scene all season and that doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon. WE is my next team, they seem to be the most consistent team in China that isn't named OMG or EDG so there you go... SHRC (Star Horn Royal Club for those of you that don't know) are basically the most they are another team I would like to see at Worlds just because they're different than any other team in China and they always pull out at least 1 victory no matter who they face and have only been 2-0'd by OMG which you can't really give them too much **** for. Plus they have Insec and... lets be honest hear... we all wanna see him at a World championship especially if he can get Lee Sin.

KR: SSB, SSW, KTA Dark Horse: SKT T1 K
SSB is guaranteed a spot at Worlds so there's no point in saying why I chose them. SSW will probably beat their sister team tomorrow morning and head to the finals of Champions Summer against KTA a trip to the finals would also give them enough Circuit Points to guarantee themselves a seed at Worlds aswell the only way they would have to fight for their spot is if a couple things go horribly wrong for them but everything lining up that way seems pretty unlikely to happen... My final team to represent Korea may surprise many people, that team being KTA (KT Rolster Arrows) they are another team that I would just love to see play more this season, they're a very aggressive and young team that is just fun to see play no matter what they do and they've looked amazing this Summer, so amazing that I think they'll beat any and every team that they run into at the Regional Qualifier. SKT T1 K is probably the most well known Korean team on the International stage and for good reason, they won the S3 World Championship and they went undefeated at All Stars, because of this they have a very large fanbase outside of Korea and it would be awesome to see the World Champs return and defend what is rightfully theirs. (tbh I think Rito should make it so that the Champs get an autolock to the next World Championships, probably will never happen but just saying that would be awesome)

TPA has dominated the SEA Region all season and will probably win the Summer Championship automatically qualifying their spot for Worlds and theirs no reason to believe that they won't win the Summer. AHQ has been a top team in SEA this season and looks to be the 2nd best team in SEA for the 2nd "season" in a row. I didn't pick a Dark Horse for this region because none of the other teams really seem to have a shot at beating the 2 that I picked.

Wild Cards: The teams that will place 15th and 16th at Worlds.
I don't have any clue on any of the teams going to the Wild Card events so I have no clue on who will go, what I do know is that the Wild Cards will again be the bottom feeders of the World Championship and relieve a lot of stress on the teams that are in the same group as they are.

P.S. Praying that the S5 World Championships feature 20 teams, 4 groups of 5 so that we can see even more top teams duking it out in an even more demanding group stage. *fingers crossed*

Xspecial is a ****ing traitor.