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Hecarim JG build

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Okay, so I've seen quite a bit of different builds for Hecarim and I was wondering what builds people went with in sort of the higher up like gold, and platinum ranked matches. I know a build should change depending on the situation, but I would like to know generally what people follow in terms of their builds as this champion. Thank you for your help and I hope to someday see you all in ranked matches. Not even level 30 yet...

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My top 4 item priority atm is like this. Ancient golemn -> boots of mobility -> tri-force/frozen gaunlet
-> Randuin.

During your first clear go back ASAP when you reach 800 gold. This will let you buy boot and quill armor so you can survive in the jungle. If you ever have 475 gold lying around after boots of mobility, grab a quick distortion boot to all in your opponent when you gank. After raundin, you'll probably want to build spirit visage due to the lack of magic resist at that point unless they're super ad heavy.

Gl out there hecarim jungler, the way of the hec is painful be fear not and persevere!

Plat IV hecarim, demoted 4 times from Plat III.