Major lag in the first 3 minutes of every game

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So I've been having this problem since the season 4 patch. Every game I enter, my ping is fine, sitting around 90ms, where it has always been. When minions spawn however, something strange happens. My ping will instantly shoot up to 1200-1700ms, and stay there for the first 3 or so minutes of the game, at which point it will come back down to it's normal 90ms and stay there for the remainder of the game.

I've tried to play a multitude of modes. Bot games on Twisted Treeline and Summoners Rift, ARAM, normal Summoners Rift, and Dominion. The map or mode has no effects on the ping.

Background programs also aren't the issue, as I've closed out everything other than essential windows tasks and ran league. Same issue.

I have Mediacom Cable internet and I am running Windows 7 64bit. If you feel you need any other computer specs, let me know and I'll provide them.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Same issue, riot people acknowledge.