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Global Summoner Name System

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Toprak C8

Junior Member



Our nicks very important. Players' summoner names represent them on the rift and their gaming styles. A famous player or an ordinary player don't have to fell getting own summoner name on all servers. And we can chatting all online League of Legends players in the world with this system


Username(account login name)
Private name(or Riot can say a different name for this)
Summoner Name


Username: summoner08
Private name: toprak
Summoner Name: Toprak C8

I can login with my ''username'' on all servers. It's only English 26 letters and numbers.
I can add my friends with their ''private name''s. It's only English 26 characters, numbers too + space(but I don't know Koreans or other different no latin alphabet's writing systems on web). Private name and summoner name can be same(ex: Private name: toprak, Summoner name: Toprak). A player can't use other's private name for own summoner name OR a player can't use other's summoner name for own private name. If my friend is online on Turkey server and I am online on Amerika server now, he seems me '' Toprak C8(NA) '' in his friend list. He can chat me but he can't add me a duo or group game(normally). If a player want to play on new server; champions, RP, skins, IP and Lv start from scratch of course, Riot Games must earn money
Players see our ''Summoner Name''s on rift. We should use League of Legends playeble language's letters in our summoner names. Ex Turkish '' ç, ğ , ı, ö, ş, ü, Ç, Ğ, İ, Ö, Ş, Ü '' characters, Rusian and Korean characters.. If a player can't read other's summoner name, he meets him with his private name(or SHE)

Transition to new system

We can create new login names, new private names and new summoner names independent of old login datas. But yeah, it can be wrong. We don't want a Froggen other than Hanrik Hansen. So, new system give priority to old accounts datas on new datas. If some players don't want use old accounts datas, this can be Riot Games' gift to its players. But I don't have an idea cost of switching to the new system OR is new gift names fair for Riot Games' benefits.


This system for very few and very special players. Ex: inSec . He did his Lee Sin mechanic very good in a great tournament. We call inSec for this movement. Players learn this and they want this in their all Lee Sin games. inSec became legend. It is wonderful

It was '' title + summoner name '' form. Title be colored. Yellow, red, blue... A professional designer can chose compatible color for screen. But inSec has changed my idea. This design can be different forms:

Title + Summoner Name
All Summoner Name
A part of Summoner Name


Dragonslayer Doublelift : ''Dragonslayer'' be colored and ''Doublelift'' be ordinary summoner name form.(I suit Dragonslayer for this topic from Dragonslayer Vayne for Doublelift)
inSec : All name be colored. His summoner name be his title and summoner name
HotshotGG : Only ''GG'' part be colored

If Riot Games chose a title for a player, the new is published on official web site. It is a very rare status of course, maybe Rioters can use second form. Before this, title is asked to player, he/she like this or don't like this.


Players can use their designed summoner icons with RP payment in this system. Summoner icon rules contain specific criterions: picture's pixels, picture's format, no racist, no adult... Player designed own icon, after Rioter control it. If it approprites to rules, player can use this icon. If it doesn't approprite to rules, Rioter return a partion of the this system's RP payment. Riot Games continue to design summoner icons for special events of course

I imagine personal champion kill sounds but it doesn't seem possible, does it


  • You designed skins for TPA and SKT T1. I am not fan of Fnatic but they are first champions. I think first season championship is the most special than afters. You should do skins for Fnatic
  • New HP and mana bar better then old bar, its design very good. It contain square level part. You can use stun, fear, slow... effects this bar's contiguous
  • I played DOTA very short time before League of Legends. I know, we have 3 dragons(Galio, Shyvana and Ao Shin) in Summoner Rift. But I realy want to see ''a fire drake with Leshrac Ultimate'' in League of Legends. Riot pleaseee

I am learning English, so I couldn't be clear enough and I could use wrong grammer and worlds. I am realy sorry for this

I am fan of Riot Games when I started the game on summer 2011

Thank you

Toprak C8

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Toprak C8

Junior Member


I don't know, you are doing Fnatic skins with my suggestion or not ,but this is fair. Riot Games <3

Other one

  • We can use(choose on store) different ward skins for different ward missions


    Trinked Ward: Armadillo Ward
    Stealth Ward : Luminosity Ward
    Vision Ward: Dragonslayer Ward

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Junior Member


Team names should be global too