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[Guide] Sivir - Melee Support Build

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Guide by Nyyuu.
Sivir- The Battle Mistress

Who am i?
I am just a regular player that wanted to make a guide. I have seen a lot of Sivir's that just have bad builds and or buy weird items so i decided to make a guide based off of how I play Sivir. This guide is only how i play and is no way saying this is how to play Sivir. If you find that this is not the way you want to play Sivir, don't. I just hope that this may help someone and bring better competitive play to LoL.

Melee Support Build

Mark of Malice
Seal of Alacrity
Glyph of Alacrity
Quintessence of Malice

Offense: 21
Deadliness 3
Cripple 1
Sorcery 4
Alacrity 4
Archaic Knowledge 1
Sunder 3
Brute Force 1
Lethality 3
Havoc 1

Utility: 9
Perseverence 3
Good Hands 1
Expanded Mind 4
Meditation 1

Summoner Spells:

Level 1: Boomerang Blade
Level 2: Spell Shield
Level 3: Boomerang Blade
Level 4: Spell Shield
Level 5: Boomerang Blade
Level 6: On The Hunt
Level 7: Boomerang Blade
Level 8: Spell Shield
Level 9: Boomerang Blade
Level 10: Spell Shield
Level 11: On The Hunt
Level 12: Spell Shield
Level 13: Ricochet
Level 14: Ricochet
Level 15: Ricochet
Level 16: On The Hunt
Level 17: Ricochet
Level 18: Ricochet

Philosopher's Stone 1115
Stark's Fervor 2550
Boots of Speed 350
Black Cleaver 3065
Infinity Edge 4080
Phantom Dancer 3395

Start of by getting the Meki pendant(390) a health potion(35) and a mana potion(40). The first thing you want to get is the Philosopher's Stone(725). Next you want to get the vampiric Scepter(450) now you can stay in your lane and just farm gold. When you get 1400+ gold go back and get Recurve Bow(1050) and Boots of Speed(350), if you have enough get Emblem of Valour(350). Once you have enough to finish getting Stark's Fervor go back and get it. At this point it should be about 20 minutes into the game, your level 10/11, have Philosopher's Stone, Stark's Fervor and Boots of Speed and be creeping in groups of 3~5. It's up to you when upgrading your boots, either get Mercury's Treads if you have trouble spell shielding stuns/slows, Boots of mobility/swiftness if you can't keep up with everyone, or if you find yourself being able to handle yourself well in fights get Berserker's Grieves. Start saving for Black Cleaver(3065), at about 30 minutes into the game you should have this and begin to work on either of the next two items, Phantom Dancer or Infinity Edge. If you managed to get them both chances are the other team is turtling. Sell the Philospher's Stone and buy whatever item you deem fit either another Phantom Dancer, Frozen Heart or something good.

Item Order:
Meki Pendant 390
Health Potion 35
Mana Potion 40
Regrowth Pendant 475
Philosopher's Stone 250
Vampiric Scepter 450
Boots of speed 350
Recurve Bow 1050
Rejuvenation Bead 250
Emblem of valour 100
Stark's Fervor 700
B.F Sword 1850
Long Sword 415
Black Cleaver 800
B.F Sword 1850
Cloak of agility 880
Pickaxe 975
Infinity Edge 375
Dagger 420
Brawler's Gloves 400
Zeal 375
Dagger 420
Cloak of agility 880
Phantom Dancer 900

beginning: 1~15 minutes Levels 1~9
For the first 10 minutes of the game you're just going to harassing. The key to keeping up a good harassment is stay behind your minions, but close enough to hit their minions. Basically your going to use your melee attack on the minions to gold farm and if a champion tries to come up to get a minion kill Boomerang them and start melee attacking them. Now for the crazy talk. You're going to want to force them to use skills on you. Run up to them(but not to close, just into a skills range) and have them think they're going to get a free hit on you and use spell shield when they cast a skill. The point of this is your make them waste mana, one of their cooldowns, give you mana and can keep up the boomerang harassment for longer. After a while you will either force them back to go heal and stop receiving exp, or gank them when they get low enough, move in on them boomerang and exhaust them so they get hit both times and start beating on them and if they try to flash away you, you got your flash to keep up with them or if they go into a turret chase them into it if they only need one smack and then flash out of it.

