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Since the patch, what are people finding works well with Udyr?

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If you're getting harassed a lot early:
Bear/Turtle/Turtle/Bear/Turtle/Phoenix/Turtle/Phoenix/Turtle/Phoenix x3/Finish Bear/Leftover in Tiger.

If you're not getting harassed and are able to stay topped off, I find you can sneak a couple points out of turtle and play a lot more aggressively with both maxed Phoenix and Tiger.
Bear/Turtle/Bear/Phoenix/Bear/Turtle/Bear/Turtle/Bear/Phoenix to max/Tiger to Max/Last point in third Turtle (whenever you feel you need it). If you really aren't needing those 2nd/3rd points in Turtle, you can put them off even longer and get phoenix earlier.

Items I tend to focus on getting my trinity and beserker's greaves, and the rest depends on situation.

Basically, for me bear is a must and phoenix is when I start doing good damage. Turtle is levelled as necessary for staying alive, but if it isn't needed I can add more Tiger for extra single-target dps.