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Please Help Me

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Can someone tell me what I could improve on, I've recently fell so hard down on LKS (Was Silver 2 now Silver 5) after consistently losing games.

Every game I try and . . .

- Communicate

- Ward alot

- Ping alot

- Focus objectives

Overall I try my hardest and focus on my weaknesses (recently warding more) but nothing seems to happen, people say when you improve you will get where you belong but it seems ever since I've tried to improve on my weaknesses it's gotten worse. I can't do ANYTHING when one of our players decides the game is just over and trolls around and doesn't care, so how on Earth can I win a game where 1 or 2 of or players could care less if we lost?

I need help, what can i focus on to finally get out of Silver. I've played atleast 350+ games in this division and I still can't escape no matter WHAT i try which includes playing snowbally champions, trying to get better at adcing, working on weaknesses, etc.

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Most recent losses:
You are dying a lot. Work on dying less.

Second. You complain about trolls when you built 5 boots on Lee Sin. The irony