Mid game: 15~25 minutes Levels 10~15
This is about when you're going to be grouping with the other champions. Your basically just going to spam you boomerang hitting the top priority target and as many other champions/minions as you can. Keep in range so they get your Starks feavor effect but stay back so you dont die, use your spell shield to waste another champions skill and/or save yourself with it. After you have taken out a group of enemy champions push a tower. Finally when you get a chance kill dragon/jungle when switching lanes.

Late game: 25~35 minutes Level 16~18
By now you just keep up what you have been doing. When pushing towers put on Ricochet while you attack the tower to kill enemy minions to keep your push up longer. If there is an enemy champion by the tower be careful with Ricochet, if they are hit the tower will attack you. You can also use your boomerang and Ricochet to take out a whole creep wave with ease. Creeps travel mostly in a straight line, throw your boomerang and this should hit them all 2 times and nearly kill them if they were full life then pop on your Ricochet and one throw should kill them, 100+gold and you don't even have to stop running.

Don't give the enemy free kills, even if you get the kill and die, it makes that person that much harder for the rest of your team to kill.
Early game your boomerang doesn't do a lot till it hits level 3+, so when you cast it try and get minion kills for gold with it while you harass.
Boomerang can hit a target twice, it takes practice to throw well, try not to aim at where the person is but where they're going to go.
Hit the tower every chance you get. Let the minions take the damage and don't worry about the incoming enemy minions, the faster you get the tower down the faster your team gets 100 gold each.
On The Hunt is great for getting away if you see a teammate trying to get away near you, help them out and use it don't let the enemy get free gold when you can help.
On The Hunt is also great for pushing tower's, however don't use it if the whole enemy team is alive, if you just killed 3 or so enemy champions and are pushing a tower use it kill the tower and be carful don't over commit to the tower do as much as you can and get away before they all gang up on you.
Use On the Hunt to chase down enemy's with a group.
Use your Exhaust when there about hafe dead when they try to run away not at the start of the fight.

Q: Why choose Philosopher's Stone over Chalice of Harmony?
A: Three reasons, A) The faster you get it the more gold you get, you get 0.5 gold a seconds with it, an average game is about 40 minutes and it take about 5 minutes to get. 60(seconds)*35(minutes)=2100 (seconds) 2100*0.5 = 1050 gold, at late game you can sell it for about 725 so that's 1725 extra gold over your enemy's. (that's like 5 enemy champion kills?) B) It gives you life regen in the beginning which helps stay in the lane while you save up for Vampiric Scepter. C) You have Spell shield that gives you mana faster than if you had Chalice of Harmony when you learn to use it.

Q: What if your team doesn't have melee character to help support?
A: Then this guide wont help them. When i get a chance ill try and make a magic support guide.

Thank you for reading my guide and hope it helps you out. Feel free to ask any questions. Happy Hunting's.

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Always happy to see Sivir guides.

Since you did mention that it is NOT the optimum way to play Sivir and just how you prefer to play her, Ill leave out any comments relating to that.

I do take issue with Philo Stone though for a few reasons:

1: If you play Sivir, the game should RARELY last 40 minutes. My average game with Sivir is 25-30 minutes and if I play with a decent team and they listen, the game ends in less then 20 minutes.

2: Chalice of harmony gives a nice chunk of Magic Resist and has FAR better mana regen. It is also cheaper.

3: You DO NOT need the Health Regen from Philo. It just delays getting your Starks. I find that starting with meki and 2 Health potions and playing well, I am fine untill I go back to town at level 4 or 5 and can more often then not afford my chalice as well as the scepter if not the whole emblem.

There is plenty of information out there on the cooking cutter build and why its the most efficient for Sivir so Ill spare you wall of text.

I do feel though that regardless of that your game could improve by going chalice over philo stone. The earlier in teh game you can complete starks, the earlier you can use its advantage and the more advantage it will give you. Philo isnt needed, playing well, you can subsist on 2 hp pots untill scepter.

NOTE: I do take Teleport as a summoner spell. It is essential for her proper build as the quick out at level 4 or 5 to grab the chalice and scepter takes only a couple of seconds and if done properlly, you dont even miss a wave. The quick heal at the ofuntain also helps mitigate the need for further health regen untill you have scepter. Even when Im doing badly, and cant afford the scepter on my first time back, the health from the founain keeps me in the game until I get the scepter.

