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Support Alistar

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CG Playeer2



http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-le...alf-bull-52639 (http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/support-alistar-half-man-half-bull-52639)

"Nothing can hold me Back! - Alistar, The Minotaur


(Myth & Legend / Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man. It was kept in the Labyrinth in Crete, feeding on human flesh, until destroyed by Theseus




alistar can control team fights, heal, take out tower and he is also a strong tank. With alistar you want to always have speed to push enemies around, when you left the enemy team up into the air and they start running you want to be able to slow them down and you also want Cooldown reduction so you can do this more then once. with this build you will be a off-tank that can chase nearly about anything, get out of nearly about everything, spam his abilities with 40% CDR and control team fights

Why not AP alistar

because when you have champions like malzahar, karthus, LeBlanc, Ryze, annie, veigar, kass, cass, tf, anivia and so on, why would you pick alistar to be your ap champion, yeah his got a nice scaling, but if you go ap what point is your ultimate? The idea of Alistar is to go in to team fight and push people around, not be squishy and get focused before you can even stomp


AP= Ability power
CDR= Cooldown reduction
AS= attack speed
ulti= ultimate,Your last move or your R ability
AD= attack Damage
CC= Crowd control


Greater Seal of Clarity: Alistar wastes a huge load of mana
Greater Glyph of Force: so that your abilities also do some damage
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: Health for survivability
Greater Mark of Fortitude: Health for survivability


0/21/9: when they realize your not a tank they will try to focus you down, thats why you still want to be a little tanky, so you are harder to kill

Item Sequence

most of the Items i buy are cheap, so you will be one of the first people on your team to get all your items
Mana Manipulator:so you and your lane partner can stay in lane and farm as long as possible
Boots of Mobility: So you can move around, chase and control team fights
Shurelya's Reverie: so you can give your team mates a boost of speed so that they can chase or run away, it can also be used to get around a target to push them back. It Also give CDR
Soul Shroud: alistar needs CDR, why not give some of that CDR to your team mates?
Rylai's Crystal Scepter: so that when you Pulverize the enemy team they all get slowed down which allows alistar CC more
Spirit Visage: so you can heal yourself more and waste less mana doing so. It Also give CDR
Banshee's Veil: to stop the enemy team from CCing you out of teamfights

Abilities and how to use them

Colossal Strength(passive): makes alistar take down towers much faster then other tanks or supports
Pulverize: you normal want to combo this up with Headbutt because if you want to push someone into your team mates so that they could burst them down you need to get behind them, Pulverize give you that time to get around then.Pulverize can also be used to farm
Headbutt: can be used to push targets away from you or a team mate so that you or your team mate can run. Can be used to push a certain champion out of a fight so that its 5v4. can be used to push enemys into your team.
Triumphant Roar: allows you to heal for a low cost of mana
Unbreakable Will: Allows alistar to tank to tank just about anything for 8 secs

Summoner Spells

1.so you can run around targets and push them the directions you like
2. Run away
3. Run to a team mate to give them your Shurelya's Reverie buff so that they can either chase or Run away
4. Run to a team mate so you can heal them
5. Run to a team mate so you can push or stomp an enemy
1. Flash behind targets to push them
2. Flash in to initiate team fights with a stomp
3. Flash through walls to run
4. Flash to block an enemy champions ability (E.g. Caitlyn's ulti)

Alistar cant farm !?!?!

in my opinion alistars hit animation is one of the fastest, which means its quite easy to last hit and keep up with everyone, plus Pulverize can also be used to farm large waves with 1 blow.

So to everyone who says alistar cant farm, try last hitting it aint hard

Early Game

from level 1 to level 6 you want to try focusing on last hitting minions and should be trying to push because if they get to your tower you can just push them into your tower which would normally result in a kill and after you push them into your tower they will be scared to get close. Try to constantly heal your team mate so that you both can stay in your lane for as long as possible

Mid Game

you should have a fair bit of items and you should have enough speed to control team fights, chase down enemies and run from enemies. you should also have your ulti so you can tank team fights or towers.

Late Game

At this stage with all your items you should be the ultimate CC with a stomp,push and slow from your Rylai's Crystal Scepter. you should be able to bring yourself back to full health with ease, no one should be able to get away becuase you have boots of mob and shurelya
you should also have 40% CDR(Cap) so you can constantly spam your abilities


- ultimate that makes you a tank what ever way you build him
- can control team fights a lot
- awesome chaser(with this build)
- can take out towers
- stun
- heal
- takes time to get used to last hitting
- not the strongest tank

EXTRA: Alistar's Story

Great Barrier, Alistar defended his tribe from all of Valoran's many dangers; that is, until the coming of the Noxian army. Alistar was lured from his village by the machinations of Keiran Darkwill, Baron Darkwill's youngest son, and commander of the Noxian expeditionary force. When Alistar returned home, he found his village burning and his family slain. Bellowing with rage, he charged an entire regiment of Noxus's elite, slaughtering them by the hundreds. Only the intervention of some of Noxus's most skilled summoners checked Alistar's rage. Brought in chains to Noxus, Alistar spent the intervening years as a gladiator pitted in endless battle for the entertainment of Noxus's wealthy leaders. Alistar's once noble soul slowly twisted, and he would have been lost to insanity if not for Ayelia, a young servant girl who befriended him and eventually arranged for his escape. Suddenly free, Alistar joined the newly-formed Institute of War as a champion, hoping to one day visit his final vengeance against Noxus and to find the girl who once again gave him hope.

''If you intend to grab the bull by the horns as a summoner, Alistar might have something to say about that.''