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Laclede's LAN 2015, St. Louis, MO

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Laclede's LAN 2015 (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1813602869/lacledes-lan-reboot-the-midwest-gaming-community)

Past Events (http://www.lacledeslan.com/media/)

The LAN will be held on January 3rd, 2015 at Saint Louis University and will include casual, semi-professional, and professional gameplay.

Most people that are familiar with LAN parties know that the tournaments offered at these parties are really the headline of the event – without good tournaments, it is difficult to have a good LAN. So, we have decided to hold tournaments in League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive ("CS:GO&quot, Hearthstone, and Minecraft – all very very well-known games with millions of avid players. Aside from the fact that we have thrown dozens of successful large tournaments at our past events, we are working with high level players and industry gurus on exactly how our tournaments should be structured. While the competitive tournaments are often the headline, casual gaming with friends is a fundamental aspect of LAN parties and we offer lots of game servers for all attendees to enjoy.

Tournaments will be held in…

League of Legends - 5v5 Double Elimination - 3v3 Double Elimination

Counter Strike: Global Offensive ("CS:GO&quot - 5v5 Double Elimination

Hearthstone - 1v1 Double Elimination, best of three games. Finals are best of five games.

Minecraft - a triathalon of challenges will test your ability to build, survive, and navigate!

We have already reached out to many large companies and are developing relationships to build sponsors – some have even sponsored our LANs in the past and know who we are. Many other large sponsors are being pursued by our staff, but often times those companies need to know we can deliver a large number of people before they will commit to providing highly valuable sponsorship. This means we’ll be tracking down more prizes as we approach the LAN date – I sure bet a successful kickstarter would perk some ears!

Previous sponsors of our past LANs include: Ranken, U.S. Army, Legit Reviews, Nerds on Site, Adrenaline Gaming Zone, Gold's Gym, DeVry University, Steam Powered Servers, Data Jacks, CoolerMaster, Abit, Muskin, Thermaltake, Crucial, Zombie Squad, Case Ace, Nvida, Alienware, Dakota PC Warehouse, A Perfect Fit Promotions, Razer, Fontbonne University.

We are working with Saint Louis University (“SLU”) to develop these events and are very grateful that they are accommodating our needs for such a space. Not only have we received permission to host an event in one of the SLU buildings, but we have also mapped out the power outlets and square footage of the entire building to effectively prepare for a large LAN.

Laclede's LAN is a group of computer-gaming enthusiasts who want to reboot the LAN Party community in St. Louis and the Midwest US.

About Laclede's LAN:

Laclede's LAN is a group of computer-gaming enthusiasts who have developed our organization over the last 10 years. We are hoping, with your support, to refresh and rebuild the LAN Party community in St. Louis and the Midwest. We have always been about bringing people together in a fun environment to enjoy computer games in a rare way, where you can socially interact with the gamers around you. We have hosted 13 events in the past that all grew upon this idea. While the process of a LAN party might seem simple, there can be significant hurdles to get so many computers organized for competitive tournaments and many hours of gaming in a large location.

In our pursuit of building a thriving gaming community for LAN parties, we decided that it would be great to develop a non-profit organization to support educational programs that teach topics like programming and robotics to young kids. Why? Because we wish that was available to us 10-15 years ago!

So yes we have done this before. Yes we know what we are doing and would love to have a good showing from the League Community there. I mean we are in the backyard of Riot with them down the street from the University.

Feel free to add me in game. I have been playing this for about 3 years now so no I am not a bot nor am I spam. Thank you much for your time League Community and Riot Games.

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I'm currently a third year at SLU. I would like to join this community. Where can I find more information?

Feel Free to add me in game to chat! I'll send you a friend request as soon as I can

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are tickets available still?

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anyone else plat+ looking to compete in this? add me.

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Just found this post about the tournament for January, 2015! I hope it still occurs even though the crowdfunding was unsuccessful.