EDIT: I have rally as my second summoner spell as it helps the most in pushing and teamfights. IF things are going REALLY badly ill pop one in the early laning phase for the heal (normally in a slug fest with the enemy champ after I baited them).

Aside from that, not a bad guide, disregard all the people who will come n here touting the cookie cutter build. Often people dont realise that variety is good and having any alteration of a build being shouted down for the cookie cutter is not a good thing. Yes the cookie cutter is the most efficient, but alternate builds are always good.

EDIT 2: I love the idea of spellshield and would TOTALLY get more then 1 level early if it was just a little bit better. It was a close call when it gave you back double the mana, but as it is now, I just feel having those few levels of ricochet at level 11 when you 5 man push a lane is invaluable. Exactly for the reason you stated. Between BB and Ricochet, she can kill creep waves in a matter of seconds after them reaching your creep wave. This lets your creep wave attack the tower a LOT more and keeps the from taking damage (which builds up a nice big wave).

FINAL EDIT: Melee refers to close combat. The word you are looking for is auto attacker. Sivir is a Ranged Autoattacker, not a melee, and she supports other autoattackers, not just melee.


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I like your rationale on Philo stone over Chalice, when I first started playing Sivir I went PS for health + gold, but reading more guides convinced me to to go Chalice. Sivir is such an amazing farmer and you NEED to stay in your lane as much as possible. Early health regen and Vamp scepter pretty much solidifies that. Probably the noob way of looking at things, but when you're learning Sivir I think it makes a bigger difference/softens mistakes.

I like how you've broken out the items by pieces and given the costs. Haven't seen Black Cleaver recommended over infinity yet, but I'll give it a shot.

I'm not sure about waiting that long to grab Ricochet and pumping up shield that much. Seems a little unnecessary, but I'm not very good with shield so you can understand why it's 1pt for me and forgotten.

Rally should definitely be a consideration for top 2 summoner spell. Nobody pushes like Sivir + ultimate + rally (well, maybe Yi does).

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Rally should definitely be a consideration for top 2 summoner spell. Nobody pushes like Sivir + ultimate + rally (well, maybe Yi does).

Yi is a little better at taking down towers, its true. However, NO ONE pushes like Sivir. Why? Aside from late game backdooring, the fastest way to push a lane is to carry your creeps all the way down the lane so you can add their damage to the tower. Sivir, being able to whipe out incoming creep waves with ricochet and BB (while still attacking the tower) gives you a HUGE DPS boost against the tower (from the minions).

Of course, secondly, As soon as we get one more person in there, Sivir outpushes Yi + anyone else aside from Sivir very quickly. Gotta love auras and that awesome Ult.

Oh, in case it wasnt infered, +1 for Rally on Sivir.

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First off thank you for noticing that this is just how I play and is my opinions.

1)True when you got a good team it should never take more than 30 minutes but most people starting out and join solo games for me usually take a good 40 minutes. But even with a 20 minute game it still pays for itself with a total of 1325 that's still +200 gold just from time wise so it still pays for itself.

2)I agree that the chalice has better mana regen then PS but with my experience I find that with spell shield early on will make up for it, but that is if you can get them to use a skill on you and in so doing makes the magic resist non important if they can't hit you with any magic, I guess depending on who is in your lane to start off with chalice may be better, but more times than not people always go for the free hit with a skill when you run at/to them. It could just be how I like to scare people and get the spell shield mana but that's the type of player I am and how I see it.

3)True you don't need the health regen from PS once you get vamperic, but if you go back before you can afford PS you can usually afford the Regrowth pendant and that helps with staying in the lane till you get the gold for PS and VS.

I find it that people don't start grouping till a lil after levels 9/10 when they get there ganking items finished so getting it first isn't that big of deal in my opinion, But take into account that you also get 300 gold from the PS in the 10 minutes to make Starks so it does even out.

Teleport is nice but it doesn't help with fights and survivability, at first I loved teleport but being squishy and having a skill to help you get out and slow any chaser at lower levels is nice. But as for time wise, yea you will miss a wave but if you force your opponent back to heal/gank them that will give you time to go back and buy and heal.

And getting ricochet early on is a huge mana drain at low levels and bad damage when it goes to the next target. That's why I wait till after I get the black cleaver so I can have ricochet on target the champion do damage and weaken his armor for the other people and kill the minions at the same time, and early on I find even if I use ricochet on a tower to kill minions it not nearly as good as if I throw a boomerang over all the minions.

I honestly only ever used rally with warwick to jungle with so I am going to look into rally to see how it helps, I also need to look into the cookie cutter build. I hardly ever auto attack I switch targets with minions to wait when I can get the 1 hit kill then go to another minion and then back again, and as for my use of melee it's just how I'm use to calling that my bad >_<

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My pleasure. Always happy to give my opinion while not trashing someone elses.

1) Absolutely, if your solo queuing in low tier games, Philo Stone is probably better as it is EASIER. Once you get your skill level up, you really dont need it and you really are just delaying your starks. (Sivir can EASILY farm up Chalice, Boots and Starks by level 11, which should be around the 15 minute mark if you solo mid).

2) I have spellshield down. I can block most abilities and am pretty **** good at blocking abilities that do not have projectiles (by properly anticipating their use and knowing the range EX: Fiddles fear). I WISH Spellshield was just a little btter. If it was, It would be a tuff call on what to take. My only real issue with taking it first, is that if you really do need it that much (facing someone who spams spells a lot) and you start blocking everything they throw at you, the only thing that happens is a lane switch. I find I usually get enough shields with the 28 second cooldown. Like I said though, if it was a little more powerful it would indeed be a tuff call.

3) Sivir farms so well that by the first time I need to go back to town, more often then not I have chalice and scepter. sometimes even boots. Thats at level 4 or 5. Yes, it takes some **** fine playing but if you can manage it, it will keep you better off. Remember, chalice + scpepter is a measilly couple hundred gold more then a philo stone and gets you to your starks that much faster.

As far as the grouping comment, I agree, with one minor alteration. Its as soon as you hit 11 and have starks that your team should group up and push a lane to the inhib. Enemies should be levels 8-9 as should the rest of your team. A 5 man push at this point, with your ult, starks and rally will result in a pushed inhib almost every time.

Teleport on Sivir is the way to go. Not only does it help her early build as I mentioned, but it makes a HUGE difference when winning the game. Its no secret that Sivir carries starks and when her proper strat is used, chances are the enemy team will be gunning for you. The ability to teleport right back to your team when you respawn, reaplying the aura is far too important. Its the difference between killing the nexus and getting pushed out of the base and making the game longer.

Secondly, after you push your first tower (I manage this in mid by level 6-7 normally) Its better for your team if you teleport to a side alne and immediately push that lanes tower. Its easy to do as Sivir, gets you a nice 100 gold bonus, but also gets the rest of your team the bonus and XP. I normally have pushed the first 3 enemy towers by the time I hit 11 and have starks. 300 gold for your team and a bunch of XP. Considring the strat I use its very important nd teleport helps it quite a bit.

Ricochet early on (taking it over spellshield, but with one level of spellshield and maxing BB first) can hurt your mana. Im sure its kiler if you dont have a chalice. Chalice allows you to spam ricochet without much fear. However, the real power is exactly what you mentioned. When your attacking a tower and an incomming creep wave gets there, you turn it on (while still attacking the tower) and throw your BB. This results in you killing the wave almost immediately (sometimes takes an extra wack by minions, but it gets the job done). More importantly, with a rally going and your ult, those ricochets can put out quite a bit of damage. You do know cleaver does not apply its effects to the bounces right? Just the main target you hit. Ricochet for me is all about its pushing power in combination with BB. Most of the time you have it off. Its strictly for whipping waves or when your in the enemy base. I use claity per level glyphs and those plus a chalice really gives you all the mana you ever need. You can spam your spells non stop and its a HUGE help to Sivirs game.

Rally is the way to go. No doubt. Its just more of what you do. NEver underestimate +30% damage on your attacks. It plus starks plus your ult at level 11 or 12 makes your team unstoppable. ven 5 man defense is nearly useless against it. even under their own towers. It really is that strong. Of course, the extra heal is nice as well as for early game and it will be back up when you want to push that tower. I cant imagine playing Sivir without Rally. Hell, I cant imagine playing ANYONE without Rally. Its just that good. Rally wins fights. PERIOD.

Anyways, glad you enjoyed the discussion. Real Life calls, gotta